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  1. Gentleman, hope all is well. I have had a kamado for a few years and have gotten good feedback on the BBQ and want something with a trailer. I am a teacher so I am always looking for part-time gigs. I want to buy a used set up and print some business cards and see what happens. I have a few opportunities to buy some used set ups, but I need some advice. I am on a budget ($500-1000). The first unit is heavier duty and made of a propane tank. It is not as big. The second unit is bigger, but made from 55 gal drums and metal not as thick. I am wondering if size is not a huge issue, if I should pay a little more for the thicker unit? Or should I insulate the cheaper one? The first unit I could get for around $700 and the second unit I could get for around $400. Any advice/wisdom you could give would be greatly appreciated. If you have advice on anything I didn't mention, please pitch in too!
  2. Cured and smoked by first pork belly this past week. I cured for 8 days, let it rest for a day and then smoked and refrigerated. How long will it stay good refrigerated?
  3. I don't often read posts and think "That guy sounds exactly like me," but I did in this one. Now I have been married for 7 years and have 3 kids, but we are a one income house (and a low one at that-I'm a teacher), but I often, actually always, have to scrounge to figure out how to finance my passions. I have figured out that I shouldn't have as many passions as I do (marriage does that), but grilling will remain one of them. It also helps that my wife and family get to enjoy my grilling passion. Anyway, I was where you are a few months ago, trying to piece gift cards and christmas cash together to find a Kamado. I am no expert in that world, but I am always looking for the most bang for ones buck. I was a few hours away from pulling the trigger on a Primo (amazing kamado from anyway you look at it), but I found on Craigslist a used Big Joe for a few hundred cheaper. I found from all my researching that I could get the most bang for my buck from Kamado Joe because they don't nickel and dime you on accessories. I was also able to convince the establishment that sold the seller the Kamado Joe to put me as the buyer so I could receive the lifetime warranty. Anyway, good luck with your purchase. I don't think you will make a wrong decision, but if available, I would open your list to Kamado Joe (they are a hell of a grill) if the money/gift card situations works in your favor. Please let us know of what you decide on. Good luck in the marriage, life and, of course, grilling.
  4. Enjoyed this cook. Got the Big Joe up to 250 and let smoke with cherry for about an hour until it was at 115 internally. Then tossed it over on the Akron Jr for its inaugural reverse-sear at darn near 700 degrees. Let it go for about 2 min a side until about 135 internal. Served with roasted carrots and salad. Will rinse and repeat. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Just added my second kamado to my lineup with an Akorn Jr. Have a family of four so I see myself using it a lot during the week. One thing I have not seen mentioned is a circular griddle made for the Akorn or even something "hacked" for it. Anyone know of anything that could work?
  6. Cut from the same cloth...I just bought one today to go with my Big Joe!
  7. Letting go of my BBQ Guru DigiQue. I have had this for a few months for my Kamado Joe Big Joe and don't use it that often. I have appreciated it for overnight cooks, but try to keep most of my cooks during the day on weekends. I am pretty sure this model with fit a Large/XL BGE or Kamado Joe...and possibly more. It is the same model with the same accessories as the link below. I will get pictures up of my personal one in the next few days. https://www.amazon.com/BBQ-Temperature-Control-Digital-Thermometer/dp/B00UICE39Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489973685&sr=8-1&keywords=bbq+guru $200. I will take care of shipping cost and probably will take payment via Paypal. Any questions let me know.
  8. Question from a relative newby to Kamados (have probably 10 cooks under my belt): So, as is my new tradition, I am doing at least 1 boston butt a week on my Kamado Joe Big Joe, I have done them a few different ways, but am settling in to an overnight 14-15 hour cook (depending on size) at 225. This weekend I put an 8-lb butt on at 11PM. I filled up the box with coal, lit in 2 areas and let it get to temp. I came out at 7AM and the temperature was down to 200. I figured something had to be up with the coals so I checked and one side was burning, the other side had never really gotten lit. I rearranged the coals and put some more Loofenlighter to it and it got back to temp. Came back from church a few hours later and temp was back down to 200. Rinse and repeat the steps from last time. The cook turned out fine, but obviously, I want to fix my temp problems. A few more variables you may want to be aware of: -I used a Digique till 7AM and then took it off figuring it may be the problem -I had burgers on the grill a few hours before the butt and cleaned the ash out, but didn't do a thorough cleaning -I lit the first fire in 2 places Anyway, any help/advice you could give would be appreciated.
  9. First time doing beer can burgers. Smoked at 225 for about an hour. I added jalapeƱos to mine, wife and kids went plain with cheese. And, of course, bacon wrapped around the outside. Put them in the broiler for about 5 min to finish.
  10. Thanks gents. I will point him towards some literature!
  11. Alright, so I am new to ceramic grills and have had my Kamado Joe Big Joe for about a month. So, my buddy who has cooked on a BGE the last 10 years and knows nothing else comes over to give me a few tips. So we are prepping everything and getting the fire started and I put the halfmoon heat deflectors in and he goes on this tangent about how different and subpar it is compared to the BGE place setter. He said the meat would not get as good as smoke and that I would use more coal because my DigiQ would have to work harder to blow more air and thus use more lump. Pretty much he said it all stemmed from the place setter having gaps/holes in it and the heat deflectors not. He told me I NEEDED to get a place setter instead of the Joe heat deflectors. Is he full of crap? Is one product better than the other?
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