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  1. Cut from the same cloth...I just bought one today to go with my Big Joe!
  2. Thanks John, my apologies, new guy here.
  3. Letting go of my BBQ Guru DigiQue. I have had this for a few months for my Kamado Joe Big Joe and don't use it that often. I have appreciated it for overnight cooks, but try to keep most of my cooks during the day on weekends. I am pretty sure this model with fit a Large/XL BGE or Kamado Joe...and possibly more. It is the same model with the same accessories as the link below. I will get pictures up of my personal one in the next few days. https://www.amazon.com/BBQ-Temperature-Control-Digital-Thermometer/dp/B00UICE39Y/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489973685&sr=8-1&keywords=bbq+guru $200. I will take care of shipping cost and probably will take payment via Paypal. Any questions let me know.
  4. Question from a relative newby to Kamados (have probably 10 cooks under my belt): So, as is my new tradition, I am doing at least 1 boston butt a week on my Kamado Joe Big Joe, I have done them a few different ways, but am settling in to an overnight 14-15 hour cook (depending on size) at 225. This weekend I put an 8-lb butt on at 11PM. I filled up the box with coal, lit in 2 areas and let it get to temp. I came out at 7AM and the temperature was down to 200. I figured something had to be up with the coals so I checked and one side was burning, the other side had never really gotten lit. I rearranged the coals and put some more Loofenlighter to it and it got back to temp. Came back from church a few hours later and temp was back down to 200. Rinse and repeat the steps from last time. The cook turned out fine, but obviously, I want to fix my temp problems. A few more variables you may want to be aware of: -I used a Digique till 7AM and then took it off figuring it may be the problem -I had burgers on the grill a few hours before the butt and cleaned the ash out, but didn't do a thorough cleaning -I lit the first fire in 2 places Anyway, any help/advice you could give would be appreciated.
  5. First time doing beer can burgers. Smoked at 225 for about an hour. I added jalapeños to mine, wife and kids went plain with cheese. And, of course, bacon wrapped around the outside. Put them in the broiler for about 5 min to finish.
  6. Ditto to this.
  7. Sandy, Utah- Kamado Joe Big Joe
  8. Thanks gents. I will point him towards some literature!
  9. Alright, so I am new to ceramic grills and have had my Kamado Joe Big Joe for about a month. So, my buddy who has cooked on a BGE the last 10 years and knows nothing else comes over to give me a few tips. So we are prepping everything and getting the fire started and I put the halfmoon heat deflectors in and he goes on this tangent about how different and subpar it is compared to the BGE place setter. He said the meat would not get as good as smoke and that I would use more coal because my DigiQ would have to work harder to blow more air and thus use more lump. Pretty much he said it all stemmed from the place setter having gaps/holes in it and the heat deflectors not. He told me I NEEDED to get a place setter instead of the Joe heat deflectors. Is he full of crap? Is one product better than the other?
  10. Used this last night. Great sauce. My wife flipped for it
  11. Looking forward to trying some wings out for Super Bowl. As always, the forum has been quite useful.
  12. Alright, I am not usually a write on a forum type guy (usually just a taker), but I figure this will be a good way to diary my cooks and get feedback on how to improve so please bring it! I am new to grilling and after months of looking into kamados, settled on a gently used Kamado Joe Big Joe for a great price. I am loving learning on it and am definitely seeing that "learning curve" taking place. My first cook was a boston butt that could have used some work. I wanted to do some ribs next so that is what happened. Started out getting a full rack of spare ribs from Sams for what seemed like a good price (not sure). I have been watching a lot Aaron Franklin videos and reading his book so I decided to make spare ribs his way. Started out seasoning with salt, pepper, chili powder, garlic and onion powder and paprika. Also did my best to butcher it the best I could according to a few videos. Went out to the Joe to get it started using Fogo lump (it was big) and pecan and apple wood. Side note: I decided not to use my DigiQue this cook so I could start getting the hang of feeling temperature out myself. So my plan was 225 for 2 hours or so, check and spritz and sauce, 15 minutes back on and then wrap and spritz and sauce and then 2 hours back on. I pretty well followed that timeline, but the whole time the temperature was fluctuating between 225-275 (staying mostly in the 260 range. Anyway, after 4.5 hours total I pulled them, wrapped them in a towel and put them in a cooler for another hour. I feel like they were pretty good. We had guests over and they enjoyed. They were tender (not the most tender I have ever had), but certainly not chewy. The rub was fine, didn't blow me away, probably will change it up next time. So, any feedback you have is welcome. Here is a question for you pros from a Type-A person who hates to be new and bad at something: Do you think there are specific things about this cook I could improve to make my ribs better (rub, temperature, etc.) or do you just think as I cook more and learn more I will improve generally and that will make all things I cook better? Sorry if that doesn't make sense, just trying to spell out what I'm thinking.
  13. I did use a rub and applied it liberally. Meat wasn't too tender and bark was pretty much non-existent
  14. Thanks for the warm greetings. The first go around on the Kamado was a good learning experience. I put an 8lb butt on at 9pm at 225. Temperature went to high at first, but got it back down. I plugged in my DigiQ, only to be awoken the next morning at 7AM with beeping that my temp was now at 145! I quickly wrapped the butt in foil and added new charcoal (it wasn't all gone, but it seemed like a lot of the charcoal on the edge didn't burn) and got the temp back up to 225. It smoked for another few hours and I took it off at 195. Family ate it and no one got food poisoning so I guess it was a success, but I am certainly looking forward to my next cook! Here are some pictures, critique away!