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  1. Thank you for posting this. I have a Pro C and have a fit holding temperature. My electric starter port shows the same gap your Pro S shows. I'll add the two small washers before my next smoke. I also noticed the felt on the bottom bowl has deteriorated. Need to replace that too.
  2. Greetings All! I've been smoking for several years using Masterbuilt electric smokers. I must of have been a good boy in 2016. Santa brought me a Vision Pro C for Christmas. So far I've added a cast iron grate and the Adjustable Rig from the Ceramic Grill Store (with the 1/2 size diffuser plates option). [Side note - one plate arrived damaged. Sent a picture to CGS and they promptly sent a replacement. Great people to deal with IMO] I'm really enjoying the ability to smoke and grill using a single device. And the flavor is spectacular. I've started branching out from meats only to meats and sides using time and the half diffuser. Pictures are semi-boneless leg of lamb and bacon wrapped chicken breast with collard/beet greens and beets with thyme.
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