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  1. Pulled it at 207. I had to take some things to the county dump and went I got home it was there. I was shooting for 205 but I don't think two dgerees would make that much difference. It wasn't quite as tender as I would have liked but I was at temp so I pulled it.
  2. I smoked my first butt Saturday. I didn't get pics because it started off to be quite the ordeal. I tried to smoke it at 275 and I guess I let it get too hot before choking it down. I thought I was holding at 270 so I put the butt on. I walked off to start yard work when my Ivation meter started beeping, This thing got up to 350 eventually and I could not slow it down. I eventually pulled the butt and scooped every last coal out of the Akorn and started over. For the first two hours, the butt was cooked at outrageous temps because I couldnt control it. When I started over, I got it to 2
  3. Well hell. I'm glad that my question got you fired up to cook some bad ### pig! I'll let y'all know how mine turns out. I'm going to throw a fatty on there too just for shigs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I am smoking my first butt Saturday. I've read on here that smoking it at 300 works just as well as 225. My question is, how much time/pound am I looking at if I cook at 300?
  5. Sorry for all the questions. Was it smoked or direct heat? What temp and time? I'm doing a butt this weekend but I'll throw this on too if I can.
  6. This is the second of these I've seen. Is that sausage rolled in bacon? How do you cook it?
  7. I'm relatively new to this but for low and slow, my Akorn in particular, works if I set the top vent to the half moon or a smidge more open. After that its kind of a feeling/guessing game.
  8. After a failed test smoke Friday night (I chased temps and monkeyed with the vents too much) I went ahead this afternoon and gave it another shot. I had some pork spare ribs from a hog we fed out and processed so I got everything set to temp and got those ready. Four and a half hours later I sauced everything up and then let them sit for a while longer on the Akorn. This was the end result. I was confident in what I was doing at this point so my wife and I invited my parents over for supper. Once we did that I decided to add a bit more food. Once I pulled the ribs, I remo
  9. So what does that do and how does it work? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Thanks sir. Seems to be feeling better already. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Kid is home sick from daycare today so while he is napping, daddy decided to season my new Akorn. Got this bad boy holding at 400, so now I let it sit so I can cook this weekend. Very excited to join the world of Kamado cooking . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I called Lowe's and they were going to do the deal. The target website said there was 2 more days left on the deal so I was going to Lowe's this afternoon to buy since I do not live near one. Of course Target changes their price overnight back to $299 so I can't do the deal. :-( I need to figure out if Target will still honor the price online and I'll just use the red card.
  13. campbellcm87, did your local Target have it in stock? Lowe's is telling me that the local Target has to have it in stock to ualify for the deal and of course mine doesn't
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