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  1. Send me one over the pond. I sold one last week for 15 per kg (not frozen) You paid the same for what, 18kg-19kg, On a second thought, you said it was bad, than even cheap is too expensive.
  2. It was a little crispy, not the 3 star peking duck style crispy, but tasty. Maybe next time I'll let the duck in prob. 15 min. Longer with low temp. , than take out the deflector and take the heat for crisping higher, But then I have to use less sugar in the glace, and that glace was awesome, So it's alwasy a tradeoff.
  3. Ducks around here are always a lot fatter than chickens, You got around a 1/5 inch of fat under the skin of the breast, where chickens have none.
  4. It tasted like it looks. Spached the bird, scored the skin, 1 day in a brine out of a bid red wine , juce from 2 oranges, pepper, salt , star anis, gloves, bay leaves, some tyme, Take it out the brine, Dry the duck skin side up over night, in the fridge. Fire the Joe indi. to around 300, I added a little salt and pepper to the bird, as I don't like the brine to salty. I had the bird in one hour than used the Thermapen to puntcer the skin to let out the fett. Turned the the duck around and left it for another 30 min., took it out foiled it. Took out the pan ( you just got around 100ml duckfett, can be used for frying potatoes.........). Fired the Joe slowly up to 400- 450, After 30 min. Foiling, went the duck glaced back on the grill for the final 30min. For the glace I used juce from halve an orange, some bbq sauce, plum jam, some bbq rub, simmer it down, Rested for another 10-15 min before carving the bird. All the bones were used for stock, and are now the bace off a pumpkin soup.
  5. It works with chicken, Turkey .... So it should work with Duck, and it does
  6. I don't know about the open lid, as I have seen both, but for sure it's not as close as a kamado. Thanks for all your input, will give it a shot next week on my pizza stpne and let you know how it went.
  7. I lived in Taiwan ( Luzhou thats behind Sanchong) until 08, since then Im back in Germany again. If I would still be in Taiwan, I would just sit on a scooter and buy some, but no way you find Taiwanese food in German ( okay not realy as my wife is Taiwanese), but I think you get my point.
  8. A nice day to you too, Guees the safe side would be to use a stone, but will it taste the same? Guess it I'll try the stone first and will see if we like the outcome.
  9. You got the point, as my english isn't that good sometimes it's not so easy to get the point across. The pic. Would have made things easier too. Thanks a lot.
  10. Has anybody done that? If you walk the steets off Taiwan, the bake Porkbuns directly on the inside off some clay ovens. The just stick the buns inside the oven and let them bake over the fire much like nan bread in india. Just like to know if somebody has done this already and what yours thoughts are? I don,t want to end up with a cracked Joe after all the aren't that cheap and Iike to keep mine for a few more years. The other way would be to make them on the pizza stone?
  11. Might have been stlll okay for a short cook, but I did some chicken for lunch, so I filled it up again.
  12. Did a Boston Butt for about 14 hours, with the coal left the next day a few duck breasts, and last weekend a leg off lamb. The last pic. Shows the coal left after 3 cooks, granded I starded off with a full firebox, but I'm still amazed how well the classic runs on one firebox full off coal. Just fun to use.
  13. Yeah chef, we are overthinking a lot. You are right with freezing things a few days without vacuum, but whem I load up it's about 40-60kg meat after taking out the bones, that means even if I give some away, you eat quiet a while with a family of four. About thwaing in the sink, I would say, for foodsafty it's not the best idea, Thawing meat for a stew, soup... or a whole bostonbutt, I quess the diff. how you thwa it doesn't matter much. But steaks, just look at the juice running out if you thaw it outside the fridge. If you have the time thaw in the fridge, If it has to go quick put the vacuumbag in cold water.
  14. I freez most of my meat, as I buy mostly 1/2 a pig, or 1/4 beef. The key is vacum it, as otherwise you will have a freeze burn, freeze as quick as possible and defreeze in the fridge slowly. That's what you did, so good job there, Same goes for burgers, sausage or grounded beef.
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