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  1. Patti


    Soapstone is a top accessory for Kamado Joe. I can't confirm sales but as a contributor to the KamadoJoe Facebook page, it ranks really well.
  2. Patti

    Soapstone or Cast Iron

    Kamado Joe needs to tell people that the soapstone needs to be supported on the grill grate. Supporting a heavy piece of stone on 3 points is not a good idea.
  3. Patti

    KJ soapstone

    Hello, I've been cooking on soapstone for well over 12 years. KismetKamado has it right. Your stone needs to be hotter. Soapstone doesn't need seasoning - it's entirely different than cast iron. Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=3&v=a7bT3u1fAHY
  4. My cast iron sits on the shelf. Soapstone gives me juicier tasty results.
  5. Patti

    Ribeyes using the KJ soapstone

    My choice is soapstone. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Patti

    Big Joe Soapstone arrived broke, ok to use?

    Go ahead and use it - no problem - just a little smaller.
  7. I've always put my soapstone on the grates when cooking and have a sink large enough to clean it. I've seen a couple of people having issues with the larger Big Joe soapstone, so when I saw this I thought it might offer an alternative solution to dealing with the size and weight. They posted it on their site a little while ago. https://canadiansoapstone.wistia.com/projects/ukbyyeapwb
  8. Patti

    Divide, Kick Ash and Conquer

    Not sure why they don't give instructions on how to use the soapstone. I always put mine on the grate and it works fine.
  9. Patti

    2017 KJBJ lots of pics on page 2)

    Makes me want to upgrade. I'm also looking forward to your video review - they have been great.
  10. Patti

    My KJ adventures

    I'm never worried about too much heat with my soapstone. Saw this video - it's the same soapstone that Kamado Joe uses.
  11. Patti

    Steak and Taters

    Thanks for the welcome. I'm pretty sure this is the same brand of soapstone Kamado Joe sells. If anybody is worried about this stone taking the heat watch this - just found it on their site.
  12. Patti

    Steak and Taters

    I have the soapstone for my Kamado Joe and love it. Lower maintenance is an absolute benefit and I find a nice chicken breast much moister with the soapstone. I have some for my propane grill and I purchased it from a fellow in Ottawa Canada Steph Legari. He no longer carries it.