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  1. I can also confirm you can cook at -25. I’m in Quebec Canada where it’s typical to be at -25 in the winter. Never had any issues. I use a small “tempo” shelter so that I don’t have to shovel every time. Don’t worry and enjoy your KJ!
  2. Thanks! I thought that might be the case. oh well...on to my next cook
  3. I just noticed my autocorrect gave KJ a new name in the topic of my thread I obviously meant Kamado Joe!
  4. Hi guys. Does anyone know if KJ HQ is opened to the public? I have a business trip coming up in Atlanta and would love to get my hands on some good deals and see some upcoming features thanks.
  5. I think we have lots of soapstone in canada. I like having both (half moon and rectangle) as the half moon is a little restrictive. Expect to work about 1-2 hours if you want it carved and polished like in my pic. Thanks Rob! It was a bit of work but I expected worst.
  6. Thanks! Glad to hear someone else did it! Mine was 1 1/4" thick but I used a grinder to thin it down to 1". I did a test and let them sit in an oven at 375 for 4 hours. No cracking! here are some before and after pictures. I made a half moon and a rectangle which has more cooking surface. Total cost was 50$ instead of the 120$ they sell the half moon in canada!
  7. So I got my stone yesterday and cut it up. It was actually really easy to cut using a jigsaw. The stone is soft so you can use normal wood working tools. I was able to make a half moon and and rectangle. I had a few questions for people using the stone. -do you put it on top of the grill or use it on the devide and conquer rack without the grill? -are there holes under the stone to fit the pin of the devide and conquer rack? -how hot do you hear the KJ to cook on the stone? thanks and looking forward to test this baby!
  8. Thanks for the replies. The counter shop told me it should be easy to shape with a grinder. I figure that I have 2 chances to make a half moon out of an 18x18 stone. I shlould have maybe taken a few extra inches. As for cracking, this is a good point. I have an old oven at home that I will test in before putting the stone on my beloved KJ! thanks for the advice.
  9. Hi guys. I was reading up on soapstone cooking and it really sounds like something to try! Unfortunately I did not find anybody in canada that has the KJ soapstone for a reasonable price. Do you guys see anything wrong in just getting some soapstone from a counter shop? I can get a piece for 50$ which is 18x18 and 1 1/4 inch thick. I would just have to make the halfmoons myself. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Quick question. I got a KJ classic about a year ago and I've been using it all year round under a hut almost every day. I think being under a hut made a lot of "crap" stick to the outside. What do you suggest to wipe all that grease and dirt off? I tried windex as I saw on YouTube by John but that didn't seem to wipe off the grease. thanks for the help.
  11. Alright. 30 days later and I start cutting it up. The meat has an intense odour...not sure if that's normal but it looks nice. The piece of meat was a rib roast and the bone was separated from the meat. As you can see in the picture, it looks like there's some rot by the bone...is this normal? Do you think it's safe to eat this?!? The meat itself looks nice.
  12. Good to know I'm on the right track! Looking forward to tasting it. I'll keep you posted.
  13. Yours definitely looks like it has more crust. I'll get rid of the salt pan if it's not needed. My temperature is on average 39 degrees. The reason I say average is that it's a self defrosting dridge so its literally changing temperature and fluctuation up and down every 10 seconds. Basically It goes from 32 degrees to 44 and then back down to 32 and all that happens constantly with the cycle lasting a couple of minutes. Since its a constant fluctuation I just calculate the average that the meat should be at which is 39-40 and that's what my average is. I I just out the salt... here are better pictures with and without flash. What do you think? the outside is hard but if I press on the meat it feels soft inside
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