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  1. Thank you for the warm and supportive welcome. With my most important questions answered, I feel confident in buying the Akorn. Retfr8flyr, I think you are correct that it will be used more than once a week. Let's see, stay-at-home Wednesday when Kroger senior day keeps me home; Friday for pizza; and the original relax-and-cook Sunday. I have spent hours since I posted yesterday, just random searching my peculiar interests and have found so much! I particularly like the DIY section, although, I must say, I have no skills and few tools....but that doesn't stop me from trying! It is fun to tinker. Functional works for me! And, it was quite encouraging when searching low carb. I am attempting two new low carb / keto recipes per week and the Fathead Pizza has been on my list! Garvinque, LOL, I was surrounded by our pups when the PackMom handle came to me. PackDad is a retired vet, and empty nesting did not suit us at all. Now we have our second litter, so to speak. So entertaining, and so warm and cozy in the winter! So I hope to get the grill this week and start thinking about de-boning a deceased Char-broil gas grill so I can turn it it into a semi-covered "table" for next to the Akorn. When I have to walk away, down comes the cover against counter-surfing dogs. At least that's the plan... I am so excited about this! PackMom
  2. Hi everyone! Thank you for the opportunity to join. We have lived in Tennessee since early retirement a while back. I have scattered experience with outdoor cooking going back to Scouting days with my kids in a cooking fanatic troop. My favorite times personally, were making stews on our gas grill or helping my son try to keep grass and dirt out his campfire stews. He was forbidden from building pits in our yard, but I once caught him coaching our dog to dig a deep hole because he was allowed to use holes that she had dug. I live in a picky household, including me. There is my hubby plus mothers in their mid-90s, one Southern, one from northern New England, and the mothers can't even agree on how to cut green beans or how thick the spaghetti noodles should be! For this reason, I like to batch cook meat basics, and then freeze in individual servings, or "one mealtime" amounts. Then I am able to finish (season, sauce, add sides, etc.) or recombine things to individual tastes and timings. It basically ends up as short order cooking with a head start. Not very inspiring for any of us. I envision using the Akorn maybe one day a week, playing "campout", (while still being able to respond to the bells and whistles of eldercare), making brunch, then doing a braise, then grilling burgers or chicken for supper. Maybe pizza! Many of the threads are very inspiring, so there may be a lot more kamado cooking and a lot more often than I am thinking right now. I want to do this for me, but I am hoping that the end result will be better food for everyone if they choose to partake. I have been lurking a lot and have been able to find most of the answers to my many, many questions, but not quite all. I just have some nagging "what-ifs" after doing lots of reading on the forum. Here are my questions Will everything I cook have a pronounced charcoal flavor? Will there be a charcoal flavor even with closed braises/stews? Will that charcoal flavor be present in bread baking and baking in general? The Akorn will be on our back porch, where our several dogs enter and exit countless times a day. Will it be straightforward enough to de-scent the grill of alluring smells after a cook session? Or will it be a long time that I can't properly clean surfaces due to heat or dangers of thermal shock to the grill materials? I apologize if this is TMI. I took to heart the topic of those who abandon kamado cooking and I would want to know if I am likely to be one of them. Thank you to anyone reading this tome and again for anyone who has some information or advice. Sincerely, PackMom
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