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    Greetings Gurus!
    Starting in November 2016, this section of the forum will host kamado cooking challenges that are available for supporting members only.  There will be no set format for these challenges.  Each challenge will have its own specifics.  All challenges in this section will have an associated prize of some sort and there will be a prize for a randomly selected voter in the challenge poll as well.  Non supporting members will have the opportunity to VOTE in these challenges but not participate as a contestant.
    These challenges will work like the other challenges on the site.  You will be given a topic of the challenge and a deadline for submitting your entry.  
    To submit your entry:
    1.  You will start a thread in the Kamado Cooking section (public) of this forum to highlight your cook.  You will need to provide photos, instructions, ingredients, et cetera detailing your cook in as much detail as possible.  
    2.  You will submit your "money shot" photo and a link to your thread in the Kamado Cooking section in the specific CHALLENGE ENTRY thread in this section of the forum BEFORE the deadline.  
    3.  When the challenge submissinon deadline arrives, a voting poll will be placed in the submission thread where everyone will have seven days to vote on their favorite entry in the challenge.
    More details to come by the end of the month....
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