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  1. Happy Anniversary. Donovan's is 1st class for sure!
  2. Pretty! I lived in Temecula for 12 years, lots of beautiful sunsets in those hills.
  3. I myself am 6'3" and 315lbs and have a pillow top mattress. After the first year, you can definitely see what side of the bed I sleep on. The 'pillow' has given way to my mass and there is a permanent indentation. If I traced it with chalk, it would look like CSI was there investigating a murder.
  4. I did a sockeye salmon on Sunday. Smoked on a cedar plank using Tony Charchere seasoning and lime juice and butter. It was excellent!
  5. "according to chemistry, when two particles rub their surface together for sometime, in a heated condition, they exchange those particles, I had to re-read that a couple of times to make sure they were talking about cooking.....
  6. It adds a nice charred flavor. After grilled I put in the fridge and let cool, them mix with regular romaine lettuce. I also grill green onions for the salad. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  7. The grilled romaine and beverages [emoji2] Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  8. Did 8 pork butts over the weekend for a graduation party along with grilled Ceasar salad. Started Friday afternoon and finished Sunday morning. I was pleased with how it all turned out, even had some people ask me who the catering company was.
  9. I have bought from Sweet Maria's as well. Roasting your own has a much different taste.
  10. That looks good. What can go wrong with bacon, pork and tater tots?
  11. Let the market dictate what you sell. You may love to do burgers and dogs, but if the customer wants fair food, then sell fair food, and vice versa. Have you done any market research in your area?
  12. Here in the Bay Area, food trucks are pretty popular and common. They are no longer the 'roach coaches' I used to think of. Because of the diversity and tree hugging, most seem to be ethnic, vegan or organic. Not my taste. I have and would continue to eat from a burger/nacho/chili dog truck. Mr Cue would get my business 10x that of a falafel, curry or asian fusion truck.
  13. I was thinking the same thing. I'm impressed with his stamina. I would have taken a knee after the 2nd song.
  14. God Bless America and the 2nd Amendment!
  15. Reverse seared ribeye eye Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  16. It concerns me that the poodle is staring at the Action Zone
  17. I don't listen to many pod casts, but I highly recommend Team Never Quit podcast. It is hosted by Marcus Lattrell (Lone Survivor) and David Rutherford. It doesn't fall under any of the topics but it is a great listen, encouraging and motivating. Give it a try!
  18. Good job! I'm 6'2" and up to about 315lbs. Every 4 or 5 years I will lose 40-50lbs and then over time it creeps up. I am back at the heavy end again. Time to go ditch the carbs and add more veggies.....
  19. I have a Winco near me. At times, they can have decent produce. I am not sure if they have a butcher on site, if they do, they keep him hidden. I tend not to buy my meat there. For basic groceries and canned foods, pricing is very good. And they have a walk-in beer refrigerator! They do have very good fried chicken in the deli! As you mentioned...the bulk foods. You would be hard pressed to NOT find something in the bulk food section. They have employees dedicated to the bulk section, and they told me they turn through the bulk product quickly. Therefore, for the most part everything is fresh. You can also make peanut butter and almond butter in their grinders there for much less than off the shelf (and no additives).
  20. Sounds like quite the fiesta. If you start the party off with the liquor pinata, you give yourself a bigger margin for error on the food.
  21. I LOVE apple crisp and the wife LOVES cheese cake, that would serve 2 in my house. Mama is baking this weekend....
  22. Looks like that was worth the wait and hiccups along the way.
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