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  1. I've done several briskets (12+ hours) and ribs (4+ hours) and have never used a water pan.
  2. which Sams, do you remember? I'm in the Grapevine area and the one closest to me just has the $1200 BGE left.
  3. I'd just reheat in oven on 'warm hold' at 170 or so.
  4. Thanks, that's basically what I had determined via various searches etc.. looks like an early AM instead....
  5. I getting the smoker going for an overnight cook like I usually do for brisket, and my brilliant BIL brings home two 5-lb flats. Will these cook at the same time similar to a single 10-pound flat?
  6. One of the first accessories I purchased. Highly recommended. I find it allows me to easily light the fire using a starter cube in the ash drawer and cleanup is a snap. Better airflow a bonus.
  7. maybe it's just so the part doesn't move during shipping?
  8. thanks for the advice. Planning on baby back ribs so they'll cook quicker.
  9. I just have the one grill (Visions Series B). re: brisket and ribs at the same time. do you recommend quickly opening during the brisket cook to get the ribs on, or perhaps removing the drip pan and putting the ribs there? I was just gonna cooler the brisket, slice and then warm back up when the rest was ready. The brisket takes up most of my upper rack as is, and I've got just the two cooking surfaces for now.
  10. Thinking of doing the holy trinity of Texas BBQ for Memorial Day. Have done brisket and ribs separately a few times. Does this plan sound about right? Brisket overnight low-and-slow at around 225-250. After it's probe tender and pulled, open vents up a a bit (and maybe add a bit more lump depending what's left over) to get it around 275. Put the ribs on, cook for 3-4 hours (I don't use the 3-2-1, foil etc.. method). Sauce them and put the sausage on at the same time. Cook for another 30-60 , checking ribs for done-ness via the bend test, at which point the sausage should be around the desired temp too. anything I'm missing?
  11. cook went well. Burgers were about 4-5 minutes per side at the felt line and then hot dogs raised above the felt for about 7 minutes.
  12. Looking to expand beyond just the brisket when it comes to low-and-slow, and we like our beef sausages down here in Texas. Looking quickly at Sams Club and the like, it seems that the only options are to get fully cooked sausages and then just bring them up to temperature. Is that right? The only 'raw' products I'm seeing are more of the Italian sausage/bratwurst option.
  13. For lighting it, I just place a starter cube directly in the ash drawer, light it and slide it back in. I am using a Kick Ash Basket and not the standard plate that came with the grill though.
  14. Check out the Ceramic Grill Store. They sell a set of half stones specific for the Vision.
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