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  1. Does anyone know this? Will the kick ash basket fit in the new firebox?
  2. Thnx for the responses. I'm going to contact KJ and listen to what they're got to say. Kind regards
  3. Thnx for your reply. Are your springs also rusting? kind regards, Bart
  4. Hi all, I've been lurking on these forums for quite some time. Not it's time to become an active member. I'm Bart and living in the Netherlands. Often the weather is bad, but that doesn't keep me from grilling. Currently I own a Kamado Joe Jr, Kamado Joe Big Joe, Weber Sprit E-320 and a Weber WGA. Kind regards, Bart
  5. Hi all, I've gotten myself a Kamado Joe Big Joe about two months ago. Since the beginning I've covered it with a Kamado Joe branded cover. Now I have two problems: - The cover seams to leak so much that there is a lot of water on the daisy wheel and the Kamdo is whet all around; - The springs en bolts seam to rust? Has anyone ever had this problem? Kind regards, Bart
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