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  1. No, they just said they would let me know when it is ready to be shipped. I asked for an estimated date and will post what I find out. I actually used mine yesterday and it amazingly stayed steady at ~250 degrees for a 4 hour cook.
  2. They are going to be sending me a replacement dome!
  3. They asked me to hold a tape measure across the width of the lid and send a pic to proceed. Hopefully they will be replacing, fingers crossed!
  4. Yeah, I have taken it high before and never had any issues. I located my receipt and registered my Kamado. Now I am waiting to hear back on the service request.
  5. I smoked ribs at around 250 and when they were done I removed the heat deflectors. I put my CI half moon in and opened the vents to cook some blackened mahi mahi. Honestly got distracted by kids inside for a few mins and when I came to check the dome read over 700 degrees. I burped the lid for a few seconds and when I fully lifted the cracks began to happen in front of my eyes.
  6. I have had my kJ for 4 years. Has this happened to anyone else? Can you purchase a replacement lid?
  7. Thank you! I will keep them as a backup plan if I run out of lump. It says safe for ceramic coolers but I wanted to see what some people here thought prior to using. Seems like might be ok for a quick hot cook like pizza etc Royal Oak Hardwood Charcoal Briquettes are made from the finest American Hardwood using small pieces of real Royal Oak Lump Charcoal. They are perfect for a premium, all natural grilling or smoking experience. Made from wood, vegetable starch, and no additional ingredients Made from real Royal Oak Lump Charcoal to deliver authentic BBQ flavor Can be used in ceramic grills
  8. Had groceries delivered and had ordered Royal Oak Lump charcoal but received hardwood briquettes. can these be used in the kamado joe? https://www.royaloak.com/products/all-natural-hardwood-charcoal-briquets/ thanks
  9. I have a Kamado Joe classic which is 18" diameter cooking grate. I have a spatchcocked bird that's length from leg to breast is ~16" The plan is to have heat deflectors in, a pan an inch above the deflectors, and the cooking grates 3" above the pan. My concern is with the breasts being being only 2" away from the edge of the grates (if i put the legs at the other edge), as the edges get hotter since that is where the air gap is with the heat deflectors. Will I be ok with this setup?
  10. Spatchcoked 14lb bird dry brining in the fridge. Two firsts for me in the dry brine and spatchcock turkey.
  11. I have seen some people put the spatchcoked turkey in a cookie sheet type of pan that is filled with vegetables vs using a drip pan underneath the bird. any thoughts on which of the two might work out better? im about to cut my bird open and try a dry brine. I haven’t used a dry bribe before but there always has to be a first time for everything!
  12. That looks awesome, I have a 14 lb bird and Kamado Joe Classic. I am wondering if I have enough grill space to spatchcock the bird?
  13. do you need to raise the pan off the heat deflectors? if not, wont the liquid in the boil and evaporate?
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