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  1. If you like CookinPellets they are running a special on a 7 mix and match 40# bags for $175 delivered to your house. This is about a 25% savings off of normal price of $231.00. Use code BBQ B at checkout, deal expires this Saturday, May 17th. Here's the link: https://cookinpellets.com/product/bu...-7-bags-total/ Make sure you use the discount code BBQ B before you check out. Quote Reply Report Edit
  2. New model info below! Here’s a list of what’s new on the 2019 MAK 2 Star:-Roaming thermocouple. -Increased cooking capacity with 2 extra slide-in grates (great for things like jerky). **this is the only thing that will not be retrofittable because of all the additional hardware that would be required. -K-style meat probes. -Updated firmware version for the Pellet Boss controller.-Heat governor set from 500* to 600*. -Updated controller and firmware. -Grease overflow port. -Changed a few design issues to make it easier to clean.
  3. I still have my KJ Jr which was seeing the majority of my cooks. I’ve decided to give pellet smoking a try, will be ordering a MAK grill soon.
  4. Selling my KJBJ, rare Black color, with the following accessories/updates: Firebox has been updated to new style Cyber Q Party Q 2 Plate Lifters Divide and Conquer System CI grates Standard grates CI Half Moon Griddle Half Moon Soapstone Stainless Steel Veggie Grate Smokeware Cap (also have original KJ cap) Kick Ash Basket 2 side shelves and stand with casters Selling everything together for $1400 I live in Southern Maryland, about 40 minutes east of Washington, DC. You'll have to come pick it up!
  5. I have a used Big Black Joe for sale if anyone’s interested. New style firebox, CI griddle, CI grates, standard grates, divide and conquer system, heat deflectors, Party Q temp controller and a Smoke-ware cap. Located in Southern MD.
  6. I think I’ve narrowed my choices down to the Timberline 850 or the Yoder 480. My concern with the Yoder is that some owners are experiencing rust issues, temp overshoots and it doesn’t have a wifi controller. I haven’t seen too many negatives regarding the 850.
  7. Thanks for all of the great information. Maybe I'll sell the Big Joe, replace it with a pellet and keep the Jr. for searing. I've used a PartyQ in the past to regulate temps on the Big Joe for low and slow cooks and it works ok but not great. Getting the Big Joe up to temp takes an awfully long time which limits it's use to weekends only. If I'm going to invest in a Cyber Q Wifi or similar product to automate things better on the Big Joe, why not just get a pellet to set it and forget it?
  8. Can you give some benefits a pellet has over a Kamado?
  9. I own a Big Joe and a Joe Jr (Jr. sees more cooks these days). For those of you that own a Kamado and a pellet cooker is it worth having both?
  10. I’ve been using my KJ Jr for all of my cooks for the past several months. With family coming for Christmas I need to whip the Big Joe back into shape. What’s a good temp to use to burn off the crud from the CI grates, griddle, soapstone and defectors without having to re-season and most importantly not damage the gasket?
  11. txsteel do you have any plans you can share? Your table is awesome!
  12. Starting my table soon and would love if you could please share some plans for a table that holds a Kamado Joe Big Joe and a Jr. Not looking for anything super fancy. Table will be partially covered but pretty much exposed to the elements. Thanks!
  13. Recently left Facebook and the wonderful KJ page (that's about the only thing I miss!). Any updates for the release date on iKamand and the KJ table? I'm following KJ on Twitter and Instagram and will also be relying on this awesome forum more often.
  14. Love this table build. Do you still have the dimensions? If so, can you please share?
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