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  1. Anyone else having this problem? I started a cook, just wanted to set the grill to 375. Everything started great, got up to temp no problem then bam. it stopped doing everything. When I try to stop the cook it says Error Stopping Cook. The blue light is solid, it says it is online on the home screen, when I enter set up mode, it then alerts me it is off line, I've deleted the app, redid it, reconnected to the internet, I've done everything I can think of. The thing is totally locked up. I can push the power button and the fan runs but communications to the APP for cooking is dead and all probes are froze. I can change temps and it says fan is running, but nothing is happening. Any ideas?
  2. All good points, I just really liked the upgraded gasket, the locking clasp and the air hinge, very nice additions. I'm just whining, super happy to have the big joe. Now deciding on what accessories to buy first....grill expander or cast iron griddle
  3. Well, all good things come to an end and then bigger things come! I've sold my Deluth Forge Kamado and I sold my Kamado Classic II rehab project and am now the owner of a Big Joe! I'm a bit sad, all I could afford was the older version, but oh well, I'm happy with it. Whoop Whoop!
  4. Well, what in the world. I just e-mailed customer service as I have procured a 2015 Big Joe NIB and wanted the nifty new hinge and was told it doesn't exist for older Big Joe's? Message History -----Original Message----- From: Effie Skiouris Sent: 5/8/2018 Subject: Older Big Joe-New Hinge Replacement Hello Jon, Thank you for your request. We do not have the hinge available for older models. The only upgrades that fit are the top vent, mesh gasket and multi piece fire box. Thank you, Effie -----Original Message----- From: Jon brooks Sent: 5/7/2018 Subject: Older Big Joe-New Hinge Replacement I'm in the process of purchasing an older Big Joe (it has felt gasket, no closing clasp and no air assist hinge) from a local vendor, I think last one they have. I was wondering if I could buy an air assist hinge for the big joe along with the closing clasp mechanism? Thanks in advance
  5. So the final view of the KJ, fully assembled and ready for action. The lid just came in last week so I took the time and put it all together and fired it up. I have some learning to do on the temp. controls but I'm very pleased. Really glad I got the $12 box of parts, as I used alot of the pieces to make this become reality. I will say I was scared to death tightening the ring on the new lid, I was waiting for the crack sound to let me know I did it too tight or when I went to lift it, that it would just fall out. I will say that new hinge design is amazing, and I love the latch feature as well. All in all I'm happy and ready to start using it. I do have the pieces and parts for an air hinge if anyone wants to retrofit their KJ in the Cincinnati area. DM me with details.
  6. So I took a chance on a completely crushed KJ, I was only hoping for an ash tool, charcoal grate, handle, top vent and new clasp. Pretty much worked out in my favor. For $12 bucks. I got New Grate, Ash Tool 4 feet divide and conquer grate (no diverter plates though) Air Hinge with clasps (in case mine is too bent) the firebowl was missing, which I was secretly hoping for since I saw the lid for the firebow in the photo and was bummed no new handle in there. But just for the grate and ashtool, I'm happy. WIll put the divide and conquer on craigslist, super bummed no top vent. Whoever returned this guy, stole all the good stuff!!
  7. Good point, guess we will see if I can get that band around the new dome and get it fired up! I took a chance on the bottom not being damaged or cracked and thankfully the firebox parts were in tact as well. All in cost wise, I'm sitting at $295.54 Ace said parts will be about 2 weeks out. stay tuned.
  8. OK, taking the advice here and am trying to cancel the charcoal grate from Ace, since there was a 2 week lead time, have to believe they can cancel that. Well total pricing is in, do I wait and do a reveal once it is together or jinx it all and brag about my $xxx.xx KJ?
  9. Ace Hardware to the rescue! They took my information, called Kamado Joe and all is right with the world and on order! Ordered New Dome (comes with gasket) New handle New Latch New top vent New Cast iron Grate If someone has a cast iron grate, I would be VERY interested in buying one from you ! Please let me know.
  10. it is brand new, looks to be a shipping issue/return. I don't believe malicious. I picked it up at a warehouse with no documentation or anything
  11. Well, I've come across a stumbling block. Customer Service said to contact the dealers from the website, I'm 2 dealers in and neither of them will/can order me a new dome. One of them gave me a contact for a KJ Inside Sales person who informed me to look on the web and find a dealer, even though I explained that Customer service sent me to a dealer, I went to the dealer and they gave me his number, so I called another dealer and got the same response, they wanted to sell me a cooking grate. I'm getting further and further away from my house, but I guess I will keep trying. As responsive and helpful as online Customer Service was, I sure thought this would be a lot easier.
  12. After all is said and done I will reveal my costs for the replacement. Banana peels, invest in some banana peels!
  13. So, came across a sad looking Kamado Joe that needed to come home with me. I got it for a steal in my opinion, was very glad most of the parts were there and no damage to the bottom. I've already e-mailed KJ and I can order a new dome through a dealer, trying to assess what else I will need. Looks like: New vent cap New Latch New Handle Side trays Possible new top dome straps possibly new grate for firebox I do have the nesting bed for it with casters which is nice. I'm pretty pumped as it has all the new stuff on it, hinge, ash box, fiberglass gasket. I do have the Deluth Forge one already and I love it, but I have been wanting to upgrade to the KJ, really want to upgrade to the Big Joe, maybe I'll fix up this one and sell both and get the Big Joe, who knows. Wifey says one has to go at least! What do you guys, think, fairly easy fix? Here is to hoping some of the small stuff isn't crazy expensive, was very pleased with the price of the dome from KJ UGH, not letting me upload right now...will try later
  14. Soooo that looks exactly like mine, top vent and dimples. I'm not a fan of the top vent but searches for a new cast iron one have come up short because of the sheer size of that top vent. CSG was unable to help as well. The good news for me was that mine was holding temp pretty darn good but I couldn't shut it down so I took everything apart (thermometer, top vent, bottom vent) and I used some nomex gasket material around the top vent and got that seated nice and tight. I also put high temp silicone in the thermometer hole and reinstalled and I also put new nomex gasket and high temp silicone all around the bottom vent. In addition to that bottom vent rework, I added a small piece of nomex to the inside part of the bottom slider so when it was closed, it was sealed closed. My bottom vent has a significant bow in it and my caulk joint is probably 1/4" to 1/2" at it's widest part The only thing I haven't done that needs to be done is the gasket around the top and bottom halves, but I ran out of nomex so that is on the list for later. To be honest, I was nervous that the new gasket would cause a seating problem so I'm really not in a hurry to get new, it seems to be seating and sealing just fine under the dollar bill test. After those recent mods, I have only grilled on it but the great news is that I was able to snuff it out without any problems. Now I'll have to relearn my settings for a long and slow cook but I feel pretty comfortable doing that if I got the major leaks to stop.
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