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  1. Leaky Fire Mountain Kamado

    Soooo that looks exactly like mine, top vent and dimples. I'm not a fan of the top vent but searches for a new cast iron one have come up short because of the sheer size of that top vent. CSG was unable to help as well. The good news for me was that mine was holding temp pretty darn good but I couldn't shut it down so I took everything apart (thermometer, top vent, bottom vent) and I used some nomex gasket material around the top vent and got that seated nice and tight. I also put high temp silicone in the thermometer hole and reinstalled and I also put new nomex gasket and high temp silicone all around the bottom vent. In addition to that bottom vent rework, I added a small piece of nomex to the inside part of the bottom slider so when it was closed, it was sealed closed. My bottom vent has a significant bow in it and my caulk joint is probably 1/4" to 1/2" at it's widest part The only thing I haven't done that needs to be done is the gasket around the top and bottom halves, but I ran out of nomex so that is on the list for later. To be honest, I was nervous that the new gasket would cause a seating problem so I'm really not in a hurry to get new, it seems to be seating and sealing just fine under the dollar bill test. After those recent mods, I have only grilled on it but the great news is that I was able to snuff it out without any problems. Now I'll have to relearn my settings for a long and slow cook but I feel pretty comfortable doing that if I got the major leaks to stop.
  2. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    OK, I shouldn't have come on here and bragged. Finally was an awesome weekend here in the Midwest. After my stupendous 12 hour cook, I closed everything up and forgot about it. No rain in sight so i just left it alone uncovered. Went to cut the grass the next day and was going to clean up the grates and ash and low and behold, the kamado is 150 degrees. ugh....everything was closed up and tight and in all previous attempts the fire snuffed out fine. I taped some aluminum foal over the top and shoved some foil in the bottom vent and closed it in there and it finally snuffed out. So, I'm thinking I need to put some new felt around the lower vent and I may need to invest in a different top vent. Problem is, the hole in the top is huge.... ID: 6.25" OD (with felt): 7.5" tall: 1" Width of lip(without felt): .5" Any ideas on getting an upgraded top cap or any other way to seal it up?
  3. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    So I figured I would give a 2 month update..... I have used it as a grill several times over the last 2 months to cook some chicken and some steaks... It takes me about 25 minutes to get it up to full grilling heat but it is well worth the time compared to gas grills as the taste is out of this world. Yesterday I went for another pork shoulder and put it through the paces. I got it all set up the night before with lump charcoal, prepped the shoulder, figured out how to use my maverick thermometer and woke up at 4:00 a.m. by 5:00 a.m, had the temperature set, shoulder on and maverick in the house monitoring the temperature for me as I went back to bed for a couple of hours. The only thing I did throughout the entire cook was fill up the water/drip pan once, other than that and 12 hours later, it was done. I did hit quite a long stall at the 170 mark but let is chug through it without adding foil or anything and it finally burst through and finished up. Let it sit wrapped up in the cooler for 2 hours and it fell apart. I must say I'm super happy with the purchase and amazed at how well it works. The temperature did fluctuate a few times throughout the day, from 225 through 250 but it really hovered at 235 for a majority of the cook. I was going to change out the top vent and get a BBQ Guru but after this last cook, I don't see a need to change a thing. I love the Vision brand lump charcoal from Sam's, it works very well for me. Next step is to build something to get it to a more manageable height, it is sitting way too low. Thanks for all the advice and comments to get me where I am. Tried to upload some photos but it won't let me.....nothing special, but come on now, what is a post without photos!
  4. Costco's New Kamado... Pit Boss

    Wow, I must say that looks a lot like the Duluth Forge I bought....the firebox and coal grate, the cooking grates, even the hinges. Wonder if I can score one of those nests....tired of bending over for all my cooks!
  5. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    Well Factory Direct did what they said and sent the handle. I took a bit of a leap of faith with them and the Duluth Brand but I can say so far so good and they delivered on everything so far. I'm really happy to make the switch from gas to Kamado style cooking! I'll get some photos once I get my stand, change out the gaskets and put on the handle
  6. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    So I closed everything up and let it snuff itself out, had a nice little pile of lump left over....cleaned it all up and it is ready for next time. Thanks again to everyone.... Still waiting on that darn handle....come on Factory Buys Direct, keep the good karma going. I think some wings are in order for my next attempt.
  7. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    before and after
  8. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    OK, so I think I see my problem, I was only filling it up to the first set of holes. The Vision brand lump was a huge improvement over the Home Depot brand, there was some really nice sized pieces in that bag and I layered in the big ones on the bottom and then the rest medium sized up pretty full Got it up to 250 and let it settle for 30 minutes and then put on a tri-tip from Sam's. Turned out perfect in 2 hours flat. I cranked everything open an reverse seared it. I cooled it back down and put some italian sausage on the grill for an hour and it came out great as well. The new cooking rack system did awesome Thanks to everyone for helping me out, next project is to tackle the new gasket material and play with the bottom vent and see what I can do about that. I'm also getting a nice stainless stand made at work, wifey doesn't want a big table to I'll get it up off the ground some more. No sign of the new handle yet, really is a large pain without one. I dropped the lid from pretty far up today, thought for sure it would snap the top, but it didn't. photos to come.
  9. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    The depth of the bottom half of the kamado is about 15" without the firebox in. I don' t know if any cared about the measurements, but here they are anyway.
  10. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    Was able to snag a few photos tonight. I also snagged a nice looking tri-tip from Sam's as well as a bag of Vision brand Lump. So tomorrow will be smoked Tri-Tip and I will get a snap of how much lump I put in. The Aura components came in, the deflector plates don't sit really well in the unit but the unit sits right on the money for my fire box. The deflector plates are 15" diameter instead of the Vision brand being 14". The bad news is that my grates do not fit on the unit, but I have the tools to make some adjustment to the grates to make it fit perfectly, so all in for very cheap and achieved some more height out of my existing grates.
  11. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    Yes, I sure can.... I'll see what I can grab tonight and post some photos. I know I have an air leak around the thermometer that needs to be taken care of and upon further review of the bottom vent, there is a pretty good gap even when fully closed. I did RTV the entire exterior perimeter so I know that is good and tight Thanks for the post and helping me figure out how to get it loaded with lump correctly.
  12. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    Made a call into Factory Direct Buys and it looks like they are shipping out my new handle with no problem. I'm not convinced till it shows up. I did call CGS OH and talked to them a bit about different things and they were very helpful, he seemed to be at least familiar with my knock-off model grill. They are quite a bit away from me, so I went ahead and purchased the Aura zone cooking stuff from Amazon. Got the pro-zone cooking base and 2 halves of the heat deflector. I'm convinced my cooking rack that came with it will fit right on top. I did some research and I'm going to give the Black Diamond Charwood a try this weekend and see if it does any better. I think some beef tenderloin is on tap for this weekend....quick little test to see how everything goes.
  13. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    OK, so was looking for the divide and conquer systems and I think I had a revelation... Can I just get the flexible cooking system and put my Duluth supplied grates on top of all that? Seems I would gain several inches in height. and be able to get a split heat deflector. My fire bowl is the same dimensions at the KJ and seems this would sit right on it. Any thoughts?
  14. Newb24 From Ohio

    Hey y'all. First and foremost. Kudos to a great website and information that helped steer me in the direction of Kamado and making my first attempt a huge success! Have 3 young boys, love to golf and bought the Kamado style grill/smoker to replace a broken gas grill. Seems like a great group out here and look forward to learning more and sharing anything I see....
  15. Duluth Forge Kamado Grill

    So, finished up the night and a few more thoughts and things to improve on.... 9 pound shoulder cooked for 9.5 hours and got to 195 internal temp, let is rest for an hour and it literally fell apart. Truly amazing. No matter what happened today, the end result was well worth it. Need a different rub for the ribs, but other than that really great. Started losing temp again, seemed to be just about every 2 hours or so, last time, I either took too long or put too much fuel in because the temperature went to 400, I cranked down the vents even more and got it to get back to 275 range. After I took the shoulder off, I cranked open all the vents and that fire really started cooking, temperature inside the egg got up to 550 and when I opened the top, those coals were really flaming. It was good to screw around and see how this thing will work when I try and grill on it. I'll spend some time and redo all the gaskets, take the thermometer out and check around the top vent to see how I can seal it up as tight as I can. I will say the slider part of the bottom and twisting of the top vent seem to be very tight but really hard to tell. You can see the smoke coming out of the thermometer in the one photo so that definitely needs to be fixed.