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  1. Hey Andy welcome from NY..
  2. Congrats on your new Akorn. I have had mine for a year now with no mods and still loving it.
  3. Congrats now burn that baby in and start making some Que...
  4. Thank's K-man worked out great for me. I used a water pan with apple juice. my bride finally likes my ribs
  5. Wow K'man never thought to do them that way. I know what's for dinner on sunday now...
  6. Wow sorry about the first one. But now that second one Mmmmmmmmm...
  7. Welcome from to the forum from NY..
  8. Wow Daz I would love to see more info on your temp controller. Man I miss my 24-7 flip flops. I lived in waipahu when I was in the service. I can still smell the salt air...
  9. Get the diffuser and a 12 Lb. pork butt and don't look back. it all fits perfect and well worth the 30 or 40 bucks...
  10. Hey Daz welcome. post up some pic's when you get a chance..
  11. They do tend to evaporate very quickly. anyway's they sounded delicious..
  12. Welcome and good luck on your Kamado search..
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