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  1. HomeCreepo buckets are okay for food. At least mine is.
  2. Mass? lol. I went to high school near there. Alright this is where we're at.
  3. Oh forgot to add. Yesterday was prep day. Made sure to clean the grill inside and out so this morning would be a bit faster. The bucket is hdpe 2. I'll get a pic in a min or two. I did check before I bought it. Thanks for bringing it up though.
  4. Morning! 4:51 and it's almost time to get the bird in some heat. Posting as a follow along with a few questions. Outside temps are going to be below 20°F. Is there any danger to my grill with those temps? Vision you watching this? Lol 21lbs turkey brined for 21hrs. Here we go
  5. Herman the shelves and cart are in the cardboard box to the right. It was brand new out of the box. I just packed it as lazy as I could when I picked it up. Herman so far so good with the air leaks. Waiting mostly for the top vent to get some buildup. Some smoke still escapes when I have it completely shut down. Other than that I'm very happy. Was nervous but I tried Franklin's BBq rips for ribs. Ie. cooking at 275 for 2hrs and then wrapped in foil for another 2 at the same temp. Turned out really really good. One friend said he hadn't had ribs like that since the 70's. Best compliment yet.
  6. Here she is brand new and ready for tomorrow! My lady friend is coming in from a Detroit and desperately looking forward to enjoying this with me. Let's hope the test burn goes well!
  7. I decided to do it against better judgement of my peers. Very pleased with the quality and finish of everything. One quick note to mention was they forgot to include 2 cap nuts for the shelves. I did get the washers though. From what I've personally seen I won't be using the shelves anyways. They simply look horrible very quickly. Picked it up last weekend from a man that received it for a wedding gift. If there is a vision rep I watching. I did take it out of the box and everything was brand new please give me a warranty!
  8. Thank you for getting back. I don't know the details and yes the warranty is a large part of the price. I could get one shipped from China if I really cared about price. Anyone ever look at Alibaba? Anyways, you make valid points. I'll keep the thread updated as my process progresses. Got an email that the 225 used grill above was sold. I knew it would. The deal was it was promised to a buyer for the weekend. If for some reason that buyer backed out it was going to be mine. I knew the buyer for that price was going to take it so I found another one.
  9. Hi gang! Found a new Series C for private sale. Current owners think it's worth $400.00? Currently sour I missed a high quality used one for $225.00. Apparently without the warranty people let them go for a very fair price. Thoughts from the community? Oh, here is a pic of the one I missed out on. Please don't rub it in.
  10. You most likely won't get an email back. I called the factory from an internet search. They told me directly. They also said to check back as product is always moving. If you know someone down there it could work but strictly cash and carry.
  11. Hi found that thread awhile ago. Factory is first come first serve and no shipping. That is a very real concern to others; however, you know what to do! Considering I know all about this I ended up with the black Akorn Jr. from Lowes. If I lived closer to Atlanta it's a no brainer. Oh, I'm in Maine. Hahaha
  12. Thanks I have seen the pie plate images but not the nomes image.
  13. Hi gang, I'm up here in Portland Maine. Excited to announce that not only am I turning 39 on March 4th, but more importantly my Jr. should be here by then. I ordered the Black model from Lowes. I also ordered the jr stone from the factory. Pics to follow of course. Interested in noting weither the construction quality is any different on the newer models. I have been lurking a bit but this is my big out. Would love to have a ceramic but right now it's not in the cards. Any links or suggestions are biggly welcomed! Thanks gang. J
  14. Bummer but we all knew this was going to happen right?
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