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  1. That looks awesome John. Love your recipe's and videos
  2. Do you light from the bottom or place a fire starter on top of the coals?
  3. Thank you Look forward to your recipe.
  4. I bought two pork loins that were on special at a local super market. $1.29 lb. There were fresh not frozen whole pork loins. Each one was about 10 lbs. and look awesome. I cut each in half and froze 3 of them. So now I started searching for recipes to make some Canadian Bacon. Oh my god so many conflicting recipes. Nitrites, no nitrites, #1 pink salt, buying prepared mixes. etc. etc. etc. I want to cure without nitrites. Not because I have this great fear of nitrites but of poisoning my family by doing something wrong. I settled on a recipe that uses large grind sea salt and saw one where t
  5. I'm going to fire up the new Acorn Kamado today. Temp is supposed to be in high 60's and tomorrow afternoon in the 30's with some snow and gusts to 50 mph. Any tips on curing and burning off the oils?
  6. WOW that looks awesome. Love when things are done the right way.
  7. Well I finally went to Home Depot this morning. Had to pick up some lump charcoal. I went where they had that Acorn Kamado with the dent in the top to see if it was still there. Well it had another tag on it. Buy today take $50 off. Buy today with new Home Depot charge take $100 off. Wow that would make it $99 so I went to the maiin desk and said I wanted to buy it. They wheeled the grill up to the counter and the girl started the checkout and new account procedure. I already have a Home Depot Charge so I opened one in my son's name which just so happens to be the same as mine. o to make a lon
  8. Can someone tell me how to change my avatar?
  9. This is the grill at Home Depot with the dent on the right side.
  10. Your right on with the Buffalo Wings. They originated here at the Anchor Bar. I'm going to Home Depot and talk to the manager..
  11. I will offer them $150. It's been sitting there since last fall. Maybe they want to get rid of it before the new grills arrive.
  12. Hi I am from Buffalo NY and I'm expecting a Acorn Jr to be delivered tomorrow. Not new to grilling and smoking but new to Kamado.grilling. I was looking at a Char-Griller Akorn Kamado Kooker at Home Depot that has a dent in the cover marked down to $199 and I was intrigued by the unique style so I came home and started to read up on Kamado Grilling. That's how I found this forum. I have a Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker and a Char-Broil Gas to Coal grill but the interesting concept of Kamado cooking led me to try it out. I bought the Acorn Jr to see if I'm going to like it. Is the one at Ho
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