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I purchased a Costco Pit Boss K24 in February 2017. My wife and I enjoyed some wonderful cooks from the Pit Boss. I followed the comments and recommendations from others here on Kamado Guru regarding the Pit Boss. I replaced the top vent with a Vision CI and added gasket to the bottom vent. I proceeded to purchase a number of accessories.

At a Costco Kamado Joe Roadshow in Brandon, FL on May 19, 2017 I purchased a Big Joe. I have become a believer! The Big Joe is seeing three to four cooks a week. This is even with my wife's current health issues. I expect to see the cook numbers jump after she recovers.

I gave away my Weber grill to a good home. I have only used the Pit Boss K24 once since purchasing the Kamado Joe Big Joe. I am thinking I will need to find a home for the Pit Boss before I get buy in on a Kamado Joe Jr. I was the second person at the Costco Roadshow and the first picked up the Big Joe/ Jr Joe.

I can't say enough about how wonderful this forum is, how great John Setzler's videos are, and how much information is available on the forum from you gurus.    

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