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  1. 10% off your entire order from www.smobot.com through Tuesday, 6/12. You can use coupon code FATHER10 during checkout. Let us know of any questions! Email to ereinhart@smobot.com Thanks, Eric
  2. Hi All, We're running about a week long Thanksgiving sale on SMOBOT. Just use "THANKS20" coupon code at checkout if you're interested. Sale runs from today, through until midnight on 11/28, while supplies last. LINK Take care Eric
  3. @Bachman 5 Nice! Yeah, that sort of an approach makes good sense. Agreed, turning a billet would be a huge waste for sure. Stock that size is pretty expensive.. Thanks for the feedback and support.
  4. @Bachman 5 Very cool! What sort of stock/process did you use? To my eye, it looks like formed sheet, but that wouldn't be a DIY job, obviously. That'd be a big billet to turn or mill too, but doable. I'm thoroughly impressed!
  5. Wow that's fantastic that you made a vision adapter. I've been looking at doing that as well. Very cool! What did you make it out of? Is it attached to the grill with a "friction fit?" We're hoping for apps by the end of the year. We'll have alerts up and going through the web interface soon though, to get people by. They way it will alert you is via email. However, if you want alerts to appear as a text meesage on your phone, most providers offer an email address for that. For example, for Verizon, 1112223333@vtext.com, if your number is 111-222-3333.. Thanks!
  6. @Bachman 5 Nice looking splice job! Are you finding your custom cable to be more convenient? Thanks for the feedback.
  7. @Bachman 5 Thank you kindly for the detailed review and feedback. Much appreciated! Your comments regarding the servo cable are interesting, and useful. I'll need to think about that some. I always have my damper cap oriented such that the servo cable just hangs down the back of the grill, past the hinge, so I really don't even think about it being there until I plug it into the controller. Thanks again for your support. Eric
  8. @Polar Bear It is a good question, and we actually haven't determined the answer yet. A couple friends have sent me pictures of their top vent, and strangely, theirs doesn't "pivot" off to the side like a normal top vent. In other words, they seem to have hardware that differs from what's shown in those k-joe marketing images. We'll keep looking into this, and will cook up an attachment method here soon no matter what. Thanks for your interest! Eric
  9. While this is the first "real" batch of controllers going out, dozens of people have been running these things for years. Me personally for 7 years! The issue of the damper getting dirty is extremely easy to deal with. Check out this video of a stuck damper after a year or so of heavy use. You just lift up lightly on the daisy wheel and it "clicks" free. Video Demonstration Thanks for the interest!
  10. Thanks for posting about your 'bot - much appreciated!
  11. Yes, we're working on Akorn first, and then we'll work out a damper scheme for Vision as well. Thanks for the questions.
  12. @spratman - Thank you kindly! Your confidence in us and this concept is greatly appreciated. We're working hard here finalizing a few things, and making excellent progress. You won't be disappointed.
  13. No worries - I'd assumed the exact same thing until the test data schooled me!
  14. @wilpark : Thanks for the comments and feedback - much appreciated. You were the world's first SMOBOT user on a Saffire system! Incidentally, it's counter-intuitive indeed, but it's been demonstrated that there isn't a difference in "heat-up" time between the two schemes. Apparently, natural draft flows just as much air as the fan-induced draft (at least on the popular fan-based unit that was tested/compared - the name of which I'll keep to myself). We overlaid data from SMOBOT and the fan-based controller for a set-point profile of several increases/decreases in temperature over several hours, and neither of them were "speedier" on the up-side _or_ the down-side. Cool-down is dominated by the thermal mass of the grill, as it turns out. Thanks again!
  15. All good thoughts. A great choice for a new grill too, IMO. I very much like the looks of them. Certainly, I'll be curious to hear about that factory damper when you receive it. Thanks
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