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  1. My firebox cracked approx. 2-3 weeks ago. I sent a claim in via the website, made a couple phone calls, told them I wanted the new firebox. It arrived in 4 business days after my last phone call. Customer service was excellent.
  2. I find that If I get the Big Joe up to 550-600 and stabilize it gives me the best cook. I do 90-120secs per side sear, then indirect and flip every 4-5minutes. Have been getting the filet and rib-eye an excellent medium-rare consistently. Question for you all, are you using the Big Joe Half Moon Cast Iron Grate or regular grill grates?
  3. thank you all for the help.
  4. Joe Master's, I went to clean out the Big Joe to cook some steaks tonight. I found this crack in the fire bowl. I submitted a claim. Can I continue to use the Joe as is? I have gotten rid of the gas grill already. I have had the Joe since 11/16 and have about 30 cooks on it. Here are some pics. Thanks, Reed