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  1. Jealous Devil versus Fogo

    cschaaf & BOOMSTICK069 - Thank you both! I ordered 70 pounds from Amazon yesterday of Jealous Devil. BOOKSTICK069 - I actually found your comments about JD on another post, and it helped inspire me to place the order. I am very impressed by the information on their website, and am really anxious to try it out. I am very happy if it does produce less ash than RO. That is the one thing about RO I don't like. Also, it seems to me that the RO burns pretty fast. cschaaf - Sorry about the smell thing. I've had my share of sinus problems! For the most part, I only hear good things about the smell of the JD smoke.
  2. Jealous Devil versus Fogo

    cschaaf - Thank you for responding! I actually realized my numbers were off, and the Jealous Devil is more expensive than I am paying for Royal Oak, but it is cheaper than either Rockwood and Fogo. Two questions for you about Jealous Devil: Does it produce noticeably less ash? What is your opinion about the smokey smell? Apparently the wood has a distinct smell that some like and some don't like. Thanks again!
  3. I have a question about lump charcoal and brands. Where I live, the options to buy from a store are limited. I have only used Royal Oak, and the only other one available near me is Cowboy. I have been happy with the Royal Oak, but would like to try something different. I researched Amazon and found Fogo and Jealous Devil. I hear people mention Fogo frequently, and have never heard anyone talk about Jealous Devil. However, on Naked Whiz, Jealous Devil got a higher rating and is a better price per pound on Amazon. In fact, the review of Jealous Devil makes it sound excellent. Does anyone have any experience with Fogo and/or Jealous Devil and have an opinion? Thanks!! P.S. The Amazon price for 70 pounds of Jealous Devil is priced almost the same per pound as what I pay for Royal Oak at Home Depot.
  4. Smoked Chili on the Kamado Joe

    For anyone who has made this chili, how many servings does the recipe make? What size dutch oven did you use? I am making this tonight, but want to make sure it is enough.
  5. Nice Inexpensive Cover

    I just bought one yesterday for my new Primo Oval Junior on a stand. I was shocked by the price! Glad to hear you like them!
  6. Thank you for all the inspiration and ideas!

    Originally, I was building the table for a round kamado, which would have put it more forward. Midway through the build, I decided to get the Primo instead. Since the firebrick was laid out for the round kamado, and I wanted to center the Primo on the firebrick, it ended up being pushed back some. However, I have no problem using it in its location, and don't find myself leaning over or reaching too far.
  7. Thank you to everyone on this forum for your inspiration and ideas for custom tables. I have been working on this one for months, but today, I finally got the Primo in the table. Couldn't be happier! Thanks again!
  8. Cast Iron Pizza Stone

    Just curious if anyone is using a cast iron pizza stone for pizzas. I have been looking at one by Patina Premium, versus a traditional stone. I love cast iron in general, and like the idea of it being indestructible. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  9. Nomex on Wood Table

    My table is done. I cut the hole to the specifications put out by Primo. I have not yet put the grill in, as I am waiting for my cover to arrive before I move the table into the backyard. I am curious, for anyone who has used Primo's template, how much space is there between the table and grill? Thanks for all the feedback.
  10. Nomex on Wood Table

    Thank you HeavyG and Bachman 5. I am cutting the hole to the specifications published by Primo, so I assume it is a sufficient gap. Thanks again!
  11. New Member

    I got the Oval Large. I was looking at the Large and XL, but a local dealer gave me a great deal on a floor model Large I couldn't pass up!
  12. New Member

    Not sure what to say about myself. I have a few different grills/smokers, but just added a Primo to the collection. I am finishing up a custom table for it, and then can't wait to put it to use. Thanks for all the help this forum offers. I am sure I will be here often.
  13. Nomex on Wood Table

    Hello! I am in the process of finishing up a wood table for my new Primo. I have taken all the safety precautions I have learned from you guys and others, including using the Primo feet to elevate the grill, putting "soft" fire brick below the grill, and putting a sheet of metal under where the lower vent is on the grill to handle any embers that jump out. My question is this... Has anyone put Nomex on the inner rim of the grill cutout? I am using 3/4 inch boards for the table around the grill. I know I saw someone once mention it somewhere, but it does not seem to be a regular practice. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks for your help and for all the information I have gleaned from this forum!!