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  1. John - I am very curious if you really think a cure time could be cut-down after using a tenderizer. That would be awesome!
  2. The only "dealer" I have locally that is listed on the KJ website is Ace Hardware, and none of the ones near me actually care KJ products. I'd love to see Home Depot start to stock their products.
  3. Thank you. I am exploring all options, but wanted to check on Home Depot, as I get some benefits buying from them.
  4. Thank you! I don't have any local dealers, and I have some benefits buying from Home Depot.
  5. Does anyone know for sure either way whether Home Depot is an authorized Kamado Joe Dealer? I contacted KJ but have not gotten a response. I also searched this site and the web and didn't find anything. Thanks!
  6. No, I haven't seen anything for the Akorn specifically. I believe the Akorn's diameter is 20", correct? It's an off chance, but Ceramic Grill Store sells their system for the Pit Boss 22. But the 22 is the outer edge dimension of the grill, not the actual inner diameter. It is possible that the Pit Boss pieces from CGS are actually 20" or close in diameter. I would suggest e-mailing CGS for the actual dimensions. They might have another option too. I think this will help define those terms... https://ceramicgrillstore.com/pages/ceramic-grill-accessories-egg-kamado-joe-vision-pit-boss-primo In short, the "spider" is a one-level rack, while the "woo" is a two-ring platform, more similar to the Kamado Joe Divide and Conquer system.
  7. I would defer to someone who owns a BGE Large, but the Large is 18", just like the Kamado Joe Classic (and Classic II), so I would think the KJ Divide and Conquer system for the Classic would fit your Large BGE. As for "spiders" and "woos," check out https://ceramicgrillstore.com. They sell those products, which will be cheaper than the Divide and Conquer. They have a section just for the Large BGE, and have a product very similar to the Divide and Conquer. There is also somewhere on the website that defines "spiders" and "woos." This is the link to the Large BGE section: https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/big-green-egg-large-accessories-by-ceramic-grill-store
  8. John421 - Forgive my ignorance, but could you achieve the same thing with wrapping the wood chunks in aluminum foil?
  9. I think I answered my own question tonight, but still would like to get some feedback. I am a novice to using wood chunks in my Primos, but really want to gain the benefit of wood smoke. My concern has been how to balance waiting until the white, billowing smoke is gone versus still capturing the smoke flavor. I decided to experiment tonight with food that wasn't a big loss if things went south (in preparation to smoke a 9 lb. pork belly in the next week). I used Maple wood, as it is what I want to use with the pork belly. What I noticed tonight was once the billowing smoke stopped, I still could smell the Maple wood, leading me to the conclusion that the wood continues to emit it's unique smoke flavor even after the initial burn is done. I guess this conclusion makes sense, since charcoal lumps are nothing more than burnt wood, and they still emit a distinct smell. For some reason, I have assumed I needed to capture the wood smoke early, but I know I need to avoid putting the food in when the smoke is still white and billowing. Any thoughts or insights would be appreciated. Thanks for your feedback!
  10. Thank you! Since posting, I did a lot of research and was able to get my questions answered. Apparently there is a big difference when it comes to the amount of curing salt in dry versus wet brines. @JohnSetzler was a huge help!
  11. That summarizes my experience with Royal Oak too. I never have disliked it, just thought there might be something better out there. I love Jealous Devil, but hear only great things about Fogo.
  12. I agree about the issue of brand loyalty. The whole thing can be taken to absurd lengths. BGE sells a BGE-branded BBQ Guru. So does that mean you can't use a Flameboss or PitmasterIQ with your BGE? Do you void your warranty for using any lump except BGE-branded? Do BGE users have to use BGE-branded tongs, spatulas, gloves, etc.? Honestly, to me it is more a test about the company's attitude than a real problem. I sent them an e-mail asking this question, and their answer will play heavily in my choice for my next ceramic grill. Thanks for all the feedback. I am still curious is there is anyone out there that has had a warranty problem because of this rule.
  13. As an update, I used Jealous Devil in my Primo Large for a low and slow cook yesterday. I filled the firebox and kept the Primo at 250 for 17 hours. I don't have a before picture, but once again, I was shocked when I opened the grill this morning to see how much charcoal was left. I am so impressed. I would say there was 25% left, meaning I could have gotten another 4, maybe 5, hours.
  14. Pragmatically, I think you are right! In fact, the local BGE dealer told me that BGE doesn't ask for pictures if it is a firebox claim, only if the main ceramic parts are cracked. If that is true, I think you are completely right. I still do wonder. If I am going to invest $1500 to $2000, I'd like to know BGE has no intention of voiding the warranty. If nothing else, it just seems like bad customer service to void it over aftermarket pieces. Thanks for your thoughts!!!
  15. I currently own two Primos, which I love. In the future, I would like to get a third ceramic grill: either the Primo XL, KJ Big Joe, or the BGE XL. I have a local dealer for the BGE, which is a big advantage to me. However, after reading some posts here, and researching BGE's warranty, I came across the part where using any non-BGE accessories void the warranty. I am not a fan of the BGE deflector plate, and would prefer to use the set up with split plates from the Ceramic Grill Store. I know that there is probably no way BGE would ever know that someone used such aftermarket products, but I am interested to know if anyone has reached out to BGE or had an experience with them that would indicate whether they would actually void a warranty if they found out. I have read a lot of posts from 2012 when this statement was added to the warranty, and people's opinions about whether it would be enforced, but I haven't found any posts about first-hand experiences out there. Any thoughts from current BGE owners, or anyone with insights, would be appreciated.
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