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  1. My understanding is they have a stock of old bases but they don't measure the same so they need a measurement of yours so they can go find one that fits. The customer service lady said they had bases but she would have to find one that matched. I asked what happens if there isnt one and she told me my 'order' gets put on backorder until one comes in.
  2. Well, scratch that. Pulled my base out, got it out back and on the porch and it does not come close to matching the lid as far as measurement goes. I have a pretty good 'overbite' going on.....
  3. I put in a warranty claim a little over two weeks ago for a cracked firebox and cracked base. I didnt hear anything for 2 weeks so i called and the lady said nobody put in the order for my claim so she did at that time. I recieved everything today and the firebox was the new style.
  4. Wow. Sounds like there is a glitch in the matrix somewhere.
  5. Just now realized I put this in the wrong section....
  6. I keep seeing this come up, where you should have space between your heat deflector and pizza stone. Why? I have cooked a few pizzas now on my Big Joe and what I have been doing is setting the accessory rack in the highest setting with the heat deflectors on it and the pizza stone on top of that. I cant imagine getting a better pizza but I was just wondering why the space between the stones?
  7. Around here we always call those chops and the shoulder cuts 'steaks.' I do prefer the ones in your picture though, have to be cut really thick though.
  8. Do you have the specifics of the hardware you used?
  9. In my opinion, early May is probably a bit optimistic. I talked to a customer sevice person from KJ not that long ago and they said it would be several months before anything was available. Reality is, they seemingly are having trouble getting quite a few people warranty items in a timely fashion right now, so something like this is probably not going to be too quick.
  10. Im wanting a smobot but its the waiting thing that always gets me. Lol
  11. Looks great. I've never had lamb but always wanted to try it.
  12. I am kind of the opposite. My family and I would always grill them up until recently. Well my father-in-law still grills them. But I would get the grill pretty hot and sear for a couple minutes on each side and stick them off to the side of the fire to finish cooking. We slather some bbq sauce on during this time. I started braising them not too long ago in the ceramic dutch oven and have really enjoyed them. Fall right apart and has a really good flavor. My wife prefers them grilled still and I can eat them that way every once in awhile.
  13. Mine came preseasoned but it really wasnt good enough. I used bacon a few times at first then I just cook with it. Over time it got seasoned. I can cook sunny side up eggs or anything else without issue now. One thing that i dont do is wash with soap or real abrasive pads. People may frown at that but It hasnt hurt me yet. Lol.
  14. I like them okay grilled but I think they are better braised.
  15. That's nice Bobby came through for you. He responded to me about a warranty claim but never bothered to put the order in for the parts. Glad I didn't wait longer than 2 weeks to call before I figured that out.....