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  1. How much does it run at costco? I know you can get it on amazon and online but runs a little over 40 dollars for 20 pounds.
  2. If you have been happy with Royal Oak, use it in the Kamado Joe as well. It's pretty much all I use for the most part.
  3. Ok, so it definitely was a paper issue. I used genuine parchment paper the other night and there was no sticking at all. It was a different recipe (didnt have 24 hours for dough this time) but it definitely solved the sticking issue!
  4. Amber told me it will be several months before they have a solution for how this new hinge will fit the old kamado. I will gladly buy one, I am sporting a purple thumbnail from my lid slamming down on it. Ive had a shipping slip for almost two weeks for a new old style hinge that hasn't been shipped yet. Hoping that fixes it but it will only be temporary until they get the new style working.
  5. Just used this recipe and it turned out great. I cooked it at 500 degrees on my Big Joe for 10 minutes and that was perfect.
  6. I have found it is kind of hard to mess a butt up (witnin reason) and whether it is at 225 or 275 it will be fine. I get my bbq temp in that range and hold it. I do 7 to 9 pound butts and have found the best results for me is to shoot for the 12 hour mark and an IT of 195ish. If im coming up short on the butt temp, i will bump my bbq temp up (300ish) at the very end. I rarely hit IT too soon. I only foil after it is done and it is just to keep the butt warm while i travel or just resting on the counter for a half hour or so while i finish up other things. I just patiently push through the temperature stall and I never open the bbq until it is done.
  7. Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!
  8. Im pretty pumped about these!
  9. Okay, buying one of these now. If you guys see a Mrs. Chaded username pop up as a new member flipping about her husband buying a bunch of stuff after joining the forum.....well you will know why.
  10. Thanks for the input guys. I have some things to try. Im probably letting it warm up for about a half hour, except i dont let it sit at 600-700 degrees for that amount a time. I just ordered an infrared thermometer as well. Pizza night is Friday so we will see how it goes.
  11. I thought it was clear? Im not sure if it got plugged up somehow though. I have a kickash basket on the way that should be here today or tomorrow so hopefully that will address any concern regarding that.
  12. Very glad to see this finally happening. Ive been wanting one ever since i first saw the classic one.
  13. Looking good.
  14. Thanks Steve! I will definitely try that. Anyone else have amy input...?