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  1. Boardman is a nice place, we lived over in Hubbard. My wife did pre-med at YSU and ended up doing her 5 year surgical residency at St. Elizabeths.
  2. I dont see an offer? I lived in Youngstown (If you are meaning Ohio) for 5 years.
  3. Since I have sold my last Kamado I am now selling my Flameboss 300 as well. This has only been used a handful of times. It will come with 2 Y-cables and 3 meat probes so you will be all $260 shipped for everything.
  4. Ribs are one thing i don’t measure IT temp. I cook them til they have a good bend when picked up from the middle.
  5. I pretty much use my Lodge 10" for everything.
  6. My wife and I both may have been affected according to that check.
  7. That's good that you and others have had a good experience. But, there have been many that haven't had a stellar experience including myself. My experience arguably makes the firebox issue posted above look like childs play and I have been left without a functioning grill before because of it. I have had mine now for roughly a year and have had 5 warranty claims in which two became quite the ordeal and we are talking about crucial components. In the end it was taking care of but should of never reached the level it did. I like my Big Joe and it is functioning fine (for now) but I cant recommend them anymore. Im glad for those that have had no issues but some of us havent been as fortunate. From what I am noticing their customer service is hit or miss as of lately.
  8. My experience with the spacing echos what others have said. I have some gaps, but not that much. I had an issue with my metal ring that goes on top warping though. Personally, I don't have a problem with the design per she but I am not impressed with KJ's take on it if that makes sense.
  9. I am selling another Kamado Big Joe but this one comes with a few things. Please read the post for everything that is included because I did not take pictures of everything, just the Big Joe. This Big Joe is not the 2017 version but it does have the new style firebox. No chips or cracks with the Big Joe and hasn't been used very many times. It will come with everything you get when you buy it new; tools, heat deflectors, divide and conquer, etc. PLUS: Kamado Joe Pizza stone for Big Joe Kick Ash Basket Kick Ash Basket Divider Covermates Cover I live in the Rio Grande/ Gallipolis area of southeastern Ohio. About 2 hours from Columbus and 2 hours from Cincinnati. I will deliver or meet up to 2 hours away, possibly 3 hours but the cost will change based off of my gas. I will take $800 for everything.
  10. It looks like the new ring is on the truck for delivery today.
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