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  1. how important do we think the thermal mass is in these cookers? My Primary grill is a kamado joe, so full of thermal mass, that is why i lean to the stone... that said the bbqube deflector is about 1/3 cheaper. and Picked up the akorn Jr for a song as it is... would almost feel silly spending more on a smokin stone than i did for the cooker, but if it is that much better I am willing to
  2. So Im going to be buying one of these soon for my Akorn JR. What would you buy, and why?
  3. Hey Yall, new kamado joe owner, just picked it up on friday at the Wilmington DE roadshow (tax free too WOOOOOO) so far ive cooked a spatchcock chicken with fingerling potatoes and cippolini onions, and some stuffed artichokes. today some snowday wings and a boneless short rib, cooked steak style. Thanks all, look in forward to many years of interesting cooks, and good food. now i gotta sell all my weber stuff (no room in the yard for all of it)
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