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  1. Lowes in canada is having a sale. Buy 2 bags of Kamado Joe Big Block and get the 3rd free.
  2. thecoverstore.com may have what you are looking for. I purchased a cover from them and it was good quality. The only complaint I would have is that they are not 100% waterproof. During a heavy downpour I found some residual water on the Kamado lid. However overall, I am happy with the product.
  3. Lowe’s would be the best bet when they are running promotions. They just had a no-tax event this past weekend. In the Spring Lowe’s will likely have another no-tax or a 15% off anything over $500 event. I picked up my BJ on the 15% off weekend deal in 2017. all the best!
  4. Kamado Joe Big Joe - The Cover Store Elite Cover $75 including delivery - need quick sale!!! located in Toronto, Canada Used for 2months. Built a table so require a bigger cover. Over $100cdn if ordered from US. Strong, durable, has covered vents for airflow and clips to secure.
  5. You can get any BBQ up here. We are just behind on release date. If money is not an issue, I’d go with the Kamado Joe from Lowe’s .
  6. Hello from a local canuck, Lowes regularly runs a Save the Tax event and just this past week had a buy more save more if you're interested in the Kamado Joe. Dickson BBQ recently had a special where they included a Joetisserie in the purchase of a KJ. I just converted from Green (18") to Red (24") and could not be happier. I find the divider, with two zone cooking an ideal set-up. That being said, I have read a lot about the pit boss and it looks like a very good grill considering $/value. The lid may be a bit heavy but it's 24" and comes with the accessories. It's currently online at costco.ca for $899+tax CDN delivered. They usually bring it in store by March/April if you want to see it in person and save on the shipping charges. Good Luck!
  7. I built a 72" (l) x 27.5"(d) x 34"(h) for a Large big green egg. The opening was 21.5" and second shelf about 16 3/4" from the top. With a slight modification to the opening to account for the air lift hinge ( I would just notch it out) it would work and stay under the 36" depth you are referring to. best of luck.
  8. Pumped for the video @John Setzler!!! In a previous post (if I'm not mistaken) you cooked a pizza on the Kamado with the Baking Steel. How about showing the differences in results with a Baking Steel vs Stone? Particularly for the made from scratch dough's. I have to admit, this is a selfish request as well. Been looking at the Baking Steel or Nerd Chef Steel for a while. However, the costs to import to Canad are a bit high.
  9. I have one. it's Brand New in Box as I built a table immediately. I am located in Toronto, Canada. where about's are you?
  10. RE-Finished Cedar table with Stainless Steel top and Cover! All Cedar with Heavy Duty Casters Removable thick stainless Steel top 21.5" opening Fits, Weber, Kamado JOe or BGE Looking for the best offer. Material was approximately $570 cdn please make an offer - pick-up near Yonge and Eglinton will delivery for $50
  11. Hi John, what are some of the concerns with getting a kamado up to 900+ degrees?
  12. I've had my 2017 Big Joe for about a month and have only done a few cooks on it. When I saw the new air lift hinge video online it showed that the lid could stay in almost any position because of the counter balance. I also checked out a 2017 BJ at lowes this weekend and it too was able to stay in any position. My 2017 Kamado Joe Big Joe will not. I figured it is a simple adjustment of the hinge but I don't have a 7mm or 10mm on me and it wasn't included in my kit. I guess my question is, has anyone else experienced this and successfully adjusted the hinge so that the lid would hold in any position? Also, did your units come with the tools to adjust. It may be an oversight on my end but just curios as to what others are experiencing.
  13. My inaugural cook on the 2017 Big Joe was on Mothers Day. Flatten Chicken with homemade sausage What did you cook up on the grill?
  14. Hey, I just recently got a 2017 BJ as well. What's the seasoning burn you are referring to? is that required/ recommended?
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