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  1. I tried giving them a call and it is just an automated voice message saying their phone support is closed at this time and to use the email support.
  2. I'll give that a shot tomorrow.
  3. I created a support ticket on the Kamado Joe site on the 23rd of April about how my firebox is cracked. It has been cracked for years and it is finally at a point that it needs to be replaced. It has been over a week and I never heard back, so I forwarded the ticket number to their email (consumersupport@kamadojoe.com). I got an automatic reply with: "This is an automatic reply from an account that is no longer monitored. Please update your company records as this account will be deactivated soon. Consumer/Customer's will need to submit a "Support Request" through our website https://www.kamadojoe.com/pages/contact for further assistance. " So now I am wondering who do I need to contact to get warranty support?
  4. I have a hair dryer on an extension cord that I will use to blow out finely powdered ash from the firebox. Works quite well! (Hold your breath)
  5. Just a little update. I went back and got some more charcoal before they left costco. In total I stocked up about 160 lb worth of kamado joe big block charcoal.
  6. Did the amount of charcoal you put in it last the entire cook?
  7. I purchased a Kamado Joe classic over the weekend at Costco and also picked up 2 bags of their charcoal. The bag is labeled Big Block and there haven't been many places online I have seen it labeled as such. Is this a new type they are selling or is this just a label change? I am used to grilling on a Weber kettle grill using royal oak lump charcoal. I have had good experience with that charcoal. When I opened the bag of KJ charcoal I was amazed how huge these chunks are. Never seen any that big before. My question is, the charcoal will be sold at Costco until this weekend. I have two bags of it now. A 2 pack of the bags is $30. Is this "Big Block" label regarded as good stuff and if so, should I get another 2 pack of bags? I am not familiar with how often they are sold in Costco.
  8. The roadshow came to the Costco in my city this past weekend and I bought a Classic for $770. I was talking with the sales guy about the new model and he told me that the new model would be sold for $200 more, so $970. Take that for what you will.
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