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  1. Moving in another direction -- just bought a KBQ C-60. Time to let go of all my BigJoe accessories, including the BigJoetisserie with 2 Napoleon kabob rotisserie racks. One of the kabob racks is BNIB, the other one used only once. Also up for sale is the Big Joe Grill Extender, well seasoned, probably used 20-30 times. And last but not least, a kick ash basket for the BigJoe, only used for a couple months, maybe 10 cooks. BigJoeTisserie with kabob racks: $200 plus shipping ($340 new). BigJoe Grill Extender : $50 plus shipping ($95 new) Kick Ash Basket. $50 plus shipping. ($90 new) Thanks for looking!
  2. zacjones99

    Retrofit KJ hinge

    Great news. I was going to have another go at adjusting my hinges, and replace the gaskets. Now I'll just wait for the retrofit kit to come out. I hope they offer it at a reduced price to KJ owners with the old hinge. My hinge, although still functional in that it opens with a little bit of a grunt and stays open by itself, will allow the kamado top to slam down if not gently closed and ruin a set of gaskets in a heartbeat, not to mention potential catastrophic failure of the ceramic shell.