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  1. I decided to fire up the Akorn Jr. Tonight and make some grilled chicken sandwiches. I originally was going to just grill some chicken rubbed in a beer can chicken rub but then I decided to make sandwiches out of it because I cut it quite thin. I put a lot of coals in the back of the grill and cooked the chicken on semi-indirect heat. The grill got to about 450-550 when closed. I added some 2 year aged white cheddar and then at the very end drizzled some teriyaki sauce with added raw sugar. They turned out really well. I ate 3 small sandwiches and have a few saved for tomorrow.
  2. Same thing here in Eugene. Even manufacturered homes without land are selling ridiculously. I've considered selling mine and asking for $25k after buying it for 8 just a couple years ago. I made it a lot nicer. Unfortunately the rents here are absolutely out of control. A one bedroom I rented for $625 two years ago is now $850. It's insane.
  3. I got it from Fred Meyer which is owned by Kroger. Tillamook Cheese is from a coast town here in Oregon so I'm not sure how far they sell outside of Oregon.
  4. Definitely get San marzano tomatoes. They aren't as acidic or tart as other tomatoes and they make a better pizza/pasta sauce. I had the Weber pizzaque for a while. It took too much charcoal to justify one pizza though and I didn't cook for enough people regularly. That thing got between 900-1100 degrees.
  5. I took this out of a recipe book a friend gave me. It's normally a vegan soup but I substituted almond milk for regular milk and vegetable broth with a chicken and beef broth mix. It is definitely more active cooking than most soups but it really pays off in flavor and texture.
  6. Makes sense. I think I can get this spray online for just a few dollars more.
  7. Pictures worked and I love the cooking space, the food also looks amazing. I really like how the deck is almost the same color as the grill.
  8. Some delicious chicken sausage with Kings Hawaiian buns and home cut fries.
  9. I was actually just checking that out haha. I guess I never scrolled down far enough to notice those.
  10. That's good to hear. Based on all the other grills going on clearance at that Wilco I feel like the vision may be the first to go down. I also really liked all the accessories that one came with.
  11. I have been keeping my eye on stores that carry ceramic kamados grills waiting for clearance prices because I know my Akorn Jr. will not last forever. I know the BGE and Kamado Joe are known for being good quality and good overall products, and I'm hoping one of those will be clearanced out of somewhere soon. The other two brands I've found in town are a Pit Boss grill at Costco for around $600 (https://m.costco.com/Pit-Boss-Ceramic-BBQ-Grill-.product.100295951.html) And this Vision Grill (pictured) at Wilco for $899. I have heard a little bit about Vision on here but never anything about pit boss. Do any of you have experience with these brands?
  12. I was able to use a firestarter on the bottom resting on the charcoal grate. The ones I got produce a very large flame.
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