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  1. That would be a great video. Showing how long it takes to cook between the two and then taste difference.
  2. There are so many different techniques to cooking ribs, I usually wrap them up for the last hour or so in foil and add some sort of sauce or liquid. That helps keeps the moisture in and finishes them off nice. As far as internal temp, I don't normally check that as much as how much resistance I get when I stick the probe in. I keep cooking until the probe slides in easily. Temps are usually up towards 195 or higher. The best way though is to keep trying and keep notes. As for the Titans, hopefully this is just the beginning for them. It was fun seeing them come back from a poor start and seeing Tannehill take advantage of a fresh start.
  3. I was rooting for the losing side on both games, but those ribs look fantastic! I just decided ribs will be my Super Bowl solice!
  4. As a former Akorn owner and current Big Joe user/owner I can say you can't go wrong either way. The Big Joe is more consistent, keeps the temps steadier and has a larger area for cooking which is why I bought it but I loved my Akorn! The Akorn was cheap and if taken care of will last for a long time. You will have to pay closer attention to the temps than with a ceramic kamado grill, but it is still a great kamado. Like said earlier by others ,if your budget accepts a ceramic grill, I would say go with one that provides the most accessories included for the grill and a lifetime warranty. If you are just looking to break into Kamado and want to keep it cheap, Akorn is the way to go and you won't be disappointed.
  5. That is awesome! I love the creativity of this forum. As far as the BBQ sauce choices, make them both and run your own poll on which is better.
  6. I have had the same response from KJ. Fortunately for me I have been able to cook with mine since the cracks are small and not deep. I have Big Joe II that I bought this past February. I have two cracks in the bottom unit and filed my claim last month. I emailed support three times to get updates before they finally sent me a shipment receipt for my bottom unit plus a complimentary CI half moon reversible griddle. I am glad they threw in the freebie but the lack of communication was terrible. If I didn't keep emailing them I wonder if they would've ever gotten around to sending me anything? With that said, I hope this is just an aberration because I absolutely LOVE my KJ and use it as much as possible. I know there are many factors that cause cracks and even though it's taking a month to get my replacement, I am very happy that they have the lifetime warranty.
  7. I will now be trying the rosemary and thyme like you mentioned. I usually throw in one small chunk of cherry and have been happy with the results, but I can imagine the herbs will be even better!
  8. I usually spray the butt with apple juice before wrapping. Not sure you have to though as the juices collect during the cook and keep it moist.
  9. I was going to ask what other people put on theirs, thanks for sharing I will be doing this next time!
  10. I don't know why I've never thought of doing this before, it's so good and I think we can all relate to the moldy buns.
  11. This is so true. Every time I think I've bombed it, every one seems to love it! All I can think is imagine if I had done it like I wanted.
  12. Decided to grill some burgers for lunch today, but realized I didn't have buns. I did however have some tortillas Deliciousness ensued.
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