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  1. I'll throw another vote for Sweet Baby Ray's. Seems to be a good BBQ that works for most people. My go to when I'm looking for a sweet option for a lot of people.
  2. I just bought one of those spits but hadn't tried it yet. Gonna have to give this a try!
  3. Just wow! That looks amazing and I'm sure you had a blast preparing it. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Looks fantastic! I had planned on smoking one for St Patty's day as well, but slept in instead. Threw it in the MultiPot (Evil twin of the Instant Pot) along with potatoes, onions and carrots. Nothing like a smoked CB brisket, but good all the same.
  5. I went through the same thing with "The Coolest Cooler." Ordered it on Kickstarted and it took over 2 years before I got it. Hang in there... You'll get it eventually
  6. I just bout the Meater unit off Amazon. Love it! From what Amazon says, the meater block is available in June.
  7. Thank you! I kept it at around 325 and it took about 2 hours. I injected it with Italian dressing and rubbed the outside with a Chicken rub from Lawry's that I really like. Not sure that spatchcocking it made much a difference, but it was fun and easier to carve IMO. The meater thermometer was pretty cool too. It connects to your phone and not only lets you know the temps but when to pull the meat and how long to rest.
  8. Enjoying a sunny weekend with my new meater thermometer and a spatchcock chicken. First with both and it was delicious!
  9. Thanks Scott, I will definitely take this into consideration!
  10. What a great post and I can relate as my grilling expertise has followed a similar path as yours. I have not had a gasser in a few years, am preparing to buy a Webber 2 burner for that convenience you just mentioned. Also with my Big Joe I don't always want to spend the time or fuel when I just want a hot dog or hamburger for just me and the wife.
  11. So glad you reminded him to register his grill because it reminded me that I never registered my Big Joe I just purchased!
  12. I just got my first Kamado Joe a few weeks ago, you will not be disappointed!
  13. Those look fantastic, will you continue to use the butcher paper after this?
  14. I too did not realize it was national chili day. Funny that I knew about every one in the world who's feelings got hurt, but not that it was chili day. Need to tweak my news feed. Both of those chilis look delicious btw.
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