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  1. Yeah, this was my first try and I didn't cut the pork large enough. I was only able to get 2 lbs if the 4 lbs of scraps I had on this spit.
  2. I accidentally bought a two pack of bonless pork shoulder from Costco. I have always used bone-in, so this is new to me. As I was preparing the butts trimming sinew, silver skin, hard fat, veins etc, I started also cutting portions of the butts into sections. I now have two 4 lb boneless butts and several large scraps. This has provided me the opportunity to use the vertical spit I bought from Ceramicgrillstore.com a few months ago. I'm excited to say the least. I'll post picture of the meal later this afternoon when I build it get it going. Here are pics of what I ended up with after trimming and then the portions I will smoke overnight for pulled pork tomorrow.
  3. I haven't much experience with brisket but I've smoked more than a few butts over the years. I've cooked it low and slow, hot and fast and usually haven't run into too many problems. I think the main reason for that is that I know my grill. Whether it was my offset smoker, Akorn Kamado or my Big Joe I know it's nuances, strengths and weaknesses. I think you're on the right track figuring out how your Kamado cooks but IMO you may be overthinking this a bit. Smoking is more art than science and like others have pointed out, rather than focusing so much on temperature points, pay attention to the look and feel of the meat. Every couple hours check the internal temps to figure out if you need to rotate the meat becuase it's cooking unevenly and if it looks dry spritz it. My suggestion is to set a baseline for your smoking process. Decide between low and slow or hot and fast. Fill your ash basket with the same amount of charcoal each time. Light the charcoal the same spot(s) each time. Choose which variable you are going to control and then keep testing until you find what works for you. Looks like you are a note-taker already, for me that was important so I could keep track of what I was doing different when I was first getting started. Now I have the process down and when I change something up it doesn't make a huge difference because I have my process down pat and am only changing one variable.
  4. Thank you for the info, I am in the market for a larger dutch oven, the one I currently own is only 3 qt. I own a few lodge CI pans and would prefer enamel for the easy clean-up. During my research I keep coming across the LeCreuset and Staub as the best in that category but the prices are what is holding me back. I'm not sure that I'll be using them often enough to justify $200+. I a search on LeCreuset outlets though and there are two in my area, so I will definitely be making a trip out there to see if I can find a deal like what you described. Thanks for the detailed answer!
  5. Welcome to the forum, you choose the right place to learn how to use your new Kamado. There are so many great posts, how to's and everyone on here will go out of their way to answer questions and provide examples on how to smoke/grill with the best!
  6. Since you brought up LeCreuset, is it really worth the money? Do you notice a difference cooking with it compared to other cast iron pans or dishes?
  7. Well dang, got me blushing! Thank you to both of you.
  8. This looks fantastic! Adding to what @K'man suggested, cedar plank cod is delicious and adds the right amount of smoke to the fish.
  9. For a beautiful mid-week dinner I decided to pick up some cod from the local grocery store and roast some white new potatoes my wife picked up from the farmers market. I set the Big Joe up with a half-moon grate on the lower tier for the fish and then kept the other half at the higher tier for the potatoes. Brought the Big Joe up to 350 and had my stone dish getting to temp before adding the potatoes. Just before I got the the KJ going, I started soaking my cedar plank. On the fish I mixed up a rub that I've used before: 1 tbs chopped parsley 2 tsp olive oil 1 tsp chopped garlic Salt and Pepper (I use a grinder for both of these, so probably a teaspoon or so of each) That was enough for a light coating on 4 small cod filets and in the opinion of those who ate, was the perfect amount. For the potatoes, I cut them in half and seasoned them with: 1/4 c olive oil 3 tbs chopped parsley 1 tbs toasted garlic and onion seasoning Once the grill came to temp, I added the potatoes and let them cook for 20 minutes before adding the cedar plank fish. The final result was fantastic which we paired with a spinach salad and a glass of chardonnay.
  10. Thank you everyone, they were fantastic and yes @keeperovdeflame this is one of the many reasons I love my Big Joe!
  11. Today was just one of those days... Went to the store looking for what I wanted to cook up this weekend and Ribeyes were on sale. Thankfully the butchers were still around so I asked for some thick ### steaks to help bring a smile to my face. I think the butcher was just as happy to prepare the steaks for me as I was watching her cut them up and wrap them. I may have been drooling a bit and giggling like a 12 year old girl, but that's neither here or there. Went with a reverse sear for these babies, setting up the coals on the Big Joe to one side and cooking the steaks indirect to an IT of 130. After I pulled them off, I opened the top hue and let the temps get up to 600 so I could get a nice sear. Sorry for not adding the "money shot" once we cut into those bad boys I was too busy eating to take any pictures.
  12. I've never done anything like this before. Is that liquid just beer along with the brats, peppers and onions?
  13. Great write up and the end product looks fantastic! I've never smoked ribs that quickly, I'll definitely give it a shot next time. Thanks for sharing!
  14. Those looked fantastic! Congrats on the cook and I've done the umbrella improv a time or two as well.
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