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  1. I agree with @grill seeker that going with the 36" from the get go isn't a bad idea. Most of the time I'm cooking for myself or 3 at the most and with the 36" you have more real-estate and the option to use just 1 burner or all 4. This allows you to set aside whatever you've cooked first to the cooler side and keep it warm while you are finishing up the meal. If you have the room on your patio/deck, I'd recommend the 36" over the 22. The tools you mentioned are exactly the minimum of what you'll need. I use two spatulas, a scraper and the water bottle and oil bottle along with a ton of paper towels.
  2. I second that opinion! I have the 36-inch Blackstone and use it at least 4 days a week. It's a great compliment to the Big Joe.
  3. A local butcher had it. He keeps several different types of beef in stock and special cuts that I hadn't heard of before. My wife works nearby and he knows my addiction. Occasionally he'll suggest something different for me to throw on the smoker.
  4. This is a popular steak in Brazil, so if you've ever been to a Brazilian Steakhouse you have most likely tried it on the spit like @LitzerSki showed us. I watch a lot of Guga Foods videos, he cracks me up and cooks some amazing food both on the grill and sous vide.
  5. Sorry for the messing plating, but here they are with the chimichurri sauce
  6. My wife hit up our favorite butcher shop on the way home and picked up a picanha for me. I have watched several Guga Foods videos to appreciate the Queen of all Steaks, but have yet to cook one up. I followed Guga's advice and sliced the picanha up into steaks for a reverse sear on my Big Joe. I started the steaks off on the indirect side of the grill with a deflector plate under them at around 350 F. Once I got them to around 130 internal I pulled them off, let the fire crank up and got a nice sear. I served them with a chimichurri sauce and some corn on the cob. Amaaaazing!! I think this may be my new favorite cut of steak.
  7. I feel your frustrations as I went through the same struggle putting mine together when I first bought it. Now that you are good you can enjoy the cooking again.
  8. Welcome to the forum. I upgraded from an Akorn to the Big Joe 2 earlier this year and no regrets! I was having the issue of the Akorn not being able to hold all that I wanted to cook for some parties and with the BJ2 I don't have the problem. IMO, if you have the extra cash for the larger Big Joe, that's the way to go. As far as the cover, I bought a generic one off Amazon and quickly returned it and went with this https://shop.kamadojoe.com/product/big-joe-heavy-duty-grill-cover/. It fits the grill better and was easier for me to put on take off. Should last you a few years and as it pretty thick and sturdy material.
  9. I've made a smoked mac n cheese topped with bacon and like , @Brick Pig says, ran out almost as soon as I put the bowl down. @Burntweenie, that looks amazing!
  10. That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
  11. That looks fantastic, great job! Thanks for the tip on the coco charcoal too, I've been wondering what the benefit of using that type of charcoal may be besides the high temps they can achieve. I've been looking for something to use to bake with that doesn't give off the charcoal taste as you described, so I'll be ordering some pronto.
  12. Yeah, this was my first try and I didn't cut the pork large enough. I was only able to get 2 lbs if the 4 lbs of scraps I had on this spit.
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