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  1. Great way to end a crappy day. Looks delicious!
  2. That is awesome! I love the creativity of this forum. As far as the BBQ sauce choices, make them both and run your own poll on which is better.
  3. I have had the same response from KJ. Fortunately for me I have been able to cook with mine since the cracks are small and not deep. I have Big Joe II that I bought this past February. I have two cracks in the bottom unit and filed my claim last month. I emailed support three times to get updates before they finally sent me a shipment receipt for my bottom unit plus a complimentary CI half moon reversible griddle. I am glad they threw in the freebie but the lack of communication was terrible. If I didn't keep emailing them I wonder if they would've ever gotten around to sending me anything? With that said, I hope this is just an aberration because I absolutely LOVE my KJ and use it as much as possible. I know there are many factors that cause cracks and even though it's taking a month to get my replacement, I am very happy that they have the lifetime warranty.
  4. I will now be trying the rosemary and thyme like you mentioned. I usually throw in one small chunk of cherry and have been happy with the results, but I can imagine the herbs will be even better!
  5. I usually spray the butt with apple juice before wrapping. Not sure you have to though as the juices collect during the cook and keep it moist.
  6. I was going to ask what other people put on theirs, thanks for sharing I will be doing this next time!
  7. I don't know why I've never thought of doing this before, it's so good and I think we can all relate to the moldy buns.
  8. This is so true. Every time I think I've bombed it, every one seems to love it! All I can think is imagine if I had done it like I wanted.
  9. Decided to grill some burgers for lunch today, but realized I didn't have buns. I did however have some tortillas Deliciousness ensued.
  10. Welcome to the forum and the addiction! Homemade smoked bacon is amazing and don't worry, nobody will get sick of you handing it out, instead you'll get overwhelmed with orders!
  11. Looks great and you'll find that you did make the right choice going Kamado over pellet. They are so much more versatile than just being a smoker.
  12. An hour is about right. Once it's been stable for 20 minutes or so, you shouldn't have to adjust it much after that.
  13. When you say dampers, are you adjusting both the bottom and top? Once you get to around 180, I'd set the bottom to around 2-2.5 and then from there just adjust the top. You should be able to get control of your Akorn from there. As far as the temp fluctuation from opening the lid, it may be because you don't have a tight seal with the Akorn. I found the ash tray wouldn't always be snug for me when I owned one and had similar problems but after owning it for a while I was able to find the comfort zones.
  14. I just worked with them over email to replace a cracked bottom unit. It was a pleasant experience for me. I have had the Big Joe 2 since Feb and there are two small cracks in the bottom unit. I submitted my warranty claim with pictures and I had a response the next day. A replacement is on it's way and should be here in a few weeks.
  15. There are so many types of wood out there I don't think it will make too much of a flavor difference by substituting with what's available for you regionally. I'm guessing the recipe you are referencing is not cooking on a Kamado but probably a stick burner. That would be my guess as to why 4 lbs of wood is recommended. Just like the others have said, not only would that be too strong of smoke, but wood burns at a different rate as charcoal so I would think it would be more difficult controlling the low and slow temps.
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