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  1. I agree with @Golf Griller, first cook you probably needed to wait a bit longer to put the food on the grill. Sounds like you corrected yourself in the second cook. Burgers dripping over the coals is gonna happen and shouldn't produce a ton of smoke. Keep cooking and you'll find that sweet spot of when to put the food on.
  2. While I don't have a scientific answer to justify sometimes it just happens that way. Cook time is really an estimate, if the internal temp is right and you have the probe feel you want, pull it then. I've had cooks go quickly like yours and others drag on for hours after I thought it should. Doesn't sound like you didn't anything wrong other than not pull the brisket when you first thought it was done.
  3. buckleybj

    Hi all

    Welcome! As you will see this forum is a fantastic resource for tips and recipes. What type of kamado do you have?
  4. Dang government trying to force their will on us all. Same law in TN.
  5. I have this the blue carbon steel pan from made in. https://madeincookware.com/products/blue-carbon-steel-frying-pan?variant=32118575988815 My first and only Carbon steel and I absolutely love it! It's my wife's go to pan for searing and browning as well.
  6. That is awesome! Looks tasty and like @KismetKamado said, love the fact that you made a dessert in the kamado. My favorite thing about this forum is that it isn't primarily ribs and brisket that are on display.
  7. Broke my heart a little when you said you got rid of the Big Joe. Lol Though I felt better you at least have a Jr for your kamado needs. I've been eyeing the PK360 for some time now and I think it's my next purchase. The meals look fantastic!
  8. How about throwing that sucker on a cedar plank?
  9. I have been seeing whole fish at Costco for some time now so I decided to give it a go. I bought some snapper for diner last night and was blown away by the results. I watched Mr. Setzler's video on grilling a whole fish as a guide along with some recipes I found on the interwebs. 2 snappers gutted and cleaned (got mine from Costco as I said previously) Cut crosshatch slits on both sides of the fish (next time I will just do horizontal slits for easier removal of skin) Seasoned with garlic rosemary seasoning Salted with a few pinches of kosher salt
  10. Looks like you are off to a great start! They all look delicious and fun to cook!
  11. I have the Big Joe and like @&roid said, if you have the money and the patio space, won't hurt to go bigger. I am often just cooking for three and use the divider that comes with the BJ to set up split zone and only use one half of the grill for a quick light. This is great for just the three of us and the extra space is handy when we host parties, smoke bacon, and allows you to cook an entire meal all inside the joe at one time. It's definitely a luxury and the classic will work fine, but if you go bigger you won't ever complain about not having enough real estate.
  12. Welcome to the forum! Be sure to share a pic of the ribs once their done. You're going to love your Joe along with this forum. Great people with great ideas and advice for all things BBQ and cooking.
  13. Wow, that looks fantastic and I bet it was even better once that snow hit.
  14. I know the griddle has been mentioned already a few times, but my blackstone has been a great sidekick to my Big Joe. It's versatile, heats up a bit quicker since it's a gasser and allows for me to prepare my sides outside while the Joe is doing the heavy work.
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