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  1. mdgosch

    First cook

    First cook on the Big Joe, delicious!
  2. mdgosch

    2017 KJ Classic in the wild!

    I thought these were not coming out till later in 2017, but stumbled across this at the new Cabela's in Gainesville, VA.
  3. mdgosch

    Big Joe II

    UPDATE!!! This is regarding the Woodbridge Roadshow. Went down to the Costco in Woodbridge VA today at lunch to take a look at what they got. First off the KJ rep, David, is AWESOME! He went through all the features with me along with showing the differences between the smaller ones and the Big Joe II (the new 2017 model). Unfortunately there were sold out but David was expecting a shipment of 6 Big Joes to come in either tonight or tomorrow. He said four of the 6 were taken and then one of the 6 may have been damaged. I told him I was extremely interested and would be willing to money down on getting one of those 6 coming in, he said no worries just give me your name and number and I will let you know when they are here. I head out to the parking lot to leave and David calls and said "the truck just came in I called you first since I knew you would still be in the area. Come on in and we will get you squared away." For everyone wondering about price...the cost for the Big Joe II AT THIS ROADSHOW is $1399 HOWEVER at future ones Dave said it will be increased to $1499. Apparently the 1399 price was goof up but because the roadshow started they couldn't change it mid stream. He also said retail for the new models are $2200. Here is my new Kamado Big Joe II all set up...this weekend can't come quick enough!!!
  4. mdgosch

    Big Joe II

    Hello everyone! Looking to jump into the Kamado cooking world by purchasing a Big Joe II @ Costco roadshow. Anyone know if they have the Big Joe II in stock at the Woodbridge Roadshow going on right now? Would like to know before driving an hour to get there.