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  1. face5535

    Sous Vide Chuck Roast!

    Decided to do a Sous Vide Chuck Roast! I had the wife grab one on sale last week.. Did this one at 133 for 60 hours... As always, Naked (no seasoning in the bag). The next one I will do is going to be 131 for 72hr)! Took it out, drained the juice into a small pot and brought it to a boil. I then strained then boiled juice through a coffee filter and seasoned with salt and pepper. For the meat, I torched it, then sprinkled with a homemade rub I like to use on Prime Rib Rub Recipe: 2 tablespoon fennel seed 2 tablespoon whole coriander seed 3 tablespoon granulated garlic 1/2 tablespoon minced fresh garlic 1 tablespoon caraway seed 1 tablespoon black peppercorns 2 tablespoon coarse sea salt Note, you don't need to go crazy with the rub. I then finished the protein in the broiler at 400 for 10 mins! Pretty damn good!
  2. face5535

    Eye of Round

    Been trying to cook on a pretty tight budget lately... Had the idea of doing an Eye of Round over the last week or two. I figured for $12 bucks, what the hell! Had the wife grab one from the local grocery store and bagged it! Drained the juices, boiled them, strained through a coffee filter... then added a little ghee, salt and pepper.SV-131/38 Naked.Once cooked Season with:SaltPepperGarlic PowderOnce seasoned, torch it, and baste with ghee and additional seasoningMy wife has been doing this "Whole 30" thing for the last month, so I have to keep it to stuff she can eat... No flours, sugars, etc... Its pretty cool to know I can still cook and make it work for her meal plan! I served a very tender, juicy, and extremely tasty piece of meat. Fantastic!!
  3. face5535

    Venison Shoulder Sous-B-Q!

    I would highly recommend doing this with any of the "roast" parts of venison! Most folks I know just make it ground for burgers or make pepperoncini in the slow cooker. Although that stuff is good, this is a fantastic way to cook it as well!
  4. So a few days ago I decided to sous-b-q bone-in Venison shoulder. I went ahead and got my set up going at 134! Seeing that I wanted the meat medium rare, yet to full pasteurize, the plan was a 72 cook hours! I went ahead and sealed the shoulder, naked... YES, nothing on the meat or in the bag. After 74 hours, I dried, seasoned the meat, and threw on my Kamado at 200 with some cherry wood for about 20 mins. Once 20 mins passed, I cranked it up to about 600 for 10 more mins to finish the outside crust, and pulled it! I wrapped it and let it sit for a about 30 mins I finished up veggies and poured some drinks for friends. I am not a big "plated" pic guy... so here is the whole shoulder when I pulled it, and what was left after we all ate:) The majority of peeps I had over were all game hunters who regularly eat venison. Every one of them said it was hands down the most tender, juiciest, flavorful venison they had ever had. They were literally in shock at how tender this was... able to cut with a butter knife!
  5. face5535

    Random Sous Vide Question...

    I use a sealer, not ziplock... Its literally totally compressed with as little air in the bag as possible. In saying that, I left it alone... The cook came out amazing! Ill be posting a separate thread shortly!
  6. face5535

    Random Sous Vide Question...

    Thanks @John Setzler... I’ll leave it as is and see how it comes out:)
  7. face5535

    Random Sous Vide Question...

    I don’t have any specific reason... The reason I ask though, is because with air, the bag obviously gets “blown up”... that causes the water around the bag to now not touching the meat... it’s also sitting in juices (not a bad thing), For me, there is a reason we originally vacuum seal or take all air out. Just was curious on this is all!
  8. Whats up guys, lately (winter) Sous Vide has became my favorite way to cook. I have to tell you, I have gotten pretty damn good at it as well. Learned a lot about times and temp... etc... Recently I have done some really long cooks. 24 hr Prime Rib... and some Venison. My question revolves around these long "roast" cooks. Typically when I am cooking 24hr+, I see a lot of juices in the bag. This also causes air into the bag as well... The more juice the more air. Whats the thoughts on this... leave the bag the way it is with the meat in the juice, or remove all air, all juice and reseal? Looking forward to thoughts and opinions. Also, looking for reason for your preference.
  9. face5535

    Prime Rib Video

    I think I am going to attempt something similar to this in a few days! Ill post a separate thread on this after the cook:) Thanks for sharing
  10. Sorry for the late post. I injected mine with some butter and some of the rub... cut my root veggies and simply laid the bird right over them. I did use heat deflectors (so indirect) on the Big Joe... I think I cooked it at 375-400 for a few hours-I pay way less attention to time, way more attention to internal temp:) Cheers!
  11. Every year we have about 50 over for thanksgiving... Every year guests bring dishes that are average at best. This year, I cooked multiple birds (one in the oven, one on my Joe). I smoked a ham, did some Lamb chops, and even did some reverse sear steaks. Family still did the sides but it was a great time and everyone raved about the food! Cheers!!! Specifically on my Turkey... I used a Cattleman's Grill Ranchero seasoning along with a combination of John Setzlers Kamado Turkeys and "AllthingsBBQ" Turkey and Root Roast. I would 100% recommend a root roast with your birds as it turned out amazing! Here are some pics:)
  12. face5535

    Venison help

    What's up guys! I have a bunch of venison to cook today. I have a ham and neck that needs to be done. Can anyone give me some recommendations on cooking this on myJoe?! Something suoer simple! Time, Temp, and IT temp doneness! Thanks, Bc
  13. face5535

    Paella on KJC

    damn! can you post the recipe and details? i would love to give this a go!
  14. face5535

    Sous Vide Que... Steaks Question

    Make the steak!!! Wow:) I wish I took pics. Amazing results on this. i would have to say, next time I will probably use a lighter wood.. I used hickory and in the filet, it got just a little bit over smoked... the top sirloin was perfect though. Probably the size and thickness had a lot to do with it. also need to make sure "white smoke" is gone, and blue smoke is there... either way, guests are it up!!!