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  1. I’ll get both to see if there is a difference from the one at Lowe’s expect they charge for shipping and don’t deliver this for free there’s a smaller one I’ll get it too for camping a 13” for $274 on the site 13” Kamado $274 Free Shipping
  2. I don’t know about you but I love a good seared steak with just salt and pepper for seasoning as long as the steak has just the right amount of marble.
  3. 18” Kamado Grill $700 Free Shipping I’m going to get one And I’ll let you know how it is
  4. Grilled Lobster, steak, and asparagus Asparagus on the grill for 15 min 400f then streak to 150* 2 lobster tales for 9 min
  5. Carnitas today on the Jr. Bought a 3.6 pork shoulder and marinated it in orange juice and garlic powder for 24 hrs. Dryed it off and put a salt and pepper, red pepper, cumin, Italian seasoning, and top it off with brisket rub. I set up my grill for smoke indirect and at 250 smoked for 2 hrs pork at 140f. I then took it off the grill and placed in a pan and poured the remaining orange marinade in the pan and wrapped it up and on the grill @ 300 cooked to 200f. It took another 2.5 hrs. It is tender and smells great. And OMG it's delicious.
  6. Thanks for all the advice. I did put it on cold, not room temp, so next time I will use the suggested rubs and get a bigger one now I'm not scared of ruining it. What size is the largest Brisket that will fit in an Akorn Jr ? I bought a pork shoulder and am going to try that this week. I bought a stone to set up the smoke mode.
  7. My first Brisket ever and its on the Jr. I bought a 2lb Brisket from HEB. Used dry l made from salt and pepper(should it be course or fine) . Filled with lump coal and put a squat pizza stone on the top of the coals. Regulated to 250 and put on the brisket. Put the digital meat thermometer and put it on the grill. It cooked for 3 hrs with no stall at all to 200. It has very little bark but was delicious. But no smoke ring. Ok what did I do wrong..... it was very good
  8. Thanks! Broke her in with some Snacks for the night jalapeño garlic chicken wrapped in bacon with some Jam Jar Wine
  9. Decided I didn't want to bend to cook. Took off to lowes and bought $150 worth of cedar wood and screws. Got the basics from the web and changed the design just a bit to fit my patio. I've never built a table and will never do it again. But 5 hrs later.
  10. Thanks for the welcomes. grilled pork chops. Dry brine with black pepper and beef flavor broth, a lot of Worcestershire. They looked so good and I was so excited I forgot to take pics ... may have been the drink my wife made for me
  11. First day at the Akorn!!! New to this but it looks like a great adventure!! Starting by seasoning this thing at 400 for an hour and we will go from here!! Got the Akorn at Walmart price marked at 125 and that's what they sold it to me at. Already want to lift this thing up higher, I saw the DO it yourself legs and I think that would be great if I can keep my jack from jumping on it! Wish me luck Bobby
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