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  1. Those look like pretty bad surface defects. That griddle should never have left the KJ factory. It reminded me of our trip to Tenn. last fall. We were in the Lodge Factory Outlet store purchasing a few items and looked into a bin of cast iron griddles which were marked as "seconds". We had to ask one of the clerks why the product were "seconds" and she showed us a few that had one or two very minor divots in the surface no larger than a spec of fine grained sand. If you didn't know what you were looking for you would never notice it. The clerk also mentioned that Lodge gives the same warranty to its "seconds" as it does to all its other CI. Nice to know.
  2. K_sqrd

    Low and slow with blue smoke

    I'd be REAL leery about taking a Kamado to a high temp (400 deg. F) and then putting a ceramic deflector in it. Cracking / breaking of the deflector due to thermal shock is a definite possibility. I agree and do the same as BrianAZ does and it works fine. It's hard to bring the temp down in a Kamado once it's over temp for a period of time.
  3. I had a chance to see this grill first hand at the Klose factory this past October. I was told that the Faucets dispense Jack Daniels NICE! I own a back yard smoker and a Santa Maria / Santa Fe style grill, both from Klose and they are great adjuncts to the Kamados. I do enjoy stoking the fire and set a day aside for low and slow cooks with the offset. Hey - If Fire and Danger is involved - Men will cook. Alcohol may also be included - Hold my beer and watch this - LOL!!! I think that using the right tool for the job is good advice. For me, low and slow works great on the offset, oven and grill cooks work fine on the Kamado and the Sanaa Fe / Santa Maria grill is starting to become a Go-To for some cooks. This is kind of like pellet grills are becoming additions to some Kamado cookers. Bottom line for me is - What ever works for you and gives you the results you enjoy, savor, tastes best, etc. - use it. Keep it fun and creative. Enjoy! BTW Dave Klose makes some really nice pits and well known in BBQ circuits. https://bbqpits.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/bling_bling.pdf
  4. K_sqrd

    Vacuum Sealers

    Our original Food Saver from Costco bit the dust after 10+ years of use. I think it was a 550. We replaced it with another from Costco - an FM2100 - about a year ago and it does a fine job. The heater / sealing bar is wider than the earlier model and it seems to take a little longer to seal things. Another plus is that it stores a roll of bag material internally and has a cutting bar and blade while the earlier model did not. Price was around $100.
  5. K_sqrd

    Discada on the Rectec Matador

    Looks Great! Looks like the perfect set up for a Paella. Pretty versatile cooker.
  6. K_sqrd

    Closing out 2018 on a High note

    Not a beer drinker but I'll raise a glass of Woodford Reserve to you and wish you and all the Kamado folks here a Happy and Healthy New Year.
  7. K_sqrd

    A Beautiful Rendition Of Auld Lang Syne

    Search YT and copy the link in your address bar up top... Paste here. Very Nice! Happy and Healthy New Year to all the Kamado folks.
  8. K_sqrd

    Primo XL400 vrs Pellet grill

    I've had a similar issue when doing a PR on the Kamado except in my case the center of the roast was about 15 - 20 degrees cooler than the ends. Since it was a whole, boneless roast at about 18#, the ends of the roast were close to the wall of the Kamado which, I think, contributed to faster cooking of the ends. In your case it might have been that one end was a bit smaller than the other and cooked faster - don't know. Great looking roasts - nicely done!
  9. K_sqrd

    Boston Butt Cook Time

    Yes, it will change - two 7# butts should take about 9 - 10+ hours depending on pit temp. vs one 14# butt.
  10. I'm a long time stick burner and Kamado user also, and I've never been able to get the same level of smoke or smoke profile from the Kamados that I do from my stick burner. I now follow the thought that you use the right tool for the job. In my case that means just about all low and slow cooks are done on the stick burner, usually burning Pecan wood, and the Kamados are mostly used as outdoor ovens and grills for higher temp cooks without any added wood - just charcoal. Works for me.
  11. I recently scored 18# Prime brisket at Costco for a good price. After trimming some of the fat off the final weight was probably 15#'s. I Q'ed it on an off set smoker burning Pecan wood. I expected it to take at least 15 hours at 250 deg. F. if not longer. After a few hours, the brisket temp was moving right through the 150's and 160's and hitting 170. At that point I put it in pan, covered it with aluminum foil and added a little apple juice. It continued to cook and hit 204 deg. at the 10 hour mark. It was like probing soft butter and thoroughly done. 10 hours! Go figure. It was the best brisket that we ever had and I've done quite a few over the years. Previous brisket cooks took a lot longer. As for your questions... 1) You put the brisket in an oven that was almost 100 deg. lower than that of the Joe, I'd expect to see some drop. It also depends on how long you had it off the Joe and in the oven. You could have wrapped it in foil and put it back on the Joe till it was done regardless of the Joe's temp. You can always wrap the meat in foil, then wrap in towels and place in a cooler to hold and rest. The meat will stay hot for quite a few hours till time to serve. 2) I'd say no big deal. 3) See my commentary above - Don't know. Seems like each cook is different. 4) Probably so. Kamados tend to retain moisture so you may not have had to wrap at all. There are no hard and fast rules for foiling. It's usually done at around the stall temp which is a bit of moving target. 5) Wrapping with foil helps to capture moisture, preventing the meat from drying out. It also helps to cook the meat a bit faster - Think "Braising". Using foil, paper or nothing is your call, whatever works best for you. I've Q'ed meat to the stall point on my offset to get the smoke profile I like then wrapped and put it on a Kamado at a higher temp to finish the cook in a shorter time. Works just fine. I've also done them with out wrapping and going the long haul and they turned out fine too. As for chasing temps on your cooker - Keep in mind that just about all the meats that you cook on it can be done over a wide temperature range. A butt or brisket can be done from 225 to over 300 deg. with little to no difference in taste. So if your Joe temp drifts over time, it's no big deal. In my cook described above, the pit temp varied +/- 25 deg. as new wood was added and burned down. Just some of my thoughts. Hope your brisket turned out great.
  12. Last month I grilled a 22# (10 Kg) spatchcocked turkey, direct on a Santa Maria style grill using Mesquite lump charcoal. Temperature of ~350 Deg F. was controlled by raising / lowering the meat grate. Seasoning was a mix of mayonnaise, chili spices, salt and pepper. It was than spread under the skin and on top of it. The bird turned out moist and tasty. The only problem I had was removing the back bone when spatchcocking and I had to break out the meat saw to finish the job. LOL! Good luck with your turkey. I think you will like the results.
  13. K_sqrd

    Rib roast

    Delicious looking roast. However, Lowe's in our neighborhood is a big box competitor of Home Depot. I might have to visit Lowe's again to see what they offer. LOL! Great Cook - enjoy!
  14. I posted this in John’s “Prime Rib Cook” but thought it got lost so posting here. If this is the wrong forum, please move. Thanks. Several Q’ers will be doing Prime or Standing Rib Roasts for Christmas, including me. I ran across these articles on the Thermoworks site and found them interesting and informative. I thought others may also find the info of use. https://blog.thermoworks.com/beef/rib-roast/ https://blog.thermoworks.com/beef/science-of-perfect-prime-rib-roast/
  15. K_sqrd

    Prime Rib

    Several Q’ers will be doing Prime or Standing Rib Roasts for Christmas, including me. I ran across these articles on the Thermoworks site and found them interesting and informative. I thought others may also find the info of use. https://blog.thermoworks.com/beef/rib-roast/ https://blog.thermoworks.com/beef/science-of-perfect-prime-rib-roast/