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  1. Our local Ace Hardware has the 575 for $799.99 also. They have the 885 for $1,399.99 and they provide free assembly & delivery too. They are also a BGE dealer.
  2. As mentioned, indirect - use a heat deflector - through the entire cook. Spraying is optional and I would put a little beef broth in with the meat when you foil it. The only thing which I see as "way off" is me - about 2,000 miles. LOL! Sounds delicious. Enjoy!
  3. Just curious what the labeling on a container of the minced garlic states as to ingredients. I wonder if there are some preservatives included. I'll have to check next time I go shopping. Several years ago my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to put some garlic cloves and herbs in a cruet along with olive oil to produce a flavored oil. It was thought that after a couple of days the oil would be infused. BIG MISTAKE! Before using any of it we noticed bubbles rising in the oil and wisely decided against any consumption. A little research indicated the follies and dangers of our ways so we dumped the contents and learned a valuable lesson. Don't do that. keeperovdeflame mentioned the Queen Creek Olive Mill and I concur that they have some excellent oils. We had a chance to go through their processing area when they first started out years ago. Their business has really grown over the years. In addition to the Meyer Lemon mentioned above, we have also used their Mexican Lime, Blood Orange and Chili olive oils. Great stuff and they do it right.
  4. Can't help you on the time since I cook by temp. However, if you finish early you can wrap the roast in foil and towels then put it in a cooler to hold till time to carve. If running a bit late, pour another glass of wine or martini for your guests. Works for us.
  5. Just a thought but how accurate is your thermometer? By the looks of your picture I'd guess that you should be higher than 300 deg. You might want to double check it.
  6. Might check with the Forum Owner
  7. Pig Fat / Lard. Missed that -thanks for the correction. Guess when I saw Lard I assumed beef. Gotta clean my glasses. LOL!
  8. Glad it turned out good for you. Was there any beef flavor to the bird? Thanks for posting the results - great looking turkey!
  9. I've seen where large pieces of beef were "larded" in order to prevent a potentially dry roast. "Larding" is the process of poking a hole in the meat and inserting fat into it. Never saw or thought about doing it with poultry. I wonder if the flavor will be affected. Let us know how it turns out. A little more info on larding in the link. https://www.thespruceeats.com/what-is-larding-995738
  10. Probably homage to Corn Bread? Just a guess. Lodge still makes these in two different sizes. https://shop.lodgemfg.com/prodcat/bakeware.asp
  11. Found this video on Youtube wrt. restoring cast iron. I've used products similar to CLR as well as a vinegar bath and both methods seem to work - that and a lot of elbow grease, Scoch Brite, steel wool, etc. LOL! I do have a Wagner CI skillet that I inherited from my folks. I think it may have been a wedding present for them back in the 1920's. We still use it today. From what I could find online, CI from those days was thinner and lighter, which this pan is. Lots of good memories and great meals from this pan. Used it this this AM to fry bacon.
  12. Lodge must have dropped production of it but it is back now.. https://shop.lodgemfg.com/product/fish-pan.asp We purchased one several years ago from the Lodge Factory Outlet store in Tenn. It's only been used a few times since you need a fairly large heat source. The burners on a double LP camp stove are a little too far apart and a single burner doesn't cover enough area. It would probably work on a Kamado with a ~25" grate. It is heavy but works great for frying fish and tater pancakes. Yum! We also have the cornbread divided pan and have used it maybe once. Agree with lunchman and his wife on it's use. We do have the Corn Ear and Cactus pans. Not sure we ever used them. LOL! Nice job on the restoration John. I'll bet you get a lot of use out of it.
  13. The units that RJ made were specifically sized for his Kamado's. The base ring sat on a lip on the inner edge of the Kamado where the main grate usually sat. Height might also be an issue since RJ's Kamado's had a fairly high dome - more so than most available today. For reference, the K5 had a 18" main grate, the K7 a 22.5" main grate and the K9 a 25" grate. Might be something that KickAsh Basket would want to add as an accessory to their product line. Just Sayin'.
  14. Richard Johnson had something similar for his Kamado's... http://kamadocompany.com/product/stainless-steel-meat-hanger/ Kamado Rocket bought out RJ's business and may have a unit like the above available. Their site seems to have some errors when looking for accessories - could be just me though. http://www.kamadorocket.com/
  15. Interesting question. I guess I never thought about it. I've cured salmon and trout using Kosher salt, some sort of sugar, spices and then either hot or cold smoked the fish. Here are two Wiki articles on curing and salting fish: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cured_fish https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Salted_fish Salt kills off micro organisms if used in proper quantities. Wood smoke introduces nitrates and nitrites to the surface of the fish, further protecting it from nasty micro critters. Nitrates and nitrites from wood smoke are what cause the smoke ring in meats. It seems that Prague powder is used in commercial, large scale fish processing and canning operations. Personally, my experience is that the few fish I cure and smoke are usually consumed in a few days or less. So chances of the fish going bad are nil. One more thought - sugar also acts as a curing agent which helps the curing process and adds flavor. Not sure I answered your question but I think you will be safe if you follow a known good recipe. There are some threads on this subject on this forum from members who have done this and are still here to post about it. Thanks for asking. It caused me to do a little research and learn a bit.
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