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  1. Am I a bad person?

    One "Our Father" and three "Hail Marys" and promise never to go to a 5 year old's Birthday Party again. LOL! We had some friends who raised a cow and named it Meatloaf with the intent of slaughtering it and loading up their freezer.
  2. Komodo kamado

    Actually. that's a K9 produced by R.J. You can tell by the stated weight of 850# and the lower and upper sections don't flair at the bands. The grate diameter is 25" and when it states that it is a brick oven, it's no lie - lot's of capacity.
  3. Butchering Half Of A Steer

    Here's an informative video on how to butcher a steer and where the various cuts of meat come from.
  4. Pyrex on a cooking stone?

    I use a small cooling rack to support the meatloaf above the drippings in a pan. The racks come in all sizes and allow plenty of air flow beneath the loaf. I spray the rack liberally with PAM so the loaf won't stick.
  5. Arteflame Grills

    I've seen one of these used by Steve Raichlen on his "Project Smoke" show. https://barbecuebible.com/2017/07/25/smokers-grills-project-smoke-3/ Scroll down a bit.
  6. Flies?

    You could try this solution also... https://bugasalt.com/ Might be fun!
  7. "everything's bigger in Texas"

    It's nice to know that you can now carry the right tool for field dressing one of those Long Horn steers for an impromptu BBQ. LOL!
  8. Heat diffuser for my Akorn Jr.

    Rex: I think you are correct in that the thicker, ceramic heat deflectors help the stabilize the temperature and help to minimize temperature spikes. The thinner metal pan may deflect the direct heat but also can act like a griddle and sear the meat on the underside. If a pie pan is used it could be filled with water or, as some of the Weber Smokey Mountain users do, put sand in the pan and cover the sand with aluminum foil to catch the drippings. Either one will provide more thermal mass than the pan alone. JMO.
  9. Spatchcockin' & Smokin'

    Saltair: We've done Butterballs for the last couple of years and don't brine because they are already injected with a solution. My wife makes a softened compound butter with herbs and spices then loosens the skin and rubs the mixture between the skin and the meat. It works really well. Last Thanksgiving we did a spatchcocked 22# Butterball on the Santa Maria grill this way and it turned out very moist and flavorful. The backbone that was cut out of the bird was put in a pot with the other 'innards' and made into a stock to be used for gravy. Happy Q'ing. TshOck: Nice looking bird and a great idea to put it in the skillet with the veggies. I'l bet it tasted great. Nice job!
  10. Paella on the Kamado

    Here is one reference to some recipes... https://www.paellapans.com/Recipes-a/132.htm And another here... https://www.tienda.com/recipes/popular-paellas.html Enjoy!
  11. I've seen references to using mayo for a rub binder as far back as the early 2000's. Some of the competition Q folks have been using it on chicken in particular for years. I've used it on chicken and fish with good results. Looks like mayo has been rediscovered. LOL!
  12. Any Guru Get the ThermaPen?

    I've been on their mailing list for quite a few years and have purchased 7 of their Thermapens - 5 for gifts and 2 for me but never won anything nor know anyone who has. I know that lots of folks other than the Kamado community use their products.
  13. Optional Profile Info

    AHAA!! Got it! Sometimes I'm a little slow. LOL! Thanks, Prowe.
  14. Optional Profile Info

    Thanks, John! I'm seeing 2 identical drop down boxes w/ menu choices. Looks like your change got duplicated.
  15. Here's a suggestion for completing a poster's optional profile information. In the pull-down menu for the type of Grill a user has, why not add an "Other Kamado" option. There already exists a sub forum for that category and there are many users, like me, who have RJ's Kamados or Imperial, Viking, etc. It would give forum members a little more info about what type of Kamado a person uses. Just a thought.