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  1. I've experienced this issue from time to time and I mainly use mesquite lump charcoal. Just about all of my cooks are in the 300 - 375/400 degree range and I don't cook low & slow on my K's. I've noticed that whatever it is coats the inner surface of the K and the undersides of grates and deflectors. I've not noticed any of it getting on the food. I did some searching on the net and found others have encountered this also but no one seems to know what causes it. I kind of thought it was something in the particular bag of lump but really don't know.
  2. Personally, I don't use any add-on controllers or even remote thermometers. I like things simple but that's just me. Here are a few thoughts though... For starters, the Kamado is about as close to a "Set It & Forget It" cooker that you can get without being hooked up to some external utility - electricity, gas, etc. As an example I've had my K5 hold 225 degrees F for 27 hours on a charcoal basket full of blue bag Kingsford. I only had to make two or three minor tweaks to the vents during that time. My K9 Kamado will hold 325 to 350 for hours while I cook a 23# turkey followed by a pan of veggies and then some rolls. Kamados hold temperature very well over a long period of time without needing much, if any adjustment of the vents. Another factor is that most foods cooked on a Kamado can be done over a fairly wide temperature range. For example, butts can be done anywhere between 225 and 325 or so degrees F with no problem. The same for briskets, ribs, and a lot of other foods. The point is that if your temperature varies a bit over the entire cook, it really won't make much difference in the final product. I also use the dome thermometer rather than any external monitor of grate temps. This has proven to be a good, reliable method for me over the years of keeping track of my cooking temperature. Note - Just make sure that the thermometer in the dome is accurate. If I were to get a remote temperature monitor, the Smoke would be my first choice as I have had good luck with several of Thermoworks products. Many other folks use a grate temp monitor with excellent results. My advice is to pick one method - dome temp or external grate temp and stick with its use for consistency. All that being said, a lot of BBQ enthusiasts use and swear by add-on controllers. There are the fun and cool factors of seeing real time data on your smart phone. If you like to see what is going on at all times with your cook and also have "Nth Degree" control, then go for it. You would also have a history of a cook that you could save for future reference. The bottom line is that a Kamado owner needs to know his cooker and its quirks or personality to be able get the best results from it whichever method you use. As for a decision on which way to go, it's your hobby, passion and your check book. Just my thoughts. BTW, Welcome to the forum and whatever your decision is, I'm sure you will enjoy using your Kamado and the food cooked on it. Cooking on it can become addictive. LOL!
  3. Go-to Turkey Day sides?

    Our outdoor cookers get used year round including holidays. So for this holiday meal I'm doing a 23+# turkey on the Kamado K9, two ducks on the Kamado K5, a spatchcocked 23+# turkey and a large pan of stuffing on the Santa Maria grill. When the K9 turkey is done and resting, a pan of veggies will be put on the grill followed by a pan of rolls to be heated. The little K1 will probably get the day off. LOL! We don't stuff the turkeys because by the time the stuffing is thoroughly cooked the bird is over done. However, we do put a few slices of orange and sprigs of fresh rosemary in the cavity to add moisture and flavor. My wife always bakes some Pecan pies and adds a couple of shots of Jim Beam's Red Stag to them for a little kick. She is also making the cranberry sauce and went along with my suggestion to add a Jalapeno in it. Other family members are bringing sides, munchies and more desserts. Can't wait. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving day and your cooking efforts are successful and tasty.
  4. Roccbox Pizza Oven

    Ran across a reference to this in a local magazine and thought it might be of interest to the pizza oven enthusiasts. https://www.roccbox.com/us/product/
  5. DIY Brick Pizza Oven

    That was really interesting and a lot of work. It sure turned out nice. I could see cooking all kinds of thing in that. Thanks for posting.
  6. Hope this is the right forum... I found this on the Thermoworks site and thought it might be of interest to folks using pizza ovens and brick ovens. http://blog.thermoworks.com/2016/08/pizza-ovens-thermal-powerhouses/?utm_source=Nl-2017Oct25&utm_medium=email&utm_term=SmokedTurkeyPost&utm_content=inbox&utm_campaign=Oct2017-IR-IND-Flash-Sale-Af-cs
  7. Kamado Joe Chicken Under a Brick

    Tasty looking chicken. Nice job. Are you able to close the lid with the skillet you used or do you just leave the dome up? Also, I ran across this suggestion from "Project Smoke" and think it might be worth a try. https://barbecuebible.com/2016/12/06/salt-brick-chicken/
  8. Am I a bad person?

    One "Our Father" and three "Hail Marys" and promise never to go to a 5 year old's Birthday Party again. LOL! We had some friends who raised a cow and named it Meatloaf with the intent of slaughtering it and loading up their freezer.
  9. Komodo kamado

    Actually. that's a K9 produced by R.J. You can tell by the stated weight of 850# and the lower and upper sections don't flair at the bands. The grate diameter is 25" and when it states that it is a brick oven, it's no lie - lot's of capacity.
  10. Butchering Half Of A Steer

    Here's an informative video on how to butcher a steer and where the various cuts of meat come from.
  11. Pyrex on a cooking stone?

    I use a small cooling rack to support the meatloaf above the drippings in a pan. The racks come in all sizes and allow plenty of air flow beneath the loaf. I spray the rack liberally with PAM so the loaf won't stick.
  12. Arteflame Grills

    I've seen one of these used by Steve Raichlen on his "Project Smoke" show. https://barbecuebible.com/2017/07/25/smokers-grills-project-smoke-3/ Scroll down a bit.
  13. Flies?

    You could try this solution also... https://bugasalt.com/ Might be fun!
  14. "everything's bigger in Texas"

    It's nice to know that you can now carry the right tool for field dressing one of those Long Horn steers for an impromptu BBQ. LOL!