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  1. Thanks for the info. Those are interesting reads especially the one on the history.
  2. The 18.5 inch dimension is correct and includes the handles. We've had one for years but never used it for pizza. It's mainly used as a griddle.
  3. Interesting thread here... http://www.bbq-brethren.com/forum/showthread.php?t=207133 I've read the same regarding mesquite but it seems that some folks use it green. I use dried mesquite in our out door fire place and for grilling but not for long, low and slow cooks. I prefer pecan instead. For other cooks in the Kamado I do use mesquite lump charcoal with no problems. I just have to make sure that it is no linger producing white, heavy smoke before putting food in the grill.
  4. I have had a Santa Maria itch for several years. Please provide a link to that one. I couldn't locate them with an Internet search. BIL Brother In Law?
  5. Here is a PDF from one of RJ's News Letters regarding tile repair. For a Lump Saver or Charcoal basket, check out KickAsh Baskets https://www.kickashbasket.com/ Can't help on the knob replacement but you might try a drawer pull handle from some place like Hobby Lobby. Don't know what to suggest for the draft door frame repair other than some type of furnace cement like you tried. Nice looking K7. From one of my previous posts... Give this outfit a try... https://www.galaxyoutdoor.com/kamado-rocket-official They bought out Richard Johnson's business several years ago and also may be of help. MinorTileRepair1.pdf
  6. Here's a link to their site... https://www.bbqguys.com/nuke/delta-argentinian-style-gaucho-grill-delta02?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=org&utm_species=social-org-video&utm_term=pur-exp-rvw&utm_campaign=povw210&utm_content=Nuke-delta-argentine-gaucho-wood-fire-grill-overview Here are a few more for Santa Maria or Santa Fe grills... Klose https://bbqpits.com/products-2/backyard-grills/ AZ BBQ Outfitters http://azbbqgrills.com/ I've dealt with Dave Klose and am a happy customer.
  7. Welcome to the forum. I thought I had a good suggestion for you till I realized that you are in the UK. Shipping from the US would probably be a bit pricey. Wish I could help.
  8. Well.... actually .... not that great. I think it was the cherries. They didn't have much of a cherry flavor were not sweet and not juicy like the Bing cherries we're used to. Maybe the cherries were not as ripe as they should have been. I don't know. As I stated in my earlier post, my wife has made this in the past with other fruits and all turned out fine.
  9. An orange twist with your martini or bourbon-on-the-rocks adds to your enjoyment. That would be nice to have while cooking that great looking chicken.
  10. My wife makes a very similar dish but she uses peach - habanero jelly which we make, bakes it in a pie shell and adds toasted almonds. Turns out great. She saw what you did, liked the idea of the Ranier cherries and thought we should try it. So, we picked up some brie the other day and our local Sprouts has Ranier cherries for sale. She will probably alter your recipe a bit by adding some Jim Beam Red Stag - a cherry flavored bourbon - to the mix. Should be yummy. Thanks for the idea and great looking cook you did.
  11. Nice new grill - Congratulations! Now you need to get that Paella pan out and do a Paella over a wood fire. That, and some Sangria would make for a great time. Just Sayin'.
  12. Pulled a rack of beef ribs out of the freezer and will cook them on the Santa Maria grill along with a couple of cobs of corn. Happy Birthday USA! Hope all have a safe holiday.
  13. Give this outfit a try... https://www.galaxyoutdoor.com/kamado-rocket-official They bought out Richard Johnson's business several years ago. RJ was the original owner and manufacturer of these Kamados. What you need is a lower bracket for a K7 and a Heat Deflector. If they can't help you, you will have to have a lower bracket made - basically two SS rods welded into an X formation that hangs from the lip of the K a few inches under under your main grate. The deflector sits on the X frame. A round ceramic disc from a kiln shop should work as a deflector. Hope that description makes sense. If not, please post back. Nice looking K7 by the way.
  14. I expected to see the Love Boat sail by while listening to this. LOL! Nice!
  15. El Diable, probably the same as Best of the West. A 40# bag at Costco is $14. It's all Mesquite, burns long and hot. I use it in a couple of cookers - an offset, a Santa Maria grill as well as my Kamados. Works great!
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