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  1. I purchased one of these a couple of years ago and it has worked well for me. https://www.thermoworks.com/IR-Gun Here are some of their other units: https://www.thermoworks.com/Infrareds Thermoworks puts these on sale from time to time so you might score a better price.
  2. I cook them direct, turning them occasionally to brown them and get grill marks. I cook to an internal temp of 155 to 160 deg.
  3. Thanks for the info on the salt. It sounds lie you used a corned beef flat to start with. That sure saves the brine time. Good idea.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Overall, your K7 appears to be in pretty good shape for its age and usage except for the cracked area. Repairing the crack shouldn't be too difficult to do with some refractory cement. If you don't have the missing tiles you can check with tile stores that supply pool tile. Overall cost shouldn't be very much - at least a lot cheaper than a new Kamado. On the other hand, its sounds like you're trying to talk yourself into a new Kamado. Think I'd try fixing it first and if it didn't work out then go for a new unit.
  5. Looks Great! But no salt in your rub?
  6. K_sqrd


    Welcome to the forum. That is an older Richard Johnson Kamado. It is a K7 model and looks to be in good shape. RJ sold the business to Galaxy Outdoor Grills in Las Vegas aka Rocket Kamado. Link to site: https://www.galaxyoutdoor.com/kamado-rocket-official What is the condition of the inside of the grill? What accessories came with it - grates, deflector, upper and or lower brackets? There is a lot of good info in this sub forum and you might want to do a little reading of some of the threads.
  7. Thanks for posting the recipe. My wife loves Popovers. I like them with butter and jelly and a few strips of bacon on the side. We'll have to try them with the Brie and jam - sounds yummy. We only have them occasionally and do enjoy them.
  8. I think those muffin things are Popovers and my wife was drooling on my screen when I showed her this thread. My wife asked why you didn't share the Popover recipe. She loves them. Tasty looking meal. Great job on the pork.
  9. WOW! $695. OK, here's some info that might help. The following was posted in an RJ Newsletter several years ago. "... the K7 springs should be 18 inches long, the K9 are 24 inches. To check the length of the compression springs you would raise the lid to its fullest height and then remove the 1/4 inch bolt holding the springs in the prop tubes..." Knowing the length of the spring, you also need to count the total number of coils and measure the diameter of the spring wire. Armed with that info, check with a couple of custom spring manufactures who do
  10. That's a Richard Johnson Kamado and looks to be an early K7 in great shape on the outside. What does the inside look like? Any cracks in the fire bowl, racks included? There are a couple threads on the "Other Kamado" sub forum on this site regarding this brand. Look for "Kamado #7". Can't comment on value - sorry. Edit: RJ sold the company to Rocket Kamado in Las Vegas a couple of years ago and might be a source of info.
  11. Leave it alone as it will recover. Time spent chasing your temp is better spent relaxing and enjoying a cold one. An analogy would be presetting your oven temp to - say 350 per some recipe - then adding what your cooking and then adjusting the oven temp. It's not normally done. The Kamado's are basically extended range outdoor ovens. Also, the temp range for just about all BBQ cooks can cover a fairly wide range and the 'Q will turn out great. Have fun and glad your ribs turned out great. Oh, Yeah - Welcome to the Forum. Glad to have you on board.
  12. Yeah - T-shirts, shorts and flip flops are the dress code this time of the year. The thermos on my steel offset and Santa Maria grills sitting in the direct sun registered 150 deg. with no fire in them. I actually put peppers and mushrooms in them and use them as dehydrators. Works great.
  13. Here in Phoenix it hit 115 deg. today - another record. This year has been the the hottest in history so far. Humidity was only 9% - It's a dry heat. LOL! Home made chicken noodle soup in a crock pot tonight. Good reason to hunker down and enjoy a cold, adult beverage inside.
  14. It sounds like a timing issue to me. Can you sear 17 steaks to each persons' liking and then do the lobster tails? Kind of reminds me of a "One legged rooster in a two story hen house". LOL! If you go the RotoJoe route, you can cook the whole loin to the doneness you want (120 - 125 deg. ?), wrap in foil and towels and place in a cooler while you cook the tails. The meat has to rest anyway and carry over heat will bump the temp up a bit. It can be held like this for a long time. Lobster tails don't take very long to cook so you'll minimize you're time at the grill and
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