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  1. I have seen folks put the K in a screened enclosure and placed a box fan near the screen. The fan drew smoke away from the K and blew it through the screen to the outside. Just a thought.
  2. MAN! That looks delicious! That's a pretty ingenious way of cooking it too. Nice job! Welcome to the forum.
  3. Had this happen a while back with a Henkle's 8" chef knife. It went down tip first, hit the ceramic tile and broke about .25" section off. Fortunately, there is a knife sharpening shop not far from me and they reshaped the blade. They did a great job and I'm a lot more careful now.
  4. Don't know about that, however, lots of K's were built and some are still in use today.
  5. It was rumored years ago that a Kamado manufacturer used ground lava rock mixed with Portland cement. The mixture was poured into a mold which had a wire mesh in it. The mesh acted like a rebar support and added strength to the finished unit.
  6. What you are suggesting is called Larding. Info here... https://www.cooksinfo.com/larding I think I would go with the melted butter option and inject it like you would other meats.
  7. +1 on what 1MoreFord recommended. It gets things going pretty fast.
  8. Looks delicious. Reading the recipe and your comment about the bacon not being cured, you could substitute Morton's Tenderquick for the salt. It contains a small amount of nitrate and nitrite for curing. I had the same experience with adding jalapenos to the cure as you did when I tried making bacon. I think your idea of adding chili powder might do the trick.
  9. Looks like you nailed smoking ribs. Great job and they look delicious.
  10. It sounds like you are cooking hot and fast. I wonder if your thermometer is not accurate. You can test it by using a pot of boiling water. It should read close to 212 deg. F. Wrapping the brisket will cause moisture to build up and soften any bark. You could try unwrapping the brisket for the last 20 minutes of so when nearing your target temp to allow the bark to dry a bit.
  11. No reason you can't do that. It's what ever works for you. I've done that with briskets and butts when it was getting late and I wanted to finish the cook. I put the meat in a pan, covered with foil and put in the oven at about 225 to 250 till the next morning. No problem. I think there is a thread on the forum here someplace that covers this topic.
  12. Ran across a video on Youtube where the guy coated his smoked salmon with a peach glaze before taking it off the grill. I'll have to try that one. Just one more suggestion.
  13. That's one good looking loin roast. I'll bet it tasted great. We made some peach habanero jelly and used it for a glaze on ribs, etc. We also put it into a BBQ bean dish for some sweet heat. Lots of possibilities to add a little extra flavor to your Q.
  14. Very nice knife. Zwilling makes quality knives and that one should last you a lifetime. Here is a link I found regarding the sharpening angle... https://www.zwilling.com/us/about-us/use-care/article-use-care-knife-sharpening.html Looks to be in the 9 to 12 degree range. You might be able to see if you have a double bevel on the blade by looking at it with a magnifying glass.
  15. Costco has been selling both yellow and white freestone peaches for a while here. We buy a box a week and enjoy them with breakfast or grilled with dinner. The Olive Mill in Queen Creek, AZ offers a peach infused white balsamic reduction which we use when we grill them. We add a little bit of cheese and they make a great ending to a meal.
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