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  1. That K was probably made around 2000 or a bit earlier. After that, a tiled base on wheels was added to

    the Kamados. Also, the gas burner is the older style. A newer style was introduced in the early 2000's

    which was inserted into and part of the lower air vent. Nice looking Kamado.. I would keep the cooking

    temps in the range that you would normally use for your oven -  less than 500 deg.



  2. I'm not familiar with Google Chrome so can't suggest a specific solution. I did a search and found a

    couple of different causes. One was Norton Antivirus causing the issue and another was letting Chorme

    have access to your photo library / files. Sorry, but don't know what to suggest. Maybe someone else with this

    problem will chime in and offer a solution.

  3. 2 hours ago, BURGER MEISTER said:

    Why am I unable to upload pictures?  Never had problems before.

    What browser are you using? If Firefox, you have to give permission to this site to extract canvas

    data. This "feature" was added a couple of versions back.

  4. Nice looking Kamado. The charcoal grate - round center piece with holes - is sometimes removed

    completely and a large wire charcoal / ash basket is used in its place. It provides more air flow and the ash

    doesn't build up like it would with the round grate. You might check the Kickash basket site for

    something that would fit.


    I'm not sure what to suggest for the large insert.  RJ used to put a mesh wire into a lot of the

    things he built to avoid things from totally breaking apart. You might check to see if there is some imbedded

    wire in the insert. If so, you might be able to use some refractory cement to fill the cracks and stabilize it.

    Welcome to the forum.

  5. AdBlockPlus and Ghostery work great for blocking ads and trackers.

    One other extension that is handy is Kill Sticky. Added to Firefox or other browser,

    it helps to block the pop-up messages which show up when a page is loaded.

    Click on the Kill Sticky icon and the pop-up is deleted. Not all pop-ups are

    blocked by the browser settings.

  6. Congratulations on your successful pizza cook. One suggestion though... I would put the deflectors

    in the Kamado as soon as you fire it off. Putting a cool deflector into a hot unit may cause it to crack.

    It will also cause the temp to drop sightly being that it's a cool mass. Just a  thought.

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