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  1. Fortunately, my wife and I as well as our family, enjoy rare to medium rare steaks and chops. If it's not moving or mooing, it's fair game. LOL! We had some family visit recently and I offered to cook steaks. One guest asked for "well done". My wife opined that she didn't think I know how to do "well done". I did my best and the guest was happy with the result. Guess I lucked out.
  2. Congratulations on some great looking ribs. It didn't take you long to get the hang of cooking on a Kamado. Nice job!
  3. Looks like you have it set up correctly with the charcoal bowl and basket. As for the minor crack, it could be the tile loosening up or the grout dislodging. It's hard to tell with out a closer look. Are you going to use the pizza stone as a heat deflector? If so, you might want to look into kiln shelves available at place that sells pottery supplies. Those shelves are thicker and can stand higher temperatures than a pizza stone.
  4. Welcome to the forum and that is one nice looking Kamado. It is a Richard Johnson K7 and looks to be in excellent shape. The ceramic bowl you have pictured is actually the charcoal bowl. If you have a flat, disc in ceramic, it is the heat diffuser and it sits on s steel rod support or if you have the later charcoal basket, it may sit on top of the handles. The circular wire accessory pictured is a meat hanger used for roasting meat vertically. Let us know what the other accessories are and we can help identify them and what they are used for.
  5. I agree with GolfGriller on the startup and putting the heat deflector in place while the whole unit is warming up. This is done for a couple of reasons. Putting a cold deflector into a hot grill will cause a drop in heat and take longer to come up to temp. There is also the possibility of thermal shock which could crack the deflector.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you are well grounded in the world of BBQ. You're not the only one with multiple cookers on this forum. Lots of us have more than one cooker. LOL! BTW, your "Chicken beer can vs spatchcocked" is the first one page 3 of that thread.
  7. I knew a Kamado owner in the area who had access to grape vine trimmings and used them regularly in his cooking. He opined that the grapvines provided a mild smoke taste.
  8. I like to cut a pocket in a Tri-Tip and stuff it with roasted Pablano or Green chilis and Jack cheese. A little Montreal Steak seasoning and grill to medium rare. Cut across the grain, as mentioned above. Good eating.
  9. Here you go and it's 18% off right now. https://www.thermoworks.com/Signals?trk_msg=N2O6G783JHUK97KPJG09BUM36C&trk_contact=IKKE4JJN6GMGLIQC03NK8HUSA0&trk_sid=UDFU4ED8B18BI4SU1DLCQGUKAG&bxid=64AB04CBE4FFD43DF41FA5721A&utm_source=listrak&utm_medium=email&utm_term=signals-image&utm_campaign=Mar2021-Sitewide-18off-cs
  10. Thermoworks is offering 18% off site wide. https://www.thermoworks.com/
  11. Years ago my wife and I would drive to Hatch from Phoenix to buy 4 or 5 30# bags of chili's. It was a fun trip and we would buy mild, hot and even some red chili's. When we returned, we got the family together for a chili roasting party and divvy up the pods. A few years later we discovered that the local grocery store carried the same bag's of chili's and we could buy them for the same price as we paid in Hatch. It was a 4 mile round trip instead of a 600 mile round trip. LOL! Love those Hatch chili's!
  12. After reading this post and having thought about getting a basket for a while, I ordered this from OneGrill along with two extra screens. It's very well built - heavy duty. https://www.onegrill.com/Universal_Performer_Basket_5_8_Hex_p/5pb817.htm I gave it a try this past weekend with some chicken wings and they turned out great. I sprayed the basket with cooking oil - whatever the Costco brand is - and clean up was a breeze. Just soaked the unit in some soapy water for a while then brushed and sponged off an residue. I can see a lot of use for this in the future. To clarify - I sprayed the basket before putting the wings in and put the unit on the grill. Gebo - Glad you like the basket and it's working well for you. Also, Thanks for the suggestion about getting extra screens - great idea and will definitely use them.
  13. Thermoworks has a probe storage product. https://www.thermoworks.com/silicone-probe-spool
  14. You may want to check the rules for equipment. Sometimes "automated" cookers that use electricity may not be allowed. See if pellet cookers are allowed before hauling it there and finding out you can't use it. Also, the part of the country you are competing in can alter your results. Use rubs and sauces that the judges are used to and are familiar with. Kansas City type flavors may not do as well in Alabama whereas vinegar and mustard flavors would probably do better.
  15. Welcome to the forum! There's no reason you can't cook with the top open. You can control the fire and cooking temp by the amount of fuel that is burning. One thing that may happen is that the handle on the Kamado could get hot enough to melt if it is made of some sort of "plastic". There is a Youtuber who goes by "Pitmaster X" and has a lot of videos. This is one where he does Picanha on a spit on a KJ with the lid open.
  16. I watched this yesterday while cruising the U tube site for pig roasts. My wife's birthday is coming up later this year and the family decided we should do a pig roast. I've attended roasts but never actually cooked one so I'm trying to get educated. Great video. Thanks for posting.
  17. The store I purchased the TQ from is an upscale grocery store in our city and it is their regular price. That price is about what other local grocery stores are charging and not a Fire sale price. I like to buy from and support local businesses when I can. I only use Amazon 2 to 3 times per year, if that, and don't have a prime account. I agree with you on the shipping costs Amazon charges. They can get you if you're not careful.
  18. Kinda like potato chips - You can't have just one. LOL!
  19. WOW! The price of it from Amazon seems pretty high. I bought two bags from a local grocery store and paid $3 and change per bag. I use it for bacon, jerky, pastrami and sausage. Great stuff!
  20. OneGrill sells high quality rotisserie systems. I have a rotisserie set I purchased from them a couple of years ago for another grill and it is solid equipment. Let us know how you like the basket.
  21. That looks like the ones we had. They grind the beans and brew the coffee - made great coffee. The first one quit brewing after about 8 months and the replacement under warranty lasted about 5 months. Went back to the the Mr. Coffee style and grind the beans separately. From the title of your post, I expected it to be about filleting a fish. LOL!
  22. Here's a little more info... https://barbecuebible.com/2019/11/19/smoked-cocktails-for-the-holidays/
  23. I've used London Broil for Jerky because it's usually pretty lean. Works great!
  24. Need a little more info. Is this for home use or commercial use? When you state 40 inches, do you mean height, width, grill size or ? What capacity or how much food do you intend to smoke at one time? Let us know so we can better understand your needs. BTW - Welcome to the forum.
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