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  1. It sounds like you are cooking hot and fast. I wonder if your thermometer is not accurate. You can

    test it by using a pot of boiling water. It should read close to 212 deg. F. Wrapping the brisket will

    cause moisture to build up and soften any bark. You could try unwrapping the brisket for the

    last 20 minutes of so when nearing your target temp to allow the bark to dry a bit.

  2. No reason you can't do that. It's what ever works for you. I've done that with briskets and butts

    when it was getting late and I wanted to finish the cook. I put the meat in a pan, covered with foil

    and put in the oven at about 225 to 250 till the next morning. No problem. I think there is a thread

    on the forum here someplace that covers this topic.

  3. Several years ago there was a gentleman on another forum who smoked his peppers

    on a Weber Smokey Mountain or WSM. His site is no longer available, but I did find this

    link at the WayBack.archive site.


    The Chipotle info is here...


    Link to Next Page is at the bottom of each page.



  4. From this site...


    Scroll down to "How to Smoke Salmon" where it states

    that about 5 hours or 15 - 20% weight loss should be

    about right for their example. I'd guess that it depends

    on how thick or large your salmon pieces are. Other sites

    I searched recommend 3 to 5 hours. but still others

    say up to 12 hours. Guess it depends on how much smoke

    you want on the final product.


    Smoking at a higher temp may cook the fish rather than

    just smoke it. Since your temp is / was a bit higher, the cook

    time may be less.

  5. Cold smoking temps are usually done at about 80 Deg. F so your temp is actually a bit high.

    One thing you could do is put a dish of ice under the fish, with the fish about an inch above

    the ice to provide a cooler zone.  Cold smoked fish is a favorite of mine on a bagel with a

    smear of cream cheese and some capers. Let us know how they turns out. You might also

    throttle the Jr. down to a lower temp.

  6. Nice looking Kamado. I have a Kamado with a 13" dia. grate and have used this from Lodge

    as a heat deflector.


    It works great and has a lip on it to catch any drippings. I don't know what the

    inside of your Kamado looks like so can't comment on what to use for holding the

    deflector or adjusting the height.


    Edit: More info. You might also check into Kiln Shops and see what they have to

    offer in round shapes. Kiln suppliers have all sorts of hi temp ceramic discs that might

    fit your needs.

  7. Great idea and nice work. Just a suggestion... weld a rod across the diameter of the top ring and

    then you could hang things from it for Tacos Al Pastor, Shawarma, roasts, chickens, etc. in

    addition to tandoor cooking.

  8. Nice looking brisket. You might want to check the calibration of your thermometers. A simple test

    is to probe a pot of boiling water. The reading should be ~212 deg. F. It looks like one of them could be

    off and I suspect it's the KJ thermo. If so, you did a hot and fast cook at 340ish and blew through the

    stall. That happens when cooking at higher temps.

  9. Fortunately, my wife and I as well as our family, enjoy rare to medium rare steaks and chops. If it's

    not moving or mooing, it's fair game. LOL! We had some family visit recently and I offered to cook

    steaks. One guest asked for "well done". My wife opined that she didn't think I know how to do

    "well done". I did my best and the guest was happy with the result. Guess I lucked out.

  10. Looks like you have it set up correctly with the charcoal bowl and basket. As for the minor crack, it could

    be the tile loosening up or the grout dislodging. It's hard to tell with out a closer look. Are you going to use

    the pizza stone as a heat deflector? If so, you might want to look into kiln shelves available at place that

    sells pottery supplies. Those shelves are thicker and can stand higher temperatures than a pizza stone.



  11. Welcome to the forum and that is one nice looking Kamado. It is a Richard Johnson K7 and looks to be in

    excellent shape. The ceramic bowl you have pictured is actually the charcoal bowl. If you have a flat,

    disc in ceramic, it is the heat diffuser and it sits on s steel rod support or if you have the later charcoal

    basket, it may sit on top of the handles. The circular wire accessory pictured is a meat hanger used for

    roasting meat vertically. Let us know what the other accessories are and we can help identify them

    and what they are used for.




  12. I agree with GolfGriller on the startup and putting the heat deflector in place while the

    whole unit is warming up. This is done for a couple of reasons. Putting a cold deflector

    into a hot grill will cause a drop in heat and take longer to come up to temp. There is also

    the possibility of thermal shock which could crack the deflector.

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