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  1. An a cylinder lasts a very long time
  2. Also, make sure you're getting clean (thin blue) smoke from your charcoal before adding your wood or meat
  3. When I cook pork shoulder I typically do 3 or 4. The we'll eat one and pull, vacuum seal and freeze the others. We typically add a little vinegar or apple juice to the thawed and reheated pork.
  4. I'd leave the dome up and the bottom vent open until the fire is better established (at least 5 minutes). After that, load your grate/deflector plates and lower the dome. Then start dialing in your temps (the grate and deflector plates will take some time to warm up). Use the bottom vent for gross changes, (i.e. 20 degrees) and the top vent for to refine the temp. Realize that any changes you make to the vents will take time to take effect and stabilize. And it is always easier to raise temps than lower them, once the ceramic gets hot it stays hot. Finally, don't sweat the small stuff. If your target temp is 225 and the cooker wants to run at 250, don't worry about it, it really won't make any difference in the end result. Have Fun!
  5. I usually use Rockwood (mild to no flavor, available at Ace Hardware stores) or Wicked Good
  6. That's unusual, I've done pork butt at 350F when I'm in a hurry and they are still moist. You may have gotten a bad piece of pork. Try again and have fun.
  7. I have a cracked XL fire ring that I would give you. But, for the cost of shipping it to CA you could buy a new one.
  8. Make sure your smoke smells good before you put any food on the pit. This usually means thin blue smoke. I agree with the others who recommend skipping the fatwood. Use a charcoal chimney, paper towels soaked in oil, MAPP torch etc. Using a good quality and neutral flavor lump charcoal helps with this process. Once you figure out the smoke issue, I recommend spatchcock chicken rather than whole chicken next time. Good luck and enjoy the new kamado
  9. I re-seasoned all of my cast iron with Crisbee a few months ago and I've been maintaining it with Crisbee. It does a great job, my cast iron has never looked better. I don't know much about the makeup of the product or if your beeswax, flaxseed oil idea would work
  10. Thermoworks has great customer service, I'd give them a call and see if they can help.
  11. Those little loin chops are outstanding and are usually available at Costco. Here is a very good recipe: https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/lamb-recipes/lamb-loin-chops-sheep-dip-recipe
  12. I have 2 of these. They are great grate lifters
  13. I have the Termoworks Smoke and love it! Anything they make is well built and their customer service is outstanding.
  14. I have an XL BGE and I love it! My father in law has a Kamado Joe and loves it! Like you said the KJ comes with more accessories and currently they seem to be making more improvements than BGE. You will love either one, and will soon be turning out some great food, good luck and enjoy !
  15. I don't have a large, but I can fit about 5 decent size pork butts on my XL. I did 50 lbs. (25 lbs a batch) for my son's graduation. 1 batch, 2 weekends before., and the 2nd batch the weekend before. We pulled and vac sealed the pork and reheated them in boiling water on the day of the party (added a little apple juice and cider vinegar it the serving pans). They turned out great. I am not at all hesitant about cooking pork butt ahead of time and serving later. Good Luck
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