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  1. kaybee

    Vegetarian BBQ

    I'm watching, I'm watching! Thanks for tagging me on this @KismetKamado
  2. kaybee

    Upcoming Tempeh Cook

    That looks amazing! Consider the request for the marinade seconded! Also the pretty please!
  3. Actually the idea to cut the corn into discs to avoid either bacon flop or bacon shrapnel came to me in one of those moments at three in the morning...
  4. And if you're interested, I'm @kaybee335 (kaybeeque) over in Twitter land.
  5. And the finale! This was amazingly good for something I just made up (props to Mexican street corn). Definitely going into my cook rotation once the local corn comes in. I'll try the simplified cook technique tomorrow and post the results. I also have bacon wrapped pineapple spears and bacon wrapped deconstructed Hawaiian pizza recipes/techniques to develop by then. I'm really having some serious fun just trying to do this from first principles and instinct and refuse to do a web search or seek other resources until I at least run through whatever my twisted mind comes up with a couple of times. Hope you enjoyed this at least partly as much as I did... And just to keep it interesting, this was cooked in the pouring rain under a severe thunderstorm warning. That's steam from the rain coming off the Egg not smoke....
  6. Now the cook. I made this way too complicated and have plans to try a modified technique that will be far simpler, disturb the bacon on the corn less and get similar results. But anyway, this is how I did it this time. Corn placed in shallow pan with water and then covered with makeshift dome. 15 minutes at 350 high indirect, flip halfway through. Then down on to a low direct grill, rolling periodically until bacon is cooked.
  7. So I got in a discussion with whoever runs the Dizzy Pig Rubs twitter account about bacon wrapped foods. Somehow I committed to making bacon wrapped corn, having to make up a recipe/cook technique in the process. So, I bring you Bacon Wrapped Corn: Garlic/dill creamed cheese, Cilantro/ginger cream cheese mixed with DP Pineapple Head. This is the bacon 'glue'. Now let's get ready to build, corn discs, covered in 'glue', wrapped with bacon held by toothpicks. Some I wrapped with corn husk after as I was worried about the corn cooking completely by the time the bacon was done.
  8. kaybee

    Don't stone me but....

    Thanks for the info/confirmation. Here's the link, the tapas in particular look amazing. https://eggheadforum.com/discussion/1213985/please-dont-stone-me-but
  9. kaybee

    Don't stone me but....

    Nice suggestion but unfortunately my brother doesn't eat mushrooms. Hates them. It would certainly work for my sister-in-law and I'll consider them if I end up cooking multiple things as an appetizer/buffet approach. That would also allow me to mix in a couple of meat things for the carnivores. Got some really good tapas suggestions on another forum (the one I would like to link to). Similarly, I don't eat fish/seafood of any type so it's really a difficult thing for me to cook... Thanks
  10. kaybee

    Don't stone me but....

    Just went through this thread in detail. Some great ideas! Thanks again.
  11. kaybee

    Don't stone me but....

    Forum protocol question - I am getting some really interesting answers in another BBQ forum I participate in. Is it consider bad behaviour to post a link to that forum? Thought I'd try the approach of asking rather than begging forgiveness this time....
  12. kaybee

    Don't stone me but....

    Yes, definitely! Thanks very much again @ckreef, you are The Man!!
  13. kaybee

    Don't stone me but....

    That looks quite interesting actually. Although I must say it was the Bourbon Apples that sunk the initial hook. I hope you followed through and posted the recipe like you said you were going to!! Note, if I get her tips on what to do with the tofu to make it more edible/tasty (she should know although I'm surprised the long marinade time didn't do it) and make the suggested spinach substitution this really has potential! See, I knew you could do it @ckreef
  14. It works for any kamado. I have done my neighbors XL KJ as well.