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  1. Fun little story, I had been drooling over my buddy's Kamado Kamado, and found the closeout for the vision grillsat Home depot for $499, Found out on a Friday that we were getting a bonus and had a couple glasses of home brewed beer to have courage to hit the CPA wife up for a new toy... Went by on that Friday and the yellow tag had gone to $460! "It's a sign" I thought... and after some discussion, I got the ok to pick it up... but at 220Lbs, I would need help.. Turns out my sister and her husband (Who happens to be Dan Foley from season 30 of survivor) were coming down Sunday, and he loves helping with little projects... I was hoping this thing would fit in the Subaru Outback (it does by the way), but when I got there on Sunday, they had ONE boxed Vision Pro grill left boxed, and the price had been dropped to $409!!!!! I had gotten the OK at $499, so time to stock up on charcoal and hardwood chunks!!! This thing has been awesome, and I can't wait for summer to REALLY put it through it's paces!!!
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