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  1. Bummer, I got issued a refund as well. I was planning it as a gift for my father, thankfully I didn't tell him about it. Their website terms of use does say they have the right to cancel and issue refunds for pricing mistakes. They did give me a 20% off Accessories code but still disappointed.
  2. Mine has had a crack in the base since I first got it. I let customer support know about it (with pictures) but told them I was fine cooking on it until it failed. Three years later, no further widening and no problems...
  3. Personally I wouldn't let it bother me, but then again, I never use it!
  4. So a couple of days ago I was in the store and they had picnic shoulder (pork butt with bone-in, skin on) for $0.98/lb and I thought it would be a perfect fit for the Joetisserie: low and slow would make the skin too rubbery so the higher heat should crisp it up nicely (I'd done a porchetta before and it turned out fabulously) I followed one of John's videos for the rub idea, though he didn't give amounts. I used a mustard base and roughly about 1/2 c salt 1/3 c paprika 1/3 c chili powder 1/3 c granulated garlic 1/3 c onion powder And held the J
  5. Link? I tried Youtube, their website, their forum, their Twitter, Instagram, and their Facebook page.
  6. Logan


    Very curious about how this performs.
  7. That would be great. I don't care if it's rusty.
  8. Sure, I just wanted to see if anyone had an old one lying around first, from a warranty replacement on a dome or some such thing.
  9. I've definitely considered that, I just kind of like the old style.
  10. I'm looking for the cast iron chimney piece for a Classic Joe. I've been using a SmoBot vent and it would be nice to have it always mounted to one chimney for overnight smokes and have another I can use for high-temp and regular cooks.
  11. This leads into a question I had: I've found on a couple of rotisserie cooks that the grease dripping down creates quite a bit of smoke. Too much smoke. Not good tasting smoke. There isn't enough airflow to start a fire so the thing billows gray smoke for hours, holding a dome temp of about 350 with nothing in there but the Joetisserie and the coals (banked to the back). I had considered a grease pan but like John said, that kind of partially defeats the purpose of the rotisserie cooking. On the other hand, it's just creating too strong of a flavor. Solutions? Thoughts?
  12. That's okay, you probably just got distracted by the pictures I'm pretty sure the skin needs to be on there for porchetta.
  13. I think all that information is in the initial post...
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