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  1. Bummer, I got issued a refund as well. I was planning it as a gift for my father, thankfully I didn't tell him about it. Their website terms of use does say they have the right to cancel and issue refunds for pricing mistakes. They did give me a 20% off Accessories code but still disappointed.
  2. Mine has had a crack in the base since I first got it. I let customer support know about it (with pictures) but told them I was fine cooking on it until it failed. Three years later, no further widening and no problems...
  3. Personally I wouldn't let it bother me, but then again, I never use it!
  4. So a couple of days ago I was in the store and they had picnic shoulder (pork butt with bone-in, skin on) for $0.98/lb and I thought it would be a perfect fit for the Joetisserie: low and slow would make the skin too rubbery so the higher heat should crisp it up nicely (I'd done a porchetta before and it turned out fabulously) I followed one of John's videos for the rub idea, though he didn't give amounts. I used a mustard base and roughly about 1/2 c salt 1/3 c paprika 1/3 c chili powder 1/3 c granulated garlic 1/3 c onion powder And held the Joe steady at about 310 for the dome temp. To help with the acrid smoke from all the drippings I slid the bottom vent to only about a 1/4 inch open after a while and kept the top wide open. Actually used the Smobot with this one just for fun and it seemed to work pretty well at keeping the temps where I wanted. Total cook time was right at about 5 hours for a 10 lb picnic shoulder. I was shooting for about 185+ degrees F throughout. Then I let it rest tented in foil about an hour. I don't know that it shows up very well in the pictures, but that was one of the juiciest pieces of meat I've ever had and so tender that a knife wasn't necessary. The flavor throughout was ridiculous. I'd been assuming the inner portion wouldn't get much flavor and the rub would only be on the surface but for some reason the flavor seemed to have permeated everywhere. The skin turned out very crispy. Definitely one to do again!
  5. Link? I tried Youtube, their website, their forum, their Twitter, Instagram, and their Facebook page.
  6. Logan


    Very curious about how this performs.
  7. That would be great. I don't care if it's rusty.
  8. Sure, I just wanted to see if anyone had an old one lying around first, from a warranty replacement on a dome or some such thing.
  9. I've definitely considered that, I just kind of like the old style.
  10. I'm looking for the cast iron chimney piece for a Classic Joe. I've been using a SmoBot vent and it would be nice to have it always mounted to one chimney for overnight smokes and have another I can use for high-temp and regular cooks.
  11. This leads into a question I had: I've found on a couple of rotisserie cooks that the grease dripping down creates quite a bit of smoke. Too much smoke. Not good tasting smoke. There isn't enough airflow to start a fire so the thing billows gray smoke for hours, holding a dome temp of about 350 with nothing in there but the Joetisserie and the coals (banked to the back). I had considered a grease pan but like John said, that kind of partially defeats the purpose of the rotisserie cooking. On the other hand, it's just creating too strong of a flavor. Solutions? Thoughts?
  12. That's okay, you probably just got distracted by the pictures I'm pretty sure the skin needs to be on there for porchetta.
  13. I think all that information is in the initial post...
  14. Well...we had a guest who was on no carbs so we ended up just serving it plain with a bowl of curry and vegetables on the side, but my wife said it would have gone well with rice and I would have liked to have done some ciabatta bread and cheese for sandwiches or something.
  15. It really was something special, John. I'm definitely doing it again some time. I went to our local asian market, and they just had small strips of pork belly in their display. I asked for a whole one (using my hands to indicate size) and they happily got me a 14-pound slab of goodness.
  16. Someone had suggested making a porchetta on the Joetisserie. For those (like me) who aren't familiar with it, it is basically a pork belly with the skin on, rolled, cooked, and sliced for sandwiches and such. The goal is a buttery juicy interior and a crispy flakey exterior. And I think it was an outstanding success, if I do say so myself Whole pork belly, had to ask the butcher at the asian market for it. Sprinkled it with salt, sliced garlic, dried rosemary, and ground fennel seeds. Roasted on Joetisserie for about 3 hours, but fought to keep temperatures below 400, due to the grease keeping the fire going! Sorry I don't have any pictures of it sliced, but we sure enjoyed it.
  17. I don't use an ash tray either, just vacuum it out periodically. I've never taken my new firebox out since I got it in...March or so? And I do cook on it several times a week, typically. I also don't worry about getting it spotless each time though
  18. I own the Classic and the Jr. Since that is plenty of grilling space (even for a family of 7), the only reason I'd want the Big Joe is as a smoker for full racks of ribs and brisket. That much money was hard for me to justify for a smoker. So I bought a 22-inch Weber Smokey Mountain. Don't grill on it and don't need to but the space is really nice for smoking, especially with the dual grates. In fact, in many ways I think it's a better smoker than the kamados.
  19. Hmm, I definitely don't have to take the ceramics out. Grate nestles down in there nicely AFTER all the ceramics have been assembled.
  20. My old grate fits in the new firebox, so I would imagine aftermarket grates that are the same size should fit reasonably well. I have one SS grate that someone made for me that fits pretty well.
  21. One thing someone said a while back was that when shutting down, close the bottom vent but leave the top open until it drops below 400 F or so. I've always done this and in a year of multiple-times-per-week of grilling, smoking, long road trips, etc., I've not yet had a crack. Maybe that's just confirmation bias or superstition but I'll keep doing it
  22. I like this idea, where do you have the cable going out of? Just out the gasket on the side or front so it doesn't mess with the Joetisserie?
  23. Can you post a picture of the fire grate out?
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