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  1. riverfish

    First Post in a Long Time

    That's just silly!!!
  2. I will be attempting John's KJ Beef Wellington recipe provided my practice attempt goes well this Saturday!!
  3. riverfish

    We have the cheapest gas in the country

    Man my truck has a 31 gallon tank ...………………………...I can't even imagine gas that cheap I think I paid $2.71 here in Upstate Ny!!
  4. riverfish

    Cast Iron Pan Cinnamon Rolls

    I'm not so sure how Iv missed this for so long I guess I don't look into desserts at all. Stumbled on this Vid yesterday and had to make it...………………………… my boys love Cinbuns!! I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work and picked up the ingredients I knew I didn't have. Got it all home and dusted off the'ol kitchenaid mixer I received as a wedding present 20 years ago...………. my wife knew I was on a mission and just looked at me weird, didn't even ask what I was making. Fired up the grill got'er to temp and the rest is history!! I think this is a great recipe the only change I will do next time is add some sugar to the frosting and will need to remember the egg wash.
  5. I make pulled beer can chicken with bbq sauce comes out marvelous!!! You are now giving me ideas with a shredded beer can buffalo sangwich topped with crumbled blue cheese!!!
  6. riverfish


    Hour away...............go take a peek...........its Craigslist talk him down there has to be some wiggle room!!! Comes with a S'ton of accessories! Just do it your wife will forgive you in time!!! haha
  7. riverfish


    If this was a little closer to me I might have taken a look. https://westernmass.craigslist.org/app/d/kamado-k5-mosaic-grill/6709706792.html
  8. I still use mine 2-4 times a week through the winter.There is nothing better then firing up the Ol'Akorn and cooking away in a snow storm. Upstate NY here I live just south of the Adirondacks and winters can be pretty brutal.
  9. riverfish

    Preventative maintenance?

    I keep my Acorn in my garage covered and it has never been left in the rain. I use mine 3-4 times a week so I don't give it much time to accumulate condensation. I clean immediately after cooling down and quickly wipe down everything. I want to say I'm going on close to 3+ years now and other then my garage door coming down and taking out a shelf it looks as good as new. I'll also hit it with Meguiars quick detail spray that I use on my boat every once and a while.
  10. riverfish

    Big Green Egg and strong winds

    Wow...............what a view!
  11. riverfish


    I never thought about that thanks!!!
  12. riverfish


    My truck got broken into this morning so I am now in Security camera purchase mode. I could have swore that I locked my truck up last night, the D bags got all my credit cards and ATM out of my wallet but thankfully left my licence. I got everything canceled and as of right now there were no transactions thankfully!! Have any of ya'all installed your own security cams any suggestions on set up ............wired ............wireless? I have lived in the area I am at for 15 years now it is the most boring neighborhood on the edge of nothing but farm land. My property is now going to be locked up tighter than Fort Knox!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  13. I reached out yesterday and never got a response from the seller.
  14. MAN O MAN!!! Poughkeepsie is only an hour and a half drive south from me!! Wife said no more grills!! Perfect winter project! Wife said no more grills! It would look sweet on my newly built deck!! Wife said no more grills!
  15. riverfish

    Kamado Joe Smoked Meatloaf

    MMMMMMmmmmmMMMMM......................... left over meat loaf sammiches!!!