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  1. Man that looks delicious..............I cant wait until I can taste and smell again. Thanks Covid!!! haha :(
  2. Bass fishing............. I just put my boat away for this season Lakes up here will be iced up here soon!!
  3. I wipe mine down with Meguiars quick detailer after it has cooled down and the finish looks as good as new. My Akorn is about 6ish years old now with no rust stays covered in my garage when not in use.
  4. I can only get lump and pellets at my local Ace Hardware as of lately sound like I need to buy a couple extra bags.
  5. Good country roads up here in Burnt Hills for motorcycling!!! I see your from Atlanta my uncle has a house on Lake Lanier in Flowery Branch, I am really going to miss not coming down there on vacation this year.
  6. In a pinch before a cook if I find mine seized ill hit it with a MAP torch and wipe grease off it usually does the trick.
  7. They look great...……..I need to mak'em again!!!
  8. Funny...……...my father in law just dropped off the same set to my house last week I only have 4 holders though!
  9. If I'm not firing up the kamado's I'll rotate through. Tao Charcoal Burner table top gasser (in a pinch) Smoke Hollow Pellet grill Blackstone griddle 2 burner
  10. Crappy weather and I bust out the easy up...………………….garage sale $15!! I have also Macgyvered a piece of tin foil as a vent cover in a pinch.
  11. drooling...……….need recipe!!!!
  12. Great looking grub!! I have 2 full size akorn's and one JR there are times when I have all three going and the two burner Blackstone!!!
  13. I will be making this to freeze for the upcoming ice fishing season!!!
  14. That's a sick tow behind your giving me ideas for hunting camp, winter project!! What goes in the upside down mailbox?
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