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  1. Nice brisk Tournament morning.
  2. Bass fishing, beer making, bowling and BBQ the 4 b's...…...…….what else does one fella need!!
  3. Take a look at this vid Iv made this allot rather then cooking it on the weber I use my akorn………………………..very tasty yard bird!!
  4. I will be attempting John's KJ Beef Wellington recipe provided my practice attempt goes well this Saturday!!
  5. Man my truck has a 31 gallon tank ...………………………...I can't even imagine gas that cheap I think I paid $2.71 here in Upstate Ny!!
  6. I'm not so sure how Iv missed this for so long I guess I don't look into desserts at all. Stumbled on this Vid yesterday and had to make it...………………………… my boys love Cinbuns!! I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from work and picked up the ingredients I knew I didn't have. Got it all home and dusted off the'ol kitchenaid mixer I received as a wedding present 20 years ago...………. my wife knew I was on a mission and just looked at me weird, didn't even ask what I was making. Fired up the grill got'er to temp and the rest is history!! I think this is a great recipe the only change I will do next time is add some sugar to the frosting and will need to remember the egg wash.
  7. I make pulled beer can chicken with bbq sauce comes out marvelous!!! You are now giving me ideas with a shredded beer can buffalo sangwich topped with crumbled blue cheese!!!
  8. Hour away...............go take a peek...........its Craigslist talk him down there has to be some wiggle room!!! Comes with a S'ton of accessories! Just do it your wife will forgive you in time!!! haha
  9. If this was a little closer to me I might have taken a look. https://westernmass.craigslist.org/app/d/kamado-k5-mosaic-grill/6709706792.html
  10. I still use mine 2-4 times a week through the winter.There is nothing better then firing up the Ol'Akorn and cooking away in a snow storm. Upstate NY here I live just south of the Adirondacks and winters can be pretty brutal.
  11. I keep my Acorn in my garage covered and it has never been left in the rain. I use mine 3-4 times a week so I don't give it much time to accumulate condensation. I clean immediately after cooling down and quickly wipe down everything. I want to say I'm going on close to 3+ years now and other then my garage door coming down and taking out a shelf it looks as good as new. I'll also hit it with Meguiars quick detail spray that I use on my boat every once and a while.
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