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  1. Did you mention what price you got it for in the end Al? Mine arrives tomorrow.........
  2. THIS! I bought mine on 21st March and still haven't received it as it's at my brothers house a few hours away. We are playing golf this weekend and he's bringing it for me. I CAN'T WAIT!
  3. Hi there, 'Loooking for any possible KJ accessories you may have double of or not being used and willing to sell on via shipping to U.K.? Hoping this may be viewed by U.K. users too.... let me know what you have available. cheers Sam
  4. Much appreciated. thanks for the advice and noted re d and c !
  5. Thank you. I love NY. Went for the first time in Jan and going back in Oct! Cheers!
  6. That's what I thought you meant re daisy wheel. Great. Presumably the vents within the wheel are for minute adjustment to temps? i had seen the thermoworks smoke and reviews seem v good! Will advise how I get on with mine! Agree, I've got a 4 and 3 year old so life is busy and knowing when the joe falls below temp will be great I think as well as learning inner temps of the food! Great, let me know how you get on with it. I think delivery general ply comes quicker, at least that is what I read! Cheers again for advice
  7. Try Dat Paul! It's been raining today but hey, it's good for the grass and my allotment! I do like ribs too so will try them for my second cook!
  8. Hi Pete, Thanks for the informative and warm welcome. Noted all the below. When you refer to the daisy wheel you're talking about the actual full opening rather than just the vents on top of the wheel correct? Where do you get your lump from? I've read some good things about the CPL Restaurant grade charcoal as found on coals 4u on the British BBQ Forum on Facebook. Have you tried it? My wife has a successful business online and i approached a company reviewing a wireless thermometer in return for some social media coverage so I will be able to monitor temps of both the meat and the dome which seems like it'll be very helpful! Cheers again
  9. Thanks for the kind welcomes all. I look forward to hanging round and learning so much more! It's a minefield but one I'm looking forward to exploring. A book called Hot Coals was delivered a couple of days ago and it appears to be a goodie!
  10. Afternoon all, Just popping by to say hello as per the instructions! I'm based in Cardiff, Wales (UK!) and am the recent new owner of a Kamado Joe Classic. I emailed a few suppliers and had a response from one stating they had one they'd used for a few cooks in their shop (never been kept outside) that I could have for £600 ($745) so I jumped at the chance as this was just about affordable. It's the last 2015 model and comes in the nest, full circle grate and heat deflector. IT doesnt come with the D & C however I read this is something that should be prioritised. Pic attached as I know you love pics over here! My brother picked it up for me the other side of the country (only 3 hours away!) and will drop it off in a few weeks when I'm back from a holiday to Hong Kong. Absolutely buzzing to get going. I did a lot of research as to what to look for and the KJ edged out the BGE quite convincingly in the end. Any recommendations for must haves or first cooks? I've read a few intros and spatchcock seems to be a favourite first cook Anyway, nice to meet you, this forum seems great.