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  1. SamHarrisKJ

    Rump Cap on the Big Joe

    Looks amazing, here's a question..... how do you know the timing you want it on for? I.E. if put on the joetisserie etc and I'm not able to monitor the meat temps... anything to look for etc?
  2. SamHarrisKJ

    UK Big Joe Warrenty Woes

    In every way the above by Prowe and John is accurate. You need to go through KJ UK which is Grakka - raise a ticket and they'll get it sorted and sent out to you! It really is easy!
  3. Hi guys, I've got some slices similar to the link below... can these be done on the Joetisserie or is there another method? I'm really after a crispy outer and a melt in the middle centre so if that's not the solution, does anyone have any ideas? https://www.abelandcole.co.uk/organic-pork-belly-strips-abel-and-cole Cheers
  4. SamHarrisKJ

    Direct fire brisket?

    Here's a question, can i do a boston butt with two deflectors in on the joetisserie? Would it give me ANY improved flavour etc?
  5. SamHarrisKJ

    Joetisserie motor wattage?

    @pesto3 it works absolutely fine! KJ have confirmed it's a 4 Watt motor! @Beermachine cheers! As above, 4Watt motor and the trial was fine. The chicken is ready to be rubbed and spun tomorrow
  6. SamHarrisKJ

    Joetisserie motor wattage?

    No sweat @pesto3 the transformer has arrived so I'm going to give it a spin tonight! will feedback
  7. SamHarrisKJ

    Joetisserie motor wattage?

    Does ANYONE know the wattage of the motor? Presumably I need to get the transformer that will be a little bit more than the wattage of the JT motor?
  8. SamHarrisKJ

    Joetisserie motor wattage?

    @pesto3 no worries, i just don't want to fry the motor of course! No problem @Beermachine Would the below be suitable in terms of max load? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tacima-120V-Stepdown-Transformer-SC5474/dp/B0009K6M44/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&rps=1&ie=UTF8&qid=1508755205&sr=1-4&keywords=240v+to+120v&refinements=p_76%3A419158031
  9. SamHarrisKJ

    Joetisserie motor wattage?

    Much appreciated. Aware of the step down converter but what watt converter do I need as there seems to be various from 100 to 300 watts?!
  10. SamHarrisKJ

    Joetisserie motor wattage?

    Hi guys, Can someone confirm the above please? I've shipped back to the UK and therefore need the relevant converter to go from US to UK? Many thanks Sam
  11. SamHarrisKJ


    Absolutely perfect, thanks so much @LargeRedJoe
  12. SamHarrisKJ


    Hi Dub, That link is not opening on my PC, either Chrome or Explorer so thought there may be an issue with it :(
  13. SamHarrisKJ


    Has anyone got a go to recipe for a calzone on their Kamado?
  14. SamHarrisKJ

    Big Joe Rotisserie DownUnder

  15. SamHarrisKJ

    New Table for the Joe

    absolutely LOVE it