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  1. ok thanks everyone. I foresee some pizza in my future, with pics on how I did!
  2. That bark is really speaking to me. I'm gonna have to give this coffee rub a try!
  3. Yes for sure, I immediately learned that I need to keep the dome open for more than 5 minutes or you'll snuff out the flames. I also patiently stood watch over the grill, getting a feel for how quickly she came up to temp, and how fast it responds to adjusting the vents. There are certain things no amount of YouTube will help with. Nothing like experience. The second cook I did was also helpful. Previously used charcoal does not light as efficiently as brand new. I also used my new cast iron griddle on the second cook. I was trying to do smashburgers, they didn't turn out too well. Overcooked them, but thats ok, they were edible and I learn something each time.
  4. wow nice! what part of Charles Co? I'm in Calvert, in Drum Point near Solomons Isl
  5. I'm jealous of that Big Joe II's view!! Great new purchase! Congrats!
  6. I'm going to have to stock up on 30lb bags of XL lump when they are near me.
  7. ok cool thanks! I'll give it a try soon and report how it went
  8. BCJustin

    First cook

    Great looking first cook, and congrats on the 2017 model!
  9. Has anyone tried using a pizza stone that isn't made by KJ on their KJ? I have 2 pizza stones, one of which is made by Weber. Any thoughts on if they would work fine, or should I just purchase the one from Kamado Joe?
  10. Nice! How did the pizza turn out?
  11. Yea I didn't mean it to sound bad at all. I love Justin's videos however he makes them. Always great job and the best editing out there.
  12. thanks! the rub definitely has some brown sugar in it, which might be some of the blackening. But they were tremendously juicy. I slathered them with a Key West BBQ sauce from pigofthemonth.com great stuff! Can't wait for cook number 2..what should it be?
  13. I purchased a Kamado Joe Classic II last Thursday. Today I did my first cook in it. I wanted to do a hot cook, rather than a low and slow one first, as I figured hot would be easier on me as I learn the controls. I split a chicken in half, used some of my favorite rub (Killer Hogs The BBQ Rub). I put the chicken on at about 400 degrees, flipped it after 30 minutes and then sauced it after 20. Flipped it back around and sauced that for 10 and I was done. The grill held the heat so steady, I was very impressed. The chicken was so tender and moist. It was unbelievable. I really liked how the pecan wood chunks I used in there only gave it the slightest hint of smoke flavor, my kettle grill tends to overpower food with smoke flavor for some reason. Delicious BBQ chicken!!
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