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  1. Broken Pit Boss Kamado

    If they send a replacement lid I would stil JBWeld that and continue to use it. Keep the new lid in the box until some future date when you might need it.
  2. Pit Boss K22 sealing upper and lower vents

    Correct 24". Mine shuts down quickly...I don't have much to compare it to but it comes down in temp relatively quickly and I still have a lot of lump left over. But I know that it probably could be better if I sealed that up better. Just plays to my need to always tinker...lol
  3. Pit Boss K22 sealing upper and lower vents

    I tried felt around the slider but it wouldn't slide at all. Especially with both plates. Have been thinking about using a layer of sealant around the solid screed, atleast on both ends, to seal up the gaps on the ends a little better. In all honesty though no real issue that I know of shutting down. Did a long cook last weekend with a smaller brisket and still had a lot of coal left over. I just feel like in the back of my mind it could be better and I like to tinker with things.
  4. First month service/cleaning

    have yet to do a deep clean on mine...has been a few months and a lot of cooks...
  5. KJ Lump

    try checking the local Ace Hardware's...you should be able to look online and see if any local ones have it in stock...
  6. 2017 Costco PitBoss 24 Questions

    I tried Nomex on the bottom vent. Was no longer able to slide the vent door. Have been planning on adding a bead or RTV to the bottom of the slide but haven't gotten around to it yet. Not really an issue - I am still able to shut it down and seems to save a lot of the lump. That said, if I can improve and it is inexpensive to do it why not...I like to tinker. Have also thought about putting a bead of the RTV around the side edges of the actual flat slider.
  7. Cast iron flat grate

    When using CI I use my skillets so I didn't have to purchase anything new...for smashburgers I actually use soapstone...I went with the kamado joe soapstone for the classic...works great and little to no maintenance
  8. Got a Pit Boss at Costco for 399 today

    I'm outside of the window...would have to return and rebuy...hmm...
  9. Update

    1. I don't know what the best is. I have a few bags of Red Oak I purchased form Lowes during their sale. Planning on opening the first bag this weekend. First bag I ever used was BGE lump which was alright until I got some bags of KJ Big block which I think is better. Planning on ordering a couple of bags of Rockwood next if there isn't another Roadshow near me. 2. Don't know the best but I use the cube starter with Bernzomatic flex stem starter. Has worked well for me. May upgrade to a TS3000 or TS8000 in the future. 3. depends on the cook. Sometimes I won't even add more before the next cook. 4. I put another layer of felt around the top vent. Was easy. I purchased it on my own. I already had silicon sealant, high heat, which I may use around lower vent. Sometimes when I shut it down after a high heat cook some smoke will leak out but it seems to snuff out rather quickly. I tend to tinker with things though and in the back of my mind I think I can make it more efficient. I tried felt around the lower vent solid slider but wasn't able to slide it with the felt. Too tight a fit so I removed it and haven't messed with it since. 5. The felt I got around the top was $3 shipped through a 3rd party. Guess I could've called support but didn't think about it. I did call them for a separate issue where the tab on the tob vent was broken. Arrived that way. The plastic piece. They sent a replacement. This was purely cosmetic.
  10. Cracked Bottom Bowl AGAIN

    What if your local Costco is out of stock...
  11. 2017 Costco PitBoss 24 Questions

    I tried felt around the bottom vent. Was too stiff and wouldn't slide for me. I haven't had any issues with putting the coals out but in the back of my mind I always wonder how much more efficient It could be. Have thought about bending it some or maybe putting some silicon around the edges. In the meantime I've just been cooking and enjoying the food...
  12. Costco ups price

    Haven't seen any at my local Costco for awhile.
  13. 2017 24" PitBoss Upper vent leaks?

    I put additional felt on...I also put the screws back on. Don't think I tightened them down too tight but haven't noticed any issues. Will still see some leaking through the top openings until the gunk up. Not anything I lose sleep over...guess it would be nice of a ceramic cap came out similar to what is provided by BGE. I still am amazed by how much lump is left over after cooks.
  14. Soapstone Support

    I use mine on the grate. Mainly because that's how it fits best in my set up. Not concerned about it breaking but if it does hopefully KJ will make it right. Have really enjoyed it so far...
  15. That looks interesting...definitely something to consider down the line.