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  1. trying to separate the Kamado style form the pellet grills...I would like to see the small (I think 16") sold in Costco...
  2. My original upper rack - the leg on the hinged portion broke. They replaced with a new one so I took the original and cut off the hinged part so I have a half rack. I also have the CGS spider with a half stone and the soapstone.
  3. indirect around 350 for an hour or so. I have a half heat deflector - if I feel they need to be crispier i'll put on the direct side for a few mins after. Some people will add cornstarch to their dry rub...haven't tried that yet but was planning on trying it to see how it turned out the next time I made wings.
  4. Looks like Costco is advertising online the $100 manufacturers savings through the 13th.
  5. Looks like Manufacturers savings through the 13th - $100 discount
  6. To add on to what others have said (and repeat)...bring the temp up very slowly for the really low cooks.
  7. I did it to the bottom but took it off. Wasn't able to slide at all. Should've stuck with it some to see if it would get broken in. Still shuts down fairly quickly but it bugs me a little knowing its not as efficient as it could be.
  8. I have the bootleg version...the support leg on my original upper grate broke and they sent me a replacement. Took a Dremel to the old one and not I have a half upper rack along with the other half. lol
  9. I finally spotted one...I have a few Costco's within like 20 mins...haven't seen any in stock since a few months ago. Saw once last weekend and was surprised that it was still full price.
  10. nice...my family is always looking for gift ideas...I am going to put this at the top of the list...
  11. yea - Id bet its the same measurements as the two previous models. Also looks like deflector is not included based on the UK specs.
  12. PBK13 Was on the pitboss website ad saw that they had manuals for what looks like a 13" & 18" model. Anyone seen any or know how much they are going for? Was considering a Joe Jr.
  13. Haven't seen any at my local stores for awhile. Saw some a few months ago and none sense. They didn't even hold the space where they were located.
  14. $200 2 year old model is missing some of the minor upgrades
  15. Don't own one but I will. Looks like a great fathers day gift.
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