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  1. Cooked my first pork butt on Sunday. Followed Philpom's directions for low slow fire, but started a few medium size lumps in chimney. Got them started, and once no longer flaming, put them in the center with the not lit around it. Kept the cooker at 250-265 for six hours. Then even took it up and baked some sweet potato fries. Next day, noticed not much lump used. Amazing. I have jb welded the ash pan seam and also rtv caulked the around the air vent.
  2. I like to run, sell stuff on eBay, and photography.
  3. Love Papa Murphy's! I will for sure be trying that.
  4. Maybe that was it. I will check that out next time. Thanks!
  5. Seems like everyone uses mavericks. I thought there may be more choices. Thanks everyone for your input.
  6. I am looking for a new thermometer that monitors oven temp as well as food temp. One that withstands high heat, as well. My current one registers to 391, then shuts down. These are the features I am looking for, but if there are other attributes you find important, I would like to hear them as well. Thank you all.
  7. Was having a great weekend. I cooked delicious hamburgers, tried another pizza which was pretty good, and cooked bacon for bfast that turned out flat and perfectly brown and crisp. But then came Sunday. I was going to cook my first whole chicken. I marinated it for 7 hours, was putting it on a beer can holder, had plenty of lump, had the temp at 300. After an hour and a half, it just wasn't getting to the temp. It read about ten degrees less, around 150. Could not figure it out. So took it in the house to finish it in the oven. Got it to about 180, but when I carved into it, still pink areas. I was so sad because it was in random places. It was frustrating. I had a beautiful glaze I put on it when it seemed to be nearing the temp. Would love to hear your thoughts or ideas on what went wrong. Thanks all.
  8. I also have the Bed Bath n Beyond one. Only made one pizza, but worked just fine. It was around $9.
  9. I actually was happy to experience less smoke than a charcoal grill. I've read various woods produce more and less smoke. For example hickory I think it is, produces more smoke.
  10. Excellent. Found that one at my library. Thanks!
  11. Sounds like Weber books are the best or most well liked so far. Thanks John for the tip on thinking of it as an oven. Any advice about getting started is appreciated.
  12. I'm just starting out with an Akorn and want to learn cooking techniques, how to cook different types of meats, and anything else that will teach me the basics of using this type of cooker to its fullest. I would love to hear everyone recommend one or two books that I should get. I appreciate it.
  13. I challenge all Kamado Gurus to click on John's link and show your support to him and this worthy cause.
  14. Awesome! I have a friend whose Dad is battling cancer. The American Cancer Society has been there every step of the way. His patient navigator helps him with encouragement and education. The ACS also gave him gas cards to use for out of town treatments and even helps with hotel expenses. The biggest thing for him is the knowledgeable voice of his patient navigator helping him through this journey. Thanks to John and all who participate, raise funds or donate to this GREAT cause.
  15. Quad Cities here. Welcome fellow Iowan.
  16. Do you use it all the time? Or only when you don't want direct heat?
  17. JM's videos have everyone running to Lowes. Lol. That's how I ended up with one as well. Welcome.
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