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    Smoking meats, Grilling, Cooking Cajun food and seafood (Cajun man originally from Louisiana), Classic cars (own 2), and home brewing.
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    Blaze Kamado

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  1. Lancejames

    Stuck top

    So I have a Blaze and HAD the same problem. I started power washing my kamado and the problem no longer happens. If you do not have a power washer I would say use some degreaser/dish soap and a sponge/scrub pad every season. I would be careful with messing with the acorn nut since the threads experience so much of a temperature difference and I do not trust this thing to not strip. Then again, that might be covered under warranty. The Blaze does not get hot enough to clean the top via heat. I currently have a huge brisket smoking; about 10 hours in. Also, my thermometer also acquired moisture after being exposed to rain (forgot to cover it). The next time I smoked something, it evaporated. This also happens when I wash the thing. It's just a minor annoyance and fixes itself.
  2. Lancejames

    Blaze Raised Rack?

    I have used a raised rack that I bought from Amazon without problems. As for the turkey, I do not know an exact size, but I have smoked a huge ### turkey on my Blaze. I currently have a full brisket smoking right now.
  3. I know is is an old thread, but I'm interested in this cooker. I own a Blaze and am interested in a second Kamado (yeah, I know). I know my Blaze holds temperature very well, so I assume this Kamado would out perform it considering Aluminum is a much better conductor than cast iron(https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/thermal-conductivity-metals-d_858.html). I like that it's built in the USA (especially in the south). I love just about anything built out of cast iron, and was wondering if Goldens has more information than whats online. I am curious, whats the thickness of the outer shell and the firebox? Also, I may be mistaken, but I think I've seen two different types of top vents?
  4. Lancejames

    Golden's Cast Iron Cookers

    Hey guys, I know this is a really old thread, but I was curious if anyone has one of these Kamados? I would assume this kamado cooks well being all cast iron. I own a Blaze aluminum Kamado and have no real issues holding temperature for long cooks like brisket, pork butts etc. I was thinking about owning a second cooker and was interested in this one. I wish Goldens had more info out there and perhaps a cut-away picture of the kamado. Any and all info is appreciated
  5. I may eventually be in the market for a second kamado (I own the Blaze aluminum kamado and love it), and wanted to know if anyone owns the Golden's cast iron kamado. If anyone owns this kamado or knows someone with the kamado, would you mind giving an update? I assume that this kamado cooks quite evenly (considering its mass) since my Blaze performers so well. I am a huge fan of anything made of cast iron, but was curious how easy it was to get the Golden's to pizza/searing temperature (600+ degrees). I made pizzas the other night on my blaze and think I did not add enough charcoal for a total of (4) pizzas to stay at 550-600 on a cool night; I blew through all of my charcoal quiskly. Also, has anyone smoked something like a brisket (12 plus hours) and noticed much temperature variance (My blaze does quite well). Why do I want a second kamado you ask? 1. Because I want to be able to cook multiple meats at different temps at the same time, or perhaps smoke one thing while using the rotisserie on the Blaze. 2. I want to be able to cook a lot of food (I enjoy cooking for others) 3. I'm a like a kid with his toys; my toys now revolve around food and beer...
  6. Lancejames

    Black eyed peas on the Blaze Kamado

    I made a smoked gumbo a while back on my Blaze; turned out great. I always forget to take pictures...
  7. I bought this with my blaze and like it. I've used it to sear, but mainly use it as a heat deflector during low and slow... I also later bought a semi-circle stainless plate from Ballistic BBQ that's made for the green egg. I like using the semi-circle for two zone cooks.
  8. Lancejames

    Blaze Kamado Tour

    So after having this Kamado for a while now I feel that I can better review this thing. I love my Blaze honestly. It holds temperature great; it's easy to bring up to temp, and does everything it's supposed to. I will say that cleaning it is a must if it's left in the weather. The exhaust will tend to stick and aluminum does oxidize. A simple cleaning with a little dish detergent and a scrubbing pad (with the "grain") works fine. I love how heavy duty everything is, and everything I've cooked on this kamado has turned out great. I have the 15-inch stainless disc, rotisserie, stand, and side tables (oh and lift handles since the kamado only weighs something like 180lbs). I've grilled steaks and smoked pork butts, a brisket, chuck roasts, chicken, and a whole turkey (which turned out amazing). I've even made smoked gumbo... I'm sold and would buy this again. If I ever have "extra" cash laying around I would be interested in the Golden's Cast iron Kamado though.
  9. Lancejames

    Blaze Kamado Tour

    Does your extender fit the Stainless top grate correctly? As in, is it solid? I ask because I am curious since it isn't round (but hex). Also, I do not own a Kamado Joe, but isn't the Blaze grate thicker? I am interested in buying an extender for those times I feel like having a lot of leftovers (It's only my wife and I). Plus, I've always wanted to use leftover smoked meat in Gumbo.
  10. Lancejames

    Blaze Kamado Tour

    If I do, I'll make sure to wear the white shrimp boots. Haha, I'm originally from South Louisiana so I was not surprised when I saw any of the extreme tests. I was surprised that I did not see excessive amounts of beer in each shot though.
  11. Lancejames

    Blaze Kamado Tour

    I just found/joined this forum. I have owned my Blaze Kamado for two weeks now and I must say I love it. I'll be trying out a full brisket this weekend. I've smoked a Boston butt so far and was very happy with the results. I also purchased the stainless griddle/heat deflector and was please with it. I haven't tried the rotisserie kit yet, but plan to.