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  1. It's been a few weeks since we did burgers here and I was craving some. These hit the nail on the head! Simply seasoned and not tightly formed with a lil hickory for smoke. Perfectly cooked! I was hungry so two for me. Dressed with shredded cheddar, diced onions, a lil BBQ sauce and a lil mayo. Mmmmmm...............!!!!!
  2. I picked up a nice fillet of steelhead trout a day or two ago and decided to grilled it on this beautiful late afternoon. I got the 5000 going at about three hundred degrees and added some alder for smoke. The trout was slathered with a compound garlic and herb butter mixture and seasoned with my Wild Citrus rub then topped with sliced lemon. I used the upper rack for the fish with foil as a drippings catcher/diffuser. I didn't watch the time as I just drank a cold Yuengling Oktoberfest while it cooked. Well maybe it was two. Kept tonight's dinner kind of simple serving the fish with my Zydeco green beans. Grilling anything is better with an ice cold beer! Time to eat! This was pretty darn awesome!!!!!
  3. Thanks! We're good here. Occasional street flooding with heavy rains but it drains without significant damage near me. Some have had cars get flooded but nothing in comapprison to what's happened in southwest Louisiana and Texas of course.
  4. Right outside of New Orleans here. It's been raining since during the night. No flooding yet but we're under a Flash Flood Warning. Streets floode yesterday afternoon. Many prayers for those to the west!
  5. Yesterday afternoon I smothered a nice big head of cabbage with carrots, potatoes, onions, sausage and this time I tried something I've never done before. I browned and seasoned a pound of ground beef and added that to the cabbage as a little something extra and different. Everyone loved it and even went back for seconds. Lol........ Well, except me, I had some bread with mine. I intended to make a small cornbread but when I looked in the pantry there was no Jif. I did find the box of "Larry the Cable Guy Beer Bread mix though. Lol.......... It called for a can or bottle of beer to mix the dough. I like it before I start! I thought it was a good time to crack open an ice cold Dixie while cooking. This is the NEW old Dixie recipe from 1907. I like it a lot. Reminds me of my dad when I was a kid. He drank Dixie back then. These were nice and cold too! I keep them in the extra fridge which I kep really cold. 29° cold! This is the NEW old Dixie recipe from 1907. I like it a lot. Reminds me of my dad when I was a kid. He drank Dixie back then. Back to the cabbage. My serving with some buttered Beer Bread. Not bad at all!
  6. A friend sent me an email with pictures of this and after doing a little research I found an article on it. It's probably not seen by many so I thought I'd share it. It's a bronze American flag in the shape of a memorial flame with the base being made from melted steel from the the wreckage of the World Trade Center of 9/11. And it's not here in the U.S. It's on a hillside in Israel! Check out the link below for more on it. http://ijr.com/2015/09/417983-you-have-never-seen-israels-powerful-911-memorial-but-its-incredible/ Please share this.
  7. It's pretty good! Light and refreshing. I want to try it mixed with a lil rum or vodka.
  8. Cajunate


    I had to suffer through eating this last night. A muffaletta from a local Italian market.
  9. Omelet night here and of course the three omelets I made before mine came out about perfect. I get to mine and it's almost a flop. Of course it is a little overstuffed. It was still delicious and possibly the best ever. The tomatoes added something that made it really good. I sliced these little Villagio Marzano tomatoes in half and saute'd them in a little avocado oil with just salt and pepper just to heat through. This brought the sugar out and took away the crispness. My omelet hat fresh green onions, jalapeno slices, hash browns, bacon, bell peppers and onions cooked down a little, green onion cheese and a little cheddar cheese. Oh, and the tomatoes.
  10. I made this one night last week and it was so good it was requested again for last night. Served just as you see it, on tortillas or even on a sandwich.
  11. Grilled some portobello mushrooms for either burgers or steak with mashed potatoes and green beans. I had both! Oh, and some sausages for the one who doesn't really like mushrooms. Last night's turkey chili. Not bad at all!!!
  12. Fresh tuna from the Gulf of Mexico. Didn't do anything fancy with them. Let 'em marinate in a lil teriyaki sauce for a few minutes before seasoning with just Kosher salt and black pepper. Not bad! No plated pictures but it was perfectly pink in the middle.
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