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  1. mca90guitar

    Acorn vs The Others

    When the akorn goes idk what I'll do. Does everything I need it to and the food off it is great. When I goes I'll decide if I want to splurge on a ceramic or just buy another akorn.
  2. mca90guitar

    Acorn vs The Others

    A guy on another forum I'm on was turned off by his kj experience. Had to repair it like 3 or 4 times in under a year. Firebox kepted cracking
  3. mca90guitar

    New Flame Boss 300

    Final results is it worked awesome, seemed to be a case of user error. Held at 240 plus or minus a few degrees. Increased the temp for the last two hrs and it handled that good as well, small overshoot but locked in pretty fast. So make sure your lump pile will breath well and this will do the job
  4. mca90guitar

    New Flame Boss 300

    Ok it's been rock solid, going to say my lump wasn't allowing good airflow not allowing the FB to do it's job properly. Cleaned all the lump out of it and made sure it would be able to breathe well when I added the new stuff.
  5. mca90guitar

    New Flame Boss 300

    Still holding good and not having erratic swings as of now. Think I had too much small stuff blocking airflow the last few cooks
  6. mca90guitar

    New Flame Boss 300

    yup, ask and it will tell you the pit temp, meat temp and change the temp if you want. I dont use it but had to set it up anyways lol
  7. mca90guitar

    New Flame Boss 300

    will see how this goes, looks promising but I have been fooled in the past lol.
  8. mca90guitar

    New Flame Boss 300

    Mine did have a update maybe two weeks ago. They said to try with the top vent fully closed first. So like I said I'm going to buy a shoulder and see if it ever stabilizes over the 12 hrs. If it still has issues I'll call them again and see what's up. Tested my temp probes and they are good. Just seems like it doesnt give enough fan when the flame is dying and allows it to drop 20 degrees then by the time the fan gets it back to target the flame is to hot and over shoots.
  9. So besides me cooking them I have never had them before. My first attempt was really bad but my temps were all over and I had to rush at the end. Tried them again Friday and smoked for about 6 hrs temps were not great this time either kept swinging from 230-260. Ribs cracked when I picked them up, a scewer went through super easy but they still seemed fatty,Ike it wasn't rendered. Pulled apart easy and tasted ok but did they need to go longer? Or is this just the nature of them
  10. mca90guitar

    Finally working on my Kamado Table

    Looking good
  11. mca90guitar

    New Flame Boss 300

    Emailed C's and they responded very fast and sound like they will be good to deal with. So I'm sure I will get this figured out.
  12. mca90guitar

    New Flame Boss 300

    Ok I need some help. Having a hard time getting it to stabilize. It will over shoot then plummet then over shoot then plummet throughout the cook now. Seems to work ok over 300 but if I want 250 it won't allow it. Going to buy a pork shoulder and smoke it this weekend and see what it does over a long cook but at this point I trust using the vents more then the FB as it plummeted under 200 during a 6 hr cook and I had to open the top to get it back up. Seems like the akorn is sealed good enough if it will kill the flame in no time. Amorn filled to the tabs, one cotton ball to light it. Any advice would be good thanks.
  13. My akorn is filled to the tabs for everything. If Im Doing quick cooks I just stire and lite, if I'm doing a long smoke I'll remove it all and rebuild fresh ( usually just for pulled pork) I just grill like it came, works for me it I'm not too picky about burgers and steaks.
  14. mca90guitar

    Wing party

    Wings are my favorite to make. Usually do a half HR at 350 then take it to 400 until they are the crispness I like. They dont last long here
  15. mca90guitar

    Akorn 3 Year Review

    Curious to see how mine will hold up, lots of rain, snow and humidity here. Use a cover and have it under a canopy in the summer. If I got 3 yrs I would be fine though,. Over a year old now and looks great so we shall see.