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  1. mca90guitar

    Beat the Rain

    Honestly, I just stopping using anything lol. Have not had any issues and a majority of my cooks seem to be in the rain.
  2. I did many without foil, some were ok but not great. Esp if the rack is a little thick. Last cook I did 2.5- 1 -1 and both racks we're gone in a flash. For me these were the best as I and my family like more fall off the bone. These held the bone but very easily came off. Making two more racks tomorrow and plan on doing this method again. Will agree the bark isn't as good as a naked cook. Will revisit naked in the future, just seems like I need to set aside at least 5.5 hrs when I do it this way with the ribs Walmart sells. The cheaper more thin ones they sell are better, 3.5 naked and a half hr for sauce and they are good to go.
  3. mca90guitar

    Flame Boss 400 WiFi Anyone?

    Smart phone prices are nuts now. I'm on Verizon so basically every phone is $800+ unless I get a Moto phone. I'm on a turbo 2 right now that's on it's last legs and don't want another one from Moto. Probably pick up a last year model and save some $$$.
  4. mca90guitar

    Flame Boss 400 WiFi Anyone?

    It's interesting, will stay with my 300 though.
  5. mca90guitar

    FB 300 update fail

    Hope this is fixed by Sunday
  6. mca90guitar

    Electronic Temperature Controllers

    I have a flameboss 300, love it. Works great after figuring it out and the wifi and phone app are fantastic. Love going to bed with the grill at 250 and waking up with it still at 250. I can do it the manual way but just don't want to baby sit a grill all day. I want to put the meat on and not have to think about it until my phone beeps telling me it's time to eat :)
  7. mca90guitar

    Flame Boss 100 or 200

    Whoops missed that are already bought one, congrats.
  8. mca90guitar

    Flame Boss 100 or 200

    And yes the controller works without WiFi as well.
  9. mca90guitar

    Flame Boss 100 or 200

    If you have a smart phone you will love the wifi feature and it's worth the extra cash imo. I went 300 and minus some learning curve it works great. Using it right now smoking ribs.
  10. I usually do 350 for burgers and dogs. No reason why, just what I do.
  11. Guess you could, smoke will still come out of the lower vent and seal. Alot of people that use temp contollers need to keep the top shut down.
  12. mca90guitar

    Luck brought me a Akorn Jr!

    Awesome. Want to get one eventually.
  13. I just shake the bag around until a big piece surfaces before I bought the bin. Once the bottom is filled with big stuff you don't have to be super picky about it. I'll just grab hand full of medium looking stuff then a few hand full of used stuff. That tiny stuff in the pit kills airflow. Which is why I always empty the firebox and clear the little grate at the bottom before I smoke. Seems Royal oak doesn't have near as many big pieces compared to small crap that clogs things up. Have to buy several bags and hope on of them has a good amount of big pieces.
  14. Try arranging the fire how I recommended if your have not yet. My experience mimicked yours before this. Also set the thing and leave it for a few hrs and see what it does. If your changing the vents every half HR to he the grill won't ever stabilize ( I did this as well when I started). Just run the grill with no plans of making food on it and see how it does on a long cook.
  15. I have a big plastic bin I just dumped my bags into. If I'm going to smoke something I remove the lump that's left and put it in one of the bags. Then just sort through the bin and use the used lump for the top layer . Also use the used lump when just grilling. Seems to work the best for me esp on a 8+ hr smoke.