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  1. mca90guitar

    Flame Boss 100 or 200

    Whoops missed that are already bought one, congrats.
  2. mca90guitar

    Flame Boss 100 or 200

    And yes the controller works without WiFi as well.
  3. mca90guitar

    Flame Boss 100 or 200

    If you have a smart phone you will love the wifi feature and it's worth the extra cash imo. I went 300 and minus some learning curve it works great. Using it right now smoking ribs.
  4. I usually do 350 for burgers and dogs. No reason why, just what I do.
  5. Guess you could, smoke will still come out of the lower vent and seal. Alot of people that use temp contollers need to keep the top shut down.
  6. mca90guitar

    Luck brought me a Akorn Jr!

    Awesome. Want to get one eventually.
  7. I just shake the bag around until a big piece surfaces before I bought the bin. Once the bottom is filled with big stuff you don't have to be super picky about it. I'll just grab hand full of medium looking stuff then a few hand full of used stuff. That tiny stuff in the pit kills airflow. Which is why I always empty the firebox and clear the little grate at the bottom before I smoke. Seems Royal oak doesn't have near as many big pieces compared to small crap that clogs things up. Have to buy several bags and hope on of them has a good amount of big pieces.
  8. Try arranging the fire how I recommended if your have not yet. My experience mimicked yours before this. Also set the thing and leave it for a few hrs and see what it does. If your changing the vents every half HR to he the grill won't ever stabilize ( I did this as well when I started). Just run the grill with no plans of making food on it and see how it does on a long cook.
  9. I have a big plastic bin I just dumped my bags into. If I'm going to smoke something I remove the lump that's left and put it in one of the bags. Then just sort through the bin and use the used lump for the top layer . Also use the used lump when just grilling. Seems to work the best for me esp on a 8+ hr smoke.
  10. Also don't worry about 225, it will taste just as good at at a higher temp. I cook everything at 240 or 250 and if I need to speed up a pork shoulder I'll bring it to 300 without thinking twice as they turn out great still.
  11. For mine (before going on autopilot) I put the lower vent on the screw and had a pretty small crack on top. Usually that would end up settling around 240 for most of the cook and didn't require much adjusting. Tip, fill the thing to the tabs with lump. I put big pieces on the bottom, medium on that then the top layer smaller stuff. Make a divot in the middle maybe 2 inch deep and wide enough for a cotton ball. I found this to work the best for long cooks and didn't get huge temp swings. Found if I just dumped the bag in, the pit didn't breath well and would get big temp drops.
  12. mca90guitar

    Akorn Tips and Theories

    I never use a water pan, haven't had a need for it. For bosten butts in the 8# range I'll go 8 hrs then put the probe in, 6 and under I insert after 4. For baby backs i leave them alone until the 3 hr Mark then see what's up. I usually snuff the flame a little before I open as well (before I bought the temp controller). Usually shutting the vents a few minutes before opening helped prevent a big spike. With the flame boss it does the job for me so no need.
  13. mca90guitar


    My temp controller (flame boss 300)is my favorite accessory. Takes all the work out of it and let's me not have to watch a thermometer all day. Minus that I have the smoking stone and holders for beer can chicken. Need to get a couple pizza stones and a skillet for smash burgers
  14. Do all my cooks overnight mostly. Use to wake up alot but bought a flameboss and now just let that do the work while I sleep:) If I planned on leaving for a few hrs or most of the day while something cooks I'll probably just cook in the driveway. Can't hurt anything but the grill and food if it did somehow manage to go up in flames( which I can't ever imagine how it would while at smoking temps)
  15. mca90guitar

    Wifi / cloud based controllers

    I have a flame boss 300. Some headaches at first (my fault) but now that I corrected coal building this puppy locks in and holds solid. Yes the wifi and phone app are where it's at.