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  1. Ok have a packer brisket trimmed and in a brine for last few days, with the plan of brining for 7 days and then smoke, but have read a lot of different reports that it's better to leave in brine for over 14 days? any one done of any advice
  2. Hi I would say it's a great place to retire
  3. I just orders a mix from Fruitawood it's on its way can't wait to test it out
  4. Yes I made a list to check out to be honest want to look at the kick ash baskets may buy one have heard nothing but good
  5. I'm going over that way tomorrow I'm going to check that store out
  6. That's the big advantage if rotisserie it self basted in its own juice
  7. Yes got mine at a great price $650 New going to fire her up on weekend
  8. Hi glad to find this site , converted gas guy here, just bought a Komoto joe Classic, only set up in garage so far, as up until last week we still had snow on ground, LOL but some rain over weekend and a 88 degree day yesterday got rid of that, i have a pal pal who is a undertaker, he is coming around on Friday with his cart so we can get it in back yard, don't laugh that's true so far have ordered the Joe Rotisserie, I also ordered a set of Octo forks they look great, going to get the kick ash basket next month look forward to posting some photos any one with any start up tips tips please send
  9. How did you get or use for dividing the great, I'm going to get one and think I'm going to take it to a local metal shop and get them to wield in a sheet with holes in it
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