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  1. I did a 22# Butter ball...it fit fine. Done in about 3hrs.
  2. Have you tried leaving the dome shut and maintaining about a 350 temp with the vents? Remove the smoking stone. That lets you grill more than smoke.
  3. The last two cooks (to include one going on while I type this), mine has snuffed out mid-cook and needs a relight. No way I could ever leave this thing unattended....it's just too inconsistent. I have resigned myself to the fact that I have to monitor it whenever I cook. Until it rusts out and is unusable, I will keep cooking on the Akorn, but when it goes to the trash heap, I won't get another one. None of my BGE friends have the issues I have with the Akorn.
  4. they look good and that stone is way too clean! Got two racks on right now on the top grate and a 6# butt underneath.
  5. Propane torch is life! No messy fire starter cubes, alcohol, cotton balls, matches, etc. Just open the valve, click the trigger and light the center wood.
  6. How did they come out? I don't do burgers or steaks on the Akorn...they always come out too smokey.
  7. OGO, you are experiencing exactly what I was experiencing when I first got my Akorn....inability to maintain that 250 temp. It was so frustrating to read on here what people were able to do and I was either too hot, or snuffing out. I started doing what Billy put in his posts. - Fill with lump right up to under the ceramic diffuser - Light center with propane torch. Maybe 15 seconds and it's lit. - Open bottom all the way. Open top all the way. - When it gets to about 100 deg with a probe that I attach just under the top grate, I start closing down vents. - Most cooks are bottom vent barely cracked (credit card width) and top half moons open. - if I need more temp, I nudge the top vents open. Rarely touch the bottom vent. - If I see a drop going below 200, I will open the bottom vent wide open for a couple minutes until i can feel good heat coming out the top. Then I shut her down to credit card width. Maybe have to do this once during the end of a long cook. It takes a good hour to get the temp stabilized. Once you are stabilized around 250, put the meat on and don't open the lid for at least an hour. Just about everything I cook is amazing except spare ribs. I can't get them right. I've gone to baby backs because they are more meaty and more forgiving. I don't do steaks or burgers on it because they come out too smokey...I prefer an infrared gas grill for that.
  8. 9hrs vs 3hrs is a big difference in time...I wonder if there was much difference in taste?
  9. It took me awhile to dial mine in but I enjoy it now (ribs are still a challenge). When I build my forever home, I will get a ceramic, but I'm certain this Akorn will keep pumping out the great food until then. I store it inside as soon as it cools off.
  10. We always grill an extra steak at our house to use for burritos the next day. Whatever we don't eat + the extra one gets chilled, then I chopped it up real small with some onions and warm it up in tin foil in the oven. Warm tortilla....fresh lettuce, tomato, cheese, salsa and sour cream...good stuff. We sometimes like the burrito night better than the steak night!
  11. I would have beat up anybody not finishing their lobster tail at my house!!
  12. That's good info. I was thinking that my probe would actually reflect the true temp above the stone by placing it in the cavity of the turkey, but it was probably reading low. My instinct was telling me that it was too much smoke pouring out the top for 295 degrees, but I was just letting it ride and relying on the breast probe. My dome is reading 200 when the grill is off, so that's useless. Guess I got lucky with a hot grill to still produced a juicy bird. When the grill has that much stuff on it (big turkey), could I drop the probe in from the top vent and let it hang? I usually clamp it to the upper grate, but I had to remove that for the turkey to fit.
  13. Yours definitely had better presentation than mine! 2.5 hrs just under 300 deg and I pulled it when the breast temp probe said 160. Covered it and let it rest for an hour. Still hot when I served it. Hot. Moist. Delicious. Can't wait to chop up some breast meat for turkey salad.
  14. I'm doing my first turkey. It was hard to find a good spot for the BBQ probe with a 18# turkey on the grate. I'm keeping it around 300 degrees and 2 hours in, I'm at 129 internal temp. My skin pulled back...not sure why. Seems to be moist though.
  15. I always fill my firebox all the way. You can snuff it out easily and save the lump you don't use.
  16. Ribs were 2hrs at 275. Removed, butter/brown sugar, wrapped and put back on for an hour. They were perfect and fall off the bone. I'm spiking the ball on that rack. Spatch'd chicken hit 165 internal breast in about 90 minutes at 350 QT. I also checked the leg/thigh joint and they were showing same temp. Chicken was so juicy. Seemed done all the way through, but I could have gone the whole 2 hours and not hurt anything and achieved more of the texture I like with the meat (moist but not dripping). I give the spatch'd chicken at solid A- and will definitely do that again. Also some pics of hitting 650 degs in a burn off!
  17. She held 275 today for around 3 hours. Ribs were pulling away from the bone when I pulled them to wrap them a moment ago. I'm well on my way here... I don't really care about the skin of chicken...we don't eat it anyways. Low and slow chicken hips are one of my favorite things to cook on the AKORN. But today, I will go 350 on the spatch'd bird to try something different.
  18. As a followup, I tried a rack of ribs again today. I trimmed them and put the rack on whole, bone side down when I got to 250. I let 'er stabilize until I was around 275 and she held it pretty good for about 3 hours. At 3 hours, I pulled them and they were on their way to being perfect! I put some butter and brown sugar on them, foiled them and am going to let them cook another 2 hours at 250. When the ribs are done, my first spatched chicken goes on....should be interesting! Plan to cook the bird at 350 for 2 hrs.
  19. Imma work on my zen-ness today. Got a rack o' ribs, a spatched chicken, and two T-bones to cook today. Will be interesting to pull this one off. I can either go low and slow with the ribs at 275 and get them done, then do the chicken at 350, and do the steaks when the chicken is done. Else, low and slow the chicken and ribs together, then increase temps for the steaks.
  20. Mine has never been steady....30 deg swings are quite normal (in each direction). Hate it, but that's how these things are....at least how mine is. I can hold a certain temp for an hour or so if I'm lucky. The most disappointing thing is to lock in 250 for 30 minutes or so, and then watch it drop a degree or two every 5 minutes. You fight the urge to do something, but if it gets down to 200, I know I am going to snuff out and have to give it some air. It drives me nuts but with monitoring and very fine adjustments I can turn out some great food. No way I can leave the house or cook overnight with it.
  21. Walk us through the process. Did a little research and found the yogurt protects the skinless chicken so the internals can get up to temp. Also, need to flatten the chicken as much as possible and cut slit in it lengthwise for more marinade coating. 450 for about how long?
  22. Low and slow is going to have the bottom barely open, like a credit card width or two. Fine tune with you top vent.
  23. There's a good chance the oil on the outside is the problem. I would clean the outside off....409 cleaner is a good degreaser. So is dish soap. Then fire it up and get it 500 and let it burn off everything inside. That will also dry it externally from your cleaning.
  24. They look awesome. Well done. What temp did you cook at?
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